Fun Facts by Sign for Summer 2012

Events to Take Note of According to Your Sun Sign!

Wondering what you have to look forward to astrologically speaking? Well look no further. Here’s your guide to this summer’s hottest (and heaviest) astrological impact dates according to your sun sign.


On July 13, Uranus, planet of revolution, turns retrograde in your sign. This could be scary, or it could be miraculous. In fact, it’s whichever you choose to make it (and perhaps a bit of both as change is often frightening)! The gift of this cosmic wake up call is to break down outdated modes of being and allow us to start fresh. While the very presence of Uranus in your sign is doing this already, the retrograde often brings things to a boiling point. And though it will turn direct again (though not until December 13), the effects will likely be felt for years!


From June 4 to June 11, Jupiter is in your sign. This affects us all, but expect to feel especially grounded during this time. You may also see the fruit of long labors manifest during this week. Meanwhile, during this same week, your ruler, Venus, transits across the sun (on June 6), emphasizing the Divine Feminine. This will not happen again in our lifetime—enjoy it!


From June 11 – 26, Jupiter moves into Gemini. This will bring advances in communication in technology and you will be most poised to benefit. Later, on July 31, Venus in Gemini will trine Saturn in Taurus, making it an especially good day for long lasting love. That said, keep in mind that your ruler, Mercury is in retrograde from July 14 through August 7 – 8, so communication may be a little rocky. Some things are better left unsaid during this time.


June 7 to 24 sees Mercury transiting through your sign. How does this translate? Look for more emotional communication all around—for better and worse. Keep your sensitivity in check and speak your mind! The good news is, whatever this time brings, the Summer Solstice occurs on June 20 as the sun enters Cancer, bringing with it a new cycle and shining on you!


On July 14, Mercury turns Retrograde in your sign, Lion. Look out for prideful boasting or the desire to lash out and instead use this time (until August 7 – 8) to examine your motives and sort out your desires. Meanwhile, luckily, the Sun enters Leo July 22, and for you (more than any other sign in the zodiac) this is significant as the Sun is your ruler. Translation? After all that introspection, you’ll feel quite powerful—and you will be!


Your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde in Leo from July 14 through August 7 – 8, bringing with it a host of egos and emotions you’d prefer not to deal with. Now is not the time to shut them down. Why fight that hard? Instead, assess things with a clear head, even if it means waiting out the transit. Mercury turns direct again August 8, by which point you’ll be approaching Sun in Virgo (August 22) and clearer auspices.


With Uranus in retrograde in your opposite sign of Aries, change is on the horizon, Libra. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. Effective July 13, expect the unexpected. But rest assured in the knowledge that whatever upheaval comes before Uranus turns direct again December 13, it is for the better—if you learn the lessons being presented. Meanwhile, when Mars in your sign trines Jupiter in Gemini on July 17, you’ll have abundant energy, and if you play your cards right, great sex! The only trouble comes two days later on July 19, when your Mars opposes Uranus in Aries, which may lead to you wanting more, even if you can’t get it. Luckily, Mercury in Leo sextiles Mars three days after that on July 22, so you learn your lesson quickly and quit pining!


When Venus is inconjunct with your ruler Pluto on June 20, remember that it is not your destiny to fix other people. You need to break your patterns in order to grow in relationships (or out of them if, indeed, a break up is for the better)! Meanwhile, expect to be deeply impacted when Uranus squares Pluto for the first of five times on June 24. While the turmoil can be scary, it’s a much-needed shake-up that can lead to your higher consciousness and realized potential.


It’s time to come to terms with your weaknesses, Sag, and turn them into strengths. When your ruler Jupiter is in cunjunction with Pluto on July 18, you awaken to the possibility that by doing this, you’ll become more open to truly experiencing others. Meanwhile, on July 21 and 22, life feels a little brighter as Jupiter sextiles Uranus, highlighting your creativity and sheer force of will. Odds are, any task embarked upon now will be successful, and at the very least you’ll grow exponentially from their undertaking.

“By knowing what your partner is made of astrologically, you can better gauge your relationship.” – Quinn ext. 5484


Pluto is in your sign at the moment and Capricorn and Scorpio’s ruling planet is a busy bee this summer, bringing with it some turmoil. On the upside, it’s the kind that creates change. On July 3, Venus and Mercury inconjunct poor pluto. You may feel compelled to render judgment on a person or situation, but reserve it. Your compulsions may be out of line and it’s possible you’ll regret jumping to conclusions. That said, not passing judgment doesn’t mean you can’t determine what works for you and what doesn’t. Focus on transforming yourself to your own highest good and hope that others will follow suit.


With your ruling planet Uranus going retrograde in Aries from July 13 – December 13, your life may feel like it’s in upheaval. And it is! Lucky for you, that’s nothing new. Aquarius is a master of reinvention. Use this time to delve deep, prepared for whatever whirlwind spins. Whatever is left of your life when the tornado passes will be the stuff that’s worth keeping. Meanwhile, enjoy your half birthday as the Sun transits your opposing sign of Leo July 22 through August 21. It’s a complicated time, but  a rewarding (and bizarrely enjoyable) one, too!


On July 8, when a Libran Mars inconjuncts your ruler, Neptune, while in your sign, it’s vital that you conserve your energy. Remain grounded as your tendency to have your head in the clouds could be disastrous! Channel your creativity into your art rather than placing expectations elsewhere. Your artistic tendencies will be put to good use later anyway, when communicative Mercury is inconjunct your ruler, Neptune, from August 3 through 4. Then, your imagination serves you well, so long as you haven’t misplaced your energies. Be aware of your own weakness and under-promise so as to over-deliver.

“Astrology brings so much to the table. It gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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9 thoughts on “Fun Facts by Sign for Summer 2012

  1. Lizz

    How can Jupiter be conjunct to Pluto (Sag forecast) when Jupiter is in Gemini and Pluto is in Capricorn? Whoever writes this stuff is no astrologer, and should also learn to spell.

  2. Holly

    I’m an aquarius and my dates are very much true. July 11th I leave for Navy bootcamp and I’ll be on base July 13th and I won’t be coming home till December. Being only 18 I’m sure my life will seem like a tornado.

  3. Randy

    I am the old sag I haven’t gotten anybody anymore and I will get back to my old self here maybe one like I was before about 13yrs. ago and all I will have to worry about it getting back in church and not look back if this summer would do It I’m all for it I just need to be abble to focuse again and then I want need luck or companoinship to be happy. A little shiz zue will be fine.

  4. Betina

    Hmm … the dates mentioned in this has for me allready passed ….
    Do you mean June og July for Taurus ??

  5. Dace

    Was there an error in the months for some of the signs? It seems a little late to be giving “divine” forecasts for dates that are weeks past.

  6. Balogun-Idowu

    Candid speak, your huge contribution to my persional is great. So i need expert tell me about my Transist Perio. Thanks

  7. Balogun-Idowu

    Your result is been found very much acurate. But i need somebody to give me detail about my Transit Period which start on sunday. Pls


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