2012: Will This Be a Time of Prosperity?

Born with Uranus in Cancer: You Offer a New Sense of Comfort Around the Challenging Time of 2012

If you were born between July 1949 and June 1956, or if your parents were born during this time, be aware that this group will be offering or teaching others to develop a new sense of comfort during dramatically changing time. This generation has had years of experience, and learned to find security and safety amidst dramatic changes. This generaton challenged the government during an unpopular war and challenged inhumane structures that surroundeded them including racism and the suppression of women.

This is another critical time for Uranus in Cancer people. While you have already endured and flourished during the shake-up in relationships during the 70’s, and the disruptive yet expansive times during the technological revolution of the 90’s, this is a new “call to service” to your well-weathered experience to keep a steady voice during the rocketing speed of change coming around 2012.

While Uranus in Cancer people may have expected retirement at this time, you are finding that you can’t afford it financially, or you can’t afford it if you love their children and the future. You have much experience to offer and must take a role in providing a sense of security through change and a feeling of love and compassion during a confusing time.

Uranus in Cancer is all about viewing security differently. You were taught that the little house with a white picket fence and a husband or wife a la “Leave it to Beaver” would be your future. It didn’t pan out. Life doesn’t work that way. In fact, whatever you thought was a sure thing, other than loving and trusting relationships, probably didn’t happen. In fact, your most wonderful relationships require constant adjustment, compassion and adaptability, and you know this.

So, you still have an absolutely essential job to share what you’ve learned in your life experience to help others through transitional times. Don’t ever forget your value. And if you are a child of a Uranus in Cancer person, listen to their previous experiences and think about what worked and what didn’t for them—this might be essential to a great future relationship with them.

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3 thoughts on “2012: Will This Be a Time of Prosperity?

  1. Hazel Caine Corte-Real

    Thank you Debbie for the very interesting, wise article.Would it be at all possible to find out about all my fellow-people born 1948 or older.
    Best Regards, Hazel

  2. Fiona x5178

    Hi Debbie–As usual, right on target again; what a good advice-filled article. I always enjoy reading what you write. In my humble opinion, one of Uranus in Cancer people’s life lessons is about flexibility and channeling the energy of their emotions in a positive direction, that ultimately helps others learn to do the same. Psychics and astrologers know that life is about perception. For Cancerians who naturally live from the higher aspects of their personalities, the “out of the blue” changes and sudden enlightenment that Uranus brings to the table, especially combined with the emotions of the Cancerian personality, should never be underestimated. Nothing speaks like the voice of experience. Life hits us from the outside. Change comes from within.
    Many blessings to you. More grease to your elbows–just keep on writing the good stuff that you do spirit-sister!


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