Pregnancy and Giving Birth Dreams

Dionea in São Paulo, Brazil writes:

Hello, Cortney.

I really enjoy reading your dream interpretations. You’ve helped me a few times because I have some recurring dreams. Every now and then, I dream I’m pregnant or giving birth. And it’s always disturbing. In one of these dreams, I give birth in the middle of the street, and the baby’s feet come out first. Another time, I am at the hospital and people keep telling me not to push too hard or the baby will hurt me. In the last one I remember, it is an early pregnancy, but the baby’s father has brought two strangers to live with us and I am really upset and angry. I’m just hoping this is not premonitory because I really want to be a mother someday. Can you help me bring these dreams to light?

Thank you.

Cortney responds:

Hello Dionea, I’m delighted you’re finding my interpretations useful! As for your dreams, I don’t believe they actually pertain to motherhood. They are about giving birth to new ideas, perceptions and/or activities in your life. You’re obviously experiencing an accelerated period of personal growth. How very exciting!

The baby being born on the street and coming out feet-first may symbolize your not feeling prepared for the “new arrival” (a change in your life). Or perhaps you’re going after a goal the wrong way (backwards?) and need to review the steps you need to take to make it happen.

The second scenario may be a warning not to push too hard in achieving what you want. Are you trying to force a situation instead of letting it happen in its own time? Or are you trying to force yourself to do something you think you should do?

In the third dream, the father bringing home strangers likely represents some new elements (early pregnancy) in your life that you’re having a hard time adjusting to. Change is seldom easy, I know. Letting things happen in their own time can be even harder for some of us. Try to strike a balance between goal-setting and going with the flow.

Sweet dreams,


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