Libra’s Mythic Dance

Most Librans are probably aware that their constellation is represented as the scales, and is ruled by Venus. Yet there are so many layers of myth and sky mysteries associated with the sign. Yes, the scales are a good symbol of Libra’s desire for fairness, balance and harmony. Venus, as the goddess of love, describes Libra’s focus on relationships, and as the goddess of beauty describes Libra’s wonderful sense of aesthetics and style, yet neither of these symbols quite tells of Libra’s life journey – we must look for ancient scales and related journey myths for a better understanding.

Libra, you are on the journey where one moves from Virgo the Virgin Goddess to the Great Scorpion with its vivid red star of passion, Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion. Antares is the “Watcher of the West.” Since Libra also represents the Seventh House of marriage and open enemies, we start to get a feeling for the importance of the safe passage, and the balancing act required between caring for the “self” and the “other” – the ultimate expression of Libra love.

The ancient Egyptian scales were where Anubis weighed the soul against the weight of a feather. If the soul was heavier (one might conjecture, a life with not enough spiritual care for self or others), it must return – as the sun must do after slipping below the horizon in the West (Antares’ realm). Those of you who saw The Bucket List are probably familiar with this story.

Libra’s scales, also representing Scorpio’s claws, were also associated with the Symplegades in the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts seeking the Golden Fleece. No humans had survived passing through the Symplegades on the Bosporus before, as these rocks would move and crush the boats and humans who attempted passage between them. But Jason sent a dove (Venus’ totem bird) through to see if it was safe. The dove only lost a few tail feathers, so Jason sailed the Argo through the rocks and only lost a bit of the stern on his way to the Golden Fleece.

These seem to be two great analogies for your Mythic Life Journey, Libra – a courageous quest without doubt. Whether we admit it or not, few of us find anything more harrowing than exposing our deepest feelings and passions to another. Some find it safer not to do so at all. Libra, this is your journey: negotiating the path between the treacherous rocks of loneliness and exposing yourself to another in love and compassion, risking a “stony” alternative response if the person is not receptive – your path of honoring the Goddess of Love, Venus.

The beautiful Goddess from Virgo is now carrying her sacred gift of love – the star Spica (where the sun is around Oct. 18), and Her Sacred Son who represents that gift must make the journey through the Symplegades. Whether male or female, Libra must navigate a course of maintaining peace, harmony, respect and love through relationships. Libra must constantly work to balance personal needs and passions with the needs and desires of others, as you focus is so much on others. This constant dance of Venus and Mars and the other planets is very real in your love life and even in our relations as a nation with other nations, as Libra is the sign of the diplomat, as well. Then there is the challenge of finding balance with our world eco-systems.

Libra’s ruler, Venus, is a remarkably powerful and very ancient sky goddess of many names. Just looking up when She is setting after, or rising before, the Sun is to be dazzled by her beauty. As a Libran, you are probably more associated with the “Evening Star.” This Venus has been hidden by the Sun’s rays for a period and is considered having gone to the Underworld (not visible to us in the night sky) with more experience and an eye towards balance and peace – a goddess with experience.

Thus, Libra, you honor Venus through appreciating the beauty of a sunset, a work of art, or a flower. Your Taurean sisters honored her by reveling in the joy of passion and the riches we find – fun you can also have! While you might be a bit more comfortable just being admired, you are passing through those gates. You are the soother of souls, you make others feel attractive and wanted, and you pave the way for peace when others are lost in anger. What an amazing Journey of Love!

