Knowing When the Impossible is Possible

There are always moments in our lives that we feel something will not happen because of possibilities and impossibilities. It may be time to start thinking with an open mind as we will learn now.

That’s Not Possible… Or is It?

One of my favorite things about reading for people is being able to work in the unknown. When I read, I just allow myself to go into a space of channeling the information that is coming to me. I have learned to stop questioning it, to stop doubting whether it is correct or not, and just allow it to flow through me and use me as a vehicle or voice for its expression. Are you struggling with something that you feel cannot happen and want advice making this become a reality? Give one of our professional and friendly psychics a call and start changing your life today.

I have also learned to stop asking the question “How?” I have learned that the Universe has a greater, superior intelligence to mine and that the Universe will deliver the results in its own time and in its own manner. I have learned that my brain and my filters of what I know need to be removed in order to allow the information to just flow.

There have been calls when the client says “I just don’t know how that is possible.” I understand, and my response is “I don’t know how that is possible either, only I do know this is the information that is being channelled through me, and I have learned to trust it.”

One example that comes to mind is when I read for a woman and saw that her future husband would be coming to her door. “I see him ringing your doorbell and entering into your home. You will marry this man.” Her response was a laugh and she remarked “I just don’t see how that is possible.” Well, fast forward, a year later, she called for another reading and shared that she was engaged to be married. She met her fiance the day that he rang her doorbell. He was dropping off his daughter who was attending the client’s daughter’s sweet 16 party.

Another great story that comes to mind was when I told a client I saw a black and white cat holding a gift. I told her that I didn’t know what this meant, or what it was, other than I requested she pay careful attention to seeing either a toy, a figurine, a card, a drawing or anything that would resemble this. Once this image would appear in her life, there would be a complete change and her life would take on a new way of being that she could not imagine. She called me, thrilled, scared, surprised and with a bit of confusion, because three days later, she received a Christmas Card with a black and white cat holding a red gift in its paws. She ended her tumultuous marriage three months after the arrival of the card and started a new career in a new town and began a new life.

Just recently, while on a call, I had a caller say “I just don’t see how this is possible.” Well, that is the tricky part. The universe is smarter, and the universe will deliver to us those things that we truly desire whether they are of a positive or negative nature. When we can just accept and allow what we truly want to be there for us (whether in images or feelings, and when we can reflect it back, through our thoughts and language), the universe will begin to deliver to us that which we have our hearts and desires set on. A friend of mine once said “I have learned that when I say  ‘chair,’ the universe will give me a chair. And I will hold the focus and the intention until that chair is there in its physical form.” Imagine if we all did that with the things we truly wanted and desired. What a wonderfully exciting and thrilling adventure life would be from moment to moment.

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11 thoughts on “Knowing When the Impossible is Possible

  1. Nissrine

    Love them all! The bridal party with the palraoss is gorgeous! I also love your low perspective on the couple with the barrel to the left. Stunning! The light is insane and your eye for composition is impeccable. I want to shot a Wedding in the mountains! What fun! New goal number 12!

  2. Amanda ext. 5605

    Thank you all for sharing yourselves so openly. I especially thank you, Sherry, for sharing some of your personal journey with Virginia. Virginia, Sherry can attest to life altering experiences through her willingness to let go of anger & resentment and to allow love to flow through her to others, making a difference for herself and others on the planet. Virginia, it all begins with the willingness to make a difference for yourself and your life. When we are willing to take responsibility for our thoughts, miracles have the space to be created.

    I thank you all for your generosity of spirit. Virginia, your journey is beginning now by taking on a willingness to look at your thoughts and your words.

    Love and Blessings to you all!

  3. arise

    Virginia, I understand that it’s hard to accept how the rewards doled out by human society can be fickle and unfair, but what you might call “the universe” or “divine will” knows nothing of these limitations. It will give you whatever you ask. If you ask it for proof that you are unlucky, it will have a limitless supply.

    So you must rewrite your inner version of your life story to focus on the luck in it. You might start by being thankful you were born in the US, a place many struggle or even die trying to reach. You received a good education as evidenced by your articulate post, there’s another advantage.

    When I read how you could lose your extra weight anytime, I wondered, what would happen if you greeted the world with the confidence of knowing you’re at your best *today*? If today you tried something new, not to “win”, but just for fun. How would it feel to make someone *else’s* luck a little better today?

