50 Ways to Know if They’re Madly in Love with You

Are They Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love with You?

There is like. There is lust. There is love. And then there is MADLY IN LOVE! But how do you know when someone is madly in love with you? Well, you’ll probably feel it in your heart, but before you feel it, there will be many signs. Here is a list of 50 signs that suggest your significant other may be madly in love with you:

1. They return your calls and texts right away.

2. They update their Facebook (and other social media) status to “In a Relationