Dating After a Dry Spell

Ease into Dating Again

Have you hit a romantic dry spell? It’s OK; it happens to the best of us. But if you want to get out of it, you may need a little help. Let’s ease back into dating again with these tips!

Step Outside Your Heart and into Your Brain

You need to understand why you hit that dry spell. Was it stress at work, a bad breakup, a traumatic incident, health issue or even a financial setback? Think about what has been holding you back. Also, be sure you’re really ready to try romance again. If you are ready, it means you’re also ready to remove the emotion surrounding what caused the dry spell in the first place and look at things more objectively and with a level head.

Start Slow and Take Your Time

If you’re ready to take on romance again, that’s great. But you need to take your time. Dob’t just jump into dating. Ease into it. Go out and meet new people, but try building friendships first, rather than romances. See where it could lead down the road. You’ll get back to your best in time.

Make a List

Know what you want from your new relationship. Write it down and refer back to it as you date. And if you decide to get serious about someone, share your list with them. Not only will you be working on your communication skills, you’ll be letting your partner know exactly what you want in a relationship.

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Put Out an APB

If you’re searching for love, tell everyone you know what you’re looking for. Ask friends, coworkers—pretty much anyone you come into contact with could know someone who is single and a good match for you.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do new things. Go to new restaurants and hangouts. Try new activities. When you try new things, you’ll have new stories and experiences to share with a potential mate.

Try online dating if you don’t like going to bars and clubs. And if you already have an online profile, get a new picture and update your bio. Date people who aren’t your type. Maybe you have been too picky when it comes to looks and career.

Be Proud of Who You are

You are an awesome person and you have a lot to offer. During a dry spell, it may be hard to remember that, so remind yourself often. Self-confidence goes a long way and makes you more attractive to any potential mates. So take a deep breath, be positive and jump into the dating world again.

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7 thoughts on “Dating After a Dry Spell

  1. ghulam murtaza

    really great tip of daiting and a gud pathway under light of comments.entirely i licked and try to fallow thanks a lot.bye malik here in iraq area of aalfw.

  2. blackie

    I am one of the ones you spoke about no being read and I’m 56 nee sometime to myself and rite now that is not happening. Even when I have tie to myself I don’t think a new relationship will work so I’m not willng to even try. The reason is love found me far to unready for the emotional bonding that took place and then as quickly as it started it was over not by my choice. I now after to failed marriages I have found myself with early onset dementia and don’t know how long I have. The last left me after her getting everything broke and used up. My next home I pay for will be my own and try o enjoy thetaquil peace of what I have left.

  3. Jeffrey

    I’m a man who’s been through a very bad time! I was in an accident,I was unconcious for 13 day’s and in hospitals for 5 mo. in rehab for 7mo. and now I’m just a little abby normal(I saw that in Young Frankinstien).I have trouble running I don’t lift even half the weight I did before the accident and my right side was paralized (I can play saxiphone but my right side is a little slow). Can you thinkl of anything I should be doing?

  4. jack champ

    how do move on after your wife die still thank about her a lot I do not know how to move on it 9 month I think dating site is a joke what do you think

  5. Carol Buschmann

    What good advice. sometimes I need someone just to wake me up. I don’t know if, as thro I’m looking for a lover, but my husband died 3 yrs ago and he was in the nursing home with demantia for 6 yrs, so i’ve spend a lot of lone time, and i’m lonely, I love to travel and I’ve done some of that and planning on another mystery trip in June, but would be so much more fun to have a partner, I’m 73 yrs old and i don’t know about a love affairs again, but how nice it would be just to have a close friend I could trust in, I want to know the guy before I ever want to get into a love affairs with , and it’s been to many years to count that I’ve had sex, so you know I do think about these things, but ya ,at this age where do I turn?

  6. helynsacher

    I have been in long distance relationship. 1 1/2 yrs. Me 65 he 70 me Libra he Virgo. e so alike in workethics so compatible,yet, he not good communicator and sy and ditant. What do I do or do I accept?

  7. Robert

    I lost my ex-girl friend a couple of years ago and tried to remain a friend. That didn’t work. A few months ago, she had a real bad relationship and asked for help. I helped, but didn’t want to get involved just yet but just help her. As I still cared about her, I tried to just be there and that didn’t work out. Because she was either too busy again, frustrated on her job and now just didn’t want to communicate. I told her good bye.

    I divorced my ex-wife many years ago after a real bad relationship and other legal issues. I didn’t date, but met people and just wouldn’t or didn’t want to get involved. I was and still am in a safe mode. No real feelings. I want a relationship, but don’t want to get hurt again. I also don’t want or know what I want right now. Am not sure of what another person wants in me.


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