Why Are Celebs Dating Down?

There’s a new dating trend among celebrities – dating down. Tired of being put through the ringer of scandal, public scrutiny and constant break-ups that go with celebrity “power couple” relationships, many stars are choosing to date people of lower social status than them. (In this case, “lower social status” tends to mean, well, models.) Fox News reports:

In Hollywood, where fragile egos are as common as DUI’s and sex tapes, many celebrities have adopted the habit of “dating down,” or the process of trading out a partner whose success is equal to theirs in favor of one who falls about three notches below them on the fame ladder.

Last week Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet stepped out with her new man, up-and-coming British model Louis Dowler, after splitting from her Oscar-winning director husband Sam Mendes. And while Dowler’s star may be on the rise, an up-and-coming model is hardly on the same fame plane as Hollywood A-lister Winslet…

So why are so many famous stars trading in their equally famous spouses for major downgrades? And while many celebrities are successfully married to non-famous people, why are stars like Winslet… so suddenly turned off to A-list partners?

What do you think – why are celebrities dating down? Is there hope for sanity in Hollywood yet…?

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One thought on “Why Are Celebs Dating Down?

  1. TereseTerese

    I imagine that, in general, it’s easier to maintain privacy when dating a non-celebrity. But in the case of Kate Winslet & her model BF: it’s a rebound… and us non-celebs do that all the time too. Haha.


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