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11 thoughts on “Libra’s Mythic Dance

  1. Tiffany Michelle

    I’m definately Libra! But the past 2 years of my life have been extremely awful. My ex-husband has caused so much, that I have lost who I am. I have also been in a relationship (that I’m still in) that needs a lot of work. I love to love and love to be loved. But my partner is not the same. More boring actually. I don’t know what to do. I love him with all of my heart and soul and I never want to leave or him leave. I want to fix it. It used to be good so I know it can be good again. I feel that he has lost all . It seems he doesn’t notice me, he doesn’t touch me, we rarely make love (I’m 33 he’s 40). So there should be no issues on that level. He says I’m beautiful but never shows it. I am lost in love and I have been for many years. Like I said I want to fix it not leave. I am even going to try some spell work to get our relationship flowing again. Because I have been studying the art also. But it is so hard to focuse when so much of yourself is into trying to figure out how to fix your relationship. I have never felt so low in my life. I don’t feel like I even deserve the love maybe. I don’t know. I have went through many emotions about this, that is how long it has been going on. At first I just didn’t understand it and would try to talk to him about it, then hurt for a while, unworthy, now just out right pissed off. I have things going through my head that should not be there. Like, well he wasn’t this way in his prior relationships, so what’s wrong with me. I feel like I’m ugly at times, although I know that I’m not. I feel undesirable , unwanted and depressed with anxiety. Every night I cry myself to sleep, but I don’t even think that he notices. It seems that he has just blocked me out but I don’t know how to get back in. And I know for a fact that he is not cheating, because we are together too much. And he never leaves the couvpch. We don’t even sleep in the bed together anymore. He sleeps on the couch and I sleep in the recliner. When I try talking about it I never get answers. Then that starts making me yell and turns into a fight between us. So then I’m nagging and won’t leave him alone. He states that he is not going to deal with all of the arguing. He would rather be alone than argue all the time. But I have gotten to a point that all I want is to know why I am not good enough to be touched and loved, but I am good enough to be his roommate, that’s the way I feel. He is my 3 year olds daddy. Not biological, but the only one he has ever known. And that I definately don’t want to lose. My son has npbeen through enough, and I know that he loves him and he showers that. So it’s me. Does anyone have advice out there. I’m lost, mad, hurt, and outraged all at the same. Please Help!!!

  2. CandeGO

    Ahhh…I would REALLY like to know anyone’s opinion on what type of Libra I am. My rising sign is Capricorn, and I have an Aquarius moon. Can someone PLEASE help direct me? 🙂

  3. Connie

    Since late 2012 till now life has been some of the most tumultuous times in my life ever! Any idea is this is a cycle and good heavens is there any relief ib sight?

  4. Maritsa

    something to her out of context she is very devnseife and challenging, even with small irrelevent issues. i think her anger comes form venus in aries? not really sure. she is aloof towards other people’s feelings but very in touch when it comes to her own! she’s not abad person, and im not saying these combination of star signs make a bad person. but that what my sister is like!p.s in 23, shes 26!!!

  5. Birhane

    If your moon is in a water sign (i.e. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), the energy of your moon will be exaeltd.Of course, we do need to consider the other signs as well. My Gemini sign certianly rules my Picese. And I dislike all of my other signs (ex: my rising Cap). If anything my Piceses just amplifies my duality which is a Gemini trait, as well as my adaptablity, and fickleness.To everyone else:At the end of the day astrology can only be used give you a probability of someones personality and if you have the will to surpase what your signs tell you then you will. You should never depend on it or take it as 100% truth. Its a fun thing to learn to assess peoples personality but if it runs your life your a pretty big fool.

  6. Julie

    Our love emanates from the spirit within. We are on a mystical journey and here to serve. There are many types of love besides romantic love. We fall in love with a part of everyone we meet. Like sifting sands that reveal the wonderful spiritual side of us, our bodies age, but our spirit grows younger with every day we learn more of who we are and the gift of giving that makes us what we are.

  7. Sharon

    I really connect with Libra’s Mystic Dance. It is me! I am now 71 yrs. old and very young at heart. Have made many mistakes in my life, love being one of them. I love people and I love life. I love being in love and wish I could find another relationshiip.

    Well, love doest end because of age, so I am still hopeful.

    Sharon Sept. 30, 1940

  8. Rose Cocca

    i dont know what you are saying…i mite see something of “night in there”…i did visit you many times and you wont let me in..i dont want you get into trouble all though i think im in trouble…i dont like to come and go..from your place…


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