Is Your Pet a Past Loved One?

It has been my experience that each manifestation of being is a combination of energies, and when we really explore past life regression, unusual life energies often “show up” during a session. Why not allow yourself to explore this by recalling different pets, or the pets you have now, and behaviors or energies you have seen or felt around them? We cannot, as we do with humans, gaze into their eyes to attempt to see their physical selves from other lifetimes; however, you can intuitively see things in their mannerisms, or pick things up empathically.

I have also found that pets reincarnate into another pet to be with you later on in your lifetime. For example, I had two “house” bunnies for years, many years after they had both passed, I was adopted (out of a workplace of twenty people) by a cat, Aesa, that would not allow anyone but me to pick her up and hold her. When she was about nine months old I was going through some old photos and came across one of “Belle”, the female rabbit, and I cried at the memory. Aesa came up and pushed her head against me, then started acting strangely… not just for a cat, but for that particular cat. She came and lay down on my lap, and looking me straight in the eye, began to act like she was “grinding” her teeth, a rabbit trait. She then came right up to my face and put her forehead to my forehead, and did it again. This was NOT something this cat ever did before or after – and cats do not grind their teeth. Rabbits do!

A client of mine was terribly grief stricken by the loss of her parrot that had been with her for over twenty years (some can live fifty to seventy-five years!), and even though three years had gone by, she was still heartbroken. One day she got a call from the bird rescue – could she take a young bird whose owner had unexpectedly passed? She psychically felt as if she HAD to say yes, even though she had made up her mind to not own another. The bird grew, and before it really had matured enough to be talking or interacting on the more advanced levels, it began to use the words, tricks and habits, of the bird my friend had lost years before, without ever having been taught!

Now you may say that it is a huge leap to go from human to animal, yet I know for a fact that I “feel” psychic images and feelings coming from pets that ARE the energy of a loved one that has passed years before. So either the spirits can come though at times in the physical bodies of our pets, or some part of that spirit has manifested in the animal form to be close to us once again.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Pet a Past Loved One?

  1. Jennifer

    I really believe in reincarnation, but i also believe in being fair to ALL animals, and yet the first three pages of this section has the octopus, rabbits, monkeys and mainly dogs, BUT NO CATS!
    I adore this website, but i dont like the feeling of biased i am getting from it!!!
    Very unimpressed.

  2. Jessi Sitar

    i believe that pets reincarnate along with us. that would explain my life-long love of wolves. maybe i was a native american in a past life and my totem was the wolf. i have 2 timbers and we definitly are solidly bonded and understand eachother. my female, i feel is the reincarnation of a wolfdog i had in the 80’s. her name was keisha. i have had “isis” for a yr. and a half and still regularly call her keisha by mistake. that doesn’t happen with my male. jessi


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