8 Steps to Your Best Psychic Reading

You can help us connect to your frequency by doing what you can to create the best environment for your reading. These eight steps can save you money and help you get the most information, understanding, and value from a psychic reading!

1. Take care of your body. Are you hungry or thirsty? If you are tired, try meditation, prayer or a good power nap before the call if you can.

2. Where are you at? If you can, find a private space to talk with us without distractions (they can affect how well you “send” us your information). Some clients like a well-lit area; some prefer a less bright environment, or candlelight.

3. Are you on a cell phone? (This can affect the quality of the connection if they drop in and out, or if they disconnect.) If you are on a cell, can you pull over and talk? Not only is this dangerous, it can affect the connection with your psychic. Do you have privacy and a clear signal?

4. Are you angry, have you had a few drinks, or are you extremely tired? This can affect our ability to connect one way or another. Keep in mind that some psychics perform better when they connecting with you while in this state. Some do not. Please be aware of what works best for you.

5. “Ground and Center.” This is a spiritual term that means to “ground” out any excess electrical energy you have. This can be done by sitting down on the floor or a wooden chair and “connecting” by focusing on your feet and sending any excess energy down into the ground. Centering is a deeper subject, but for today, let’s use the suggestion of pulling your inner energies toward the center of your body… in front of your spine, from top to bottom.

6. Breathe! Try to breathe in slow deep breaths to truly stay tuned in to the reading.

7. Speak clearly. Give the psychic whatever information they require, since they are here to listen to your situation and help you find peace of mind.

8. The more information you provide, the more details we can offer. Yes, we’re psychic, but we require context. It’s like a detective who picks up clues which help him solve a crime – the more items left at the scene, the easier it is to crack.

What are your tips for getting in the “zone” for a psychic reading?

4 thoughts on “8 Steps to Your Best Psychic Reading

  1. Fiona x5178

    Very good advice. I also agree with MissKrystal’s comment. Dialog is good. Hey everybody–Yes, we are your friend! We love you and we are here to serve.
    Don’t shoot the messenger!
    If I could say one thing to the clients I adore it would be, “Thanks for being open.”

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  3. misskrystal

    These are some great suggestions, Yamaya. I agree, in order to have a fabulous connection, the client please do not hold back-no don’t give us a preface to the reading, but it is nice to develop a client/psychic rapport. Dear customers, PLEASE REMEMBER—- WE ARE ALSO YOUR PSYCHIC FRIEND! 🙂
    great job.
    Miss Krystal


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