We Believe in You!

Accept that You are Amazing!

We all have moments in our lives when the world seems as though it is closing in and where we feel no hope of a new worry-free day. We all experience dark days and feelings of despair in our lives, but there is no reason to feel like you are on your own. There is always hope, and the dark days do pass. There will be new successes, new goals and new, happy experiences to be had.

In life, it is very important to believe in yourself every step of the way. Give yourself time to pick yourself up and begin to believe that you deserve all the beauty in life that you see those around you experiencing. If you are in need of some guidance, here are five different ways you can build your confidence and learn how to believe in yourself more on a daily basis.

1. Focus on the Skills You Have Now

Start building up your confidence by developing new skills in areas of interest or take on a new hobby. Focus on where your strength lies and build from there. If you have a passion for the written word and writing, then work on writing more whether you are writing poems or writing essays. If you have the ability to work with your hands, start a craft of some sort like making jewelry or clay formations. Whatever skill you have, build on it. The more you build up your current skills and adapt to new ones, the greater your confidence will be in your general abilities to perform daily activities.

2. Trust Your Intuition

When you feel something in your gut, trust it. You will believe more in yourself if you trust your intuition. Our intuition is our personal guide that offers guidance and assistance when we feel we are lost in a particular situation. It is felt within the body and mind and is described as something you just “feel.” The next time you are presented with a situation where you have to make an important decision, trust in your intuition and go with it. The more you trust yourself, the more you will eventually believe you can handle anything that comes your way.

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3. Drop the “Worst Case Scenario” Obsession

If you constantly think of the worst case scenario whenever you are in a difficult situation, you will always feel unsettled and anxious. If you can rid yourself of the negative thoughts and encourage positive ones into your daily life, you will be presented with more positive experiences. Focusing on the worst case scenario will get you nowhere but into a quick depression. Keep positive and believe that everything will be OK, and you will eventually develop that belief within yourself.

4. You are Enough Right Now

Understand that you are enough right now. You are enough just the way you are now and realize that the more you love yourself (even if you have to fake it once in awhile), the more you will believe in yourself and your ability to lead a successful, happy life. Positive thoughts are a powerful tool.

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5. Others Believe in You, so Believe in Yourself too

Others believe in you, others love you for who you are and the kindness you offer, so why not believe in yourself too? I know it’s is easier said than done and you don’t have to rush yourself. The more you believe in your own power and the sooner you realize how much you have to offer the world, the sooner you will become more comfortable in your own skin. You are a miracle, you have touched the lives of your family and friends and it is important you recognize the great purpose you have in this world.

81 thoughts on “We Believe in You!

  1. Maureen Reis

    I offer my greatest respect to your Spirit Guides and have only one question and that is as follows:” Who or What is The Mount of Christ? What sense do they feel when they heard the name.
    I thank you; as well as your honorable guides. I come in Peace, I give you peace and in Peace I leave you now.

    Maureen Mc3

  2. Robin Bednarczyk

    I think I’m surrounding myself with the wrong kind of people, as they DO NOT believe in me, WHICH IN TURN, has caused me great conflict in not believing in myself. I’m at a point in my life where I simply EXIST, thats it.

  3. Suzette King

    Your message came to me at the right time….as I am going through so much right now.I shall focus on me again cause I always put everyone be fore me. , thank you

  4. Paula

    Really needed that bost of positivity-feeling very low lately. Jus put my Mom in a nursing home w/ Alzheimers aftter caring for her in my home since Feb.8th, ad to put down my beloed shepherd Maggie 9/5/13 and he 5 yr ol pup is so distraught w/o her, trying to go thru al mom’s things and get her bills paid off to get her assistance to stay in nusing home and haven’t had the confidence to get back on the motorcyclye my husbandbought me after crashing it last year. Wanted to try jewelry making-so that strck me and just want to be grateful……………

  5. shana

    As I was reading this I had to laugh…. this is the
    way I really…. I have never felt satisfied with the way thing
    are… I have always felt that I was meant for more than this and that I am not from here and just don’t belong.
    so when I read this it made me feel better…. thank you.

  6. i am karna talbot the vicitam witha family did u understand my massage

    were at this momented in time am i to be resideing tell me could u weres that angle that walks the earth that guides people when there in need why am i so broke why are this land lord n his family bothern me stold my things and bothering my family n myself my family is afraid because of a mently ill land lord n his family all i d done wasanswered an ad from a news paper 3 in ahalf yars ago were on the god dame groung nice for you to send talk but what about me in my family thtas how i feel to day enough is a enough were not bums and wont ever be help us wilyea

  7. TAM

    Dear you all,
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    I am looking forward to getting more information from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    duong Ngoc Tam

  8. Ramon Sanchez


  9. Richard Patton

    If you can’t let me know what numbers to play to win the Mega Million or Powerball lottery your wasting my time.

  10. sheryl

    Natasha, this is a GREAT article. I know I will not be the only person who says, ‘boy, I really needed to hear this right now.’

    Thank you for the inspiration. My favorite was ‘drop the worst case scenario’.

    It’s amazing how much we can put into a few people who choose not to love us for who we are, and we forget how many really do.

    Wonderful article and tips, Thank you Natasha!

  11. ebenezer

    i love this ,i am underground musician working hard to reach the top,my name is ebenezer amartey and my showbiz name is Ebenny…thank you very much

  12. Judy

    I needed those uplifting words and reminders to believe again in myself for the mystic traveler that I seem to be….I have been told my time is here…to know what that truly means is still unfolding. Again, Thanks for the refresher!

  13. tania

    I am currently homeless struggling to make a trailer a home .winter is coming and living in tents is cold never saw my life this way

  14. Melania Nistor

    Thank you very much! for this lesson (although often meditate) never hurts an extra lesson.
    The title also impressed me very much, and of course, “I Believe in You”, also.

  15. modeline

    Who am I some time I don’t even know my self were is my talents how come I don’t have one in every one does that the answer I really want to find out do I have touch in me if I do I haven’t discover it yet.

  16. Dr. Saurabh Tripathi

    The above mentioned points (5) of living live with positive energy are really great. I hope I could follow them, but will necessarily give a try.


  17. junior

    you are so true and so right right now the way things are going right now my intuition some times I ignore it and t is always right I find my self getting lost in doing thing that I love any way I thank you for your reading these readings is the start of my day may god bless you and guide you always

  18. catherine

    Thank you,

    Truly wonderful insight, thought and words. All you have said right now has reminded me of what life is about.

    Kindest regards

  19. Fe

    Thank you so much for everyday horoscope.. Yes i do believed myself… Yes i been a very hard life… I am single mom for 3 kids and now i am a student of driving.. And always want to do more for my kids.. Your positive thought is one can make me strong everyday. Thank you and more power.

  20. joseph d silva

    Dear sir/madam
    I had married two year’s ago. Now she has gone out of the house and asking for divorce. I still love her. I am waiting for her to come back home. I dont know when she will be coming. Could you pls help me in this regard. .

    Thank you

    May god bless you

    Yours in christ

    Joseph d silva

  21. Frances

    Good morning, Ginger. Thank you for your kind words. Most importantly, Ginger, you just reminded me of the person that I am–and I give you my thanks. Sometimes in life, we need to be reminded of who we are especially, when were feeling that things are not working out in our favor.

    I am trying not to be too hard on myself and at the same breath, maintaining a positive attitude always cheers me up! Your a doll, Ginger, thanks for the uplifting reminder, my friend.

    Just Keeping It Real

    As Always, I Remain,

    Respectfully Yours,

    Si Frances


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