    Your path is never going to resemble anyone else’s – you’re a unique creation, here on earth for a brief moment. Everyone’s life has disappointments, no matter how lucky they seem from the outside. The key is to keep looking until we find the joy. If you’re not happy, you’re not on your path yet.

    If you “won” the lottery today, the money would soon be gone, and you would still feel incomplete, because you hadn’t found your path. Money, success, and the rest are by-products of that journey. Blessings on your way!

  4. marc from the uk

    Virginia Davis, Thank you for sharing your story, that’s what I love about this site! You can be heard but not seen!! And can open up! I would say if you cannot change how you feel, then try to change how you see things, that alone will change how you feel. Keep reading these blogs, they do give you a daily medicine and before you know it you will have a changed out look!

    Good luck

  5. sherry

    this is for virgina
    noone can make you happy but yourself.You sound alot like i used to be untill i started talking to Amanda.You cant hold all that anger inside you.Because one day it will start coming out and you will hurt someone you care for.I know because i did.I know you love your parents so start sending them love just by talking to them even if they are not around.My mom and sister are no longer here but i say good morning to them every morning and hug them in my thoughts and i feel alot better afterwards..Think of the good times you had as a child and remember how happy you where then when things get bad.
    I was so angry at my ex for what she did to me but i started to send her love to and its been 3 months and i could sit down and have a nice talk with her and not get angry.
    Amanda gives you the answers but you have to work to find them.Its all mind work so its not hard,just scary when you realize everything was there you just had it covered up by angry.
    I have been talking to Amanda for 3 months and i feel like a totally different person.I dont get mad so easy,i smile more im more relaxed then i think i ever have been

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    OOPS….Sorry it posted before I was done…..we will try it again…..

    Dear Virginia,

    It’s my day off and I’m in the middle of doing laundry….lol….such is the glamorous life of the psychic….but anyway , I wanted to respond to you because my Guides have a message for you….a free mini reading from me , so to speak.

    1. You stated you are healthy… truly are blessed, because with good health you can accomplish much. ( And that you can lose weight whenever you desire to do so…..many of the ladies out there that read your blog posting are truly envious, myself included. LOL LOL ) .

    2. You are on the right path though, by bravely moving forward in educating yourself for a different career….my Guides say ” go for it ” as you are , and will continue, to create a better, happier future for yourself.

    3. It’s true, some people never win anything in life….myself being one of them….it’s not in my Karma to win the lottery, but that’s ok with me … play the hand that life deals to you.

    4. My Guides DO see happiness in your future….but it will be one that you will be proud of because YOU created it.

    Blessed Be )O( to you, Virginia….you are stronger than you realize, right now anyway….but you will come shining thru.

    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Virginia,

    It’s my day off and I’m in the middle of doing laundry….lol….such is the glamorous life of the psychic….but anyway , I wanted to respond to you.

    1. You statedyou are healthy… truly are blessed, because with good health you can accomplish much. ( And that you can lose weight whenever you desire to do so…..many of the ladies out there that read your b are truly envious….LOL LOL ) .

  8. Kallista, ext. 9623

    Thank you, Amanda! This is great stuff! Love how inspiring you are!

    Bless you,

    Kallista, ext. 9623

  9. Virginia Davis

    HI my name is Virginia, I read the caption above, they are so lucky. Fate seems just around the corner for some people for happiness and fortune and fame. Me nothing ever
    happens for me to better my situation. I am poor, bearly getting by. I am not happy either.
    I had thoughts of suicide but I am not that kind of person to go out that way. I want to live,
    but I want a better life. I am educating myself again for a different career to make more money. I am 52 in july. I always sad. I do not have any physical illnesses, I am totally healthy. Just a little over weight no big deal. I can lose when I want to to be my ideal weight. I am angry alot too. I don’t share my private life. I just want to be happy again, and rich. I play every game I find to win. I never win at anything. You say possible, I say
    never happens. My parents are going to be famous now do a broadway about my Dad. This does not have anything to do with my life. Check it out, Hands on a Hardbody Musical on facebook. I am happy the stars have shined upon them they are old. I am still waiting for mine. Thanks for listening to me. Virginia Davis.


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