Red Responds: She Thinks Her Ex-Husband Knows What Really Happened to Her Dog

Marcia in Punxsutawney writes:

Could you tell me what happened to my dog, Simba? Two and a half years ago he supposedly ran away from home and after searching for nearly two weeks I received a phone call from someone replying to my lost and found ad that he had been hit by a car in front of their house. When I got there he was alive and I believe he recognized me (I hope). I cupped his chin with my hands and kissed his forhead and told him it was okay and I was taking him home.

We rushed him to the nearest vet for help but by the time we got there it was too late, he was gone. I loved him like one of my children and I just don’t understand. He rarely left the yard, I never leashed him except to go for walks. Something just doesn’t feel right. My ex-husband was very cruel to him. He never liked him from the time I brought him home, which is why I think I was so close to him and seemed to “protect” him. He would always tell me to get rid of him or else. The day he came up missing my cousin David was taking my vehicle to the garage for its yearly inspection since I had to work. When I got home he had told me that he left Simba out to go to the bathroom and he never came back. So I guess I want to know, was it just that- did he wander off and lose his way or did my ex-husband and cousin have something to do with his disappearance. Also, did he know it was me that evening that he passed away?


Dear Marcia,

Even though your ex did hate your Simba, neither he nor your cousin had anything to do with your dog’s disappearance. Simba did stray away from your home from time to time, but he never really ventured far. While he did wander off your property the day he disappeared, he wasn’t running away. He was just wandering when a female picked him up.

I have no ties or association that links the woman who had your dog to you, your ex or your cousin. She just thought he was cute, and for some reason, he trusted her enough to get in her car. Not that it is going to help any at this point in time, but the car was a dark green, non-descript four-door. She had every intention of keeping him, but he got away.

It seems as if Simba was trying to get back home when he was hit by the car. And, yes, he knew it was you. I don’t think he could see very well when you got to him, but he certainly recognized your scent. You were his human and he loved you. You gave him peace, but he just couldn’t stay.

I think a reader of Serendipity’s Story said it best: “Pets will leave your arms, but they never leave your heart.”

I am so sorry for your loss.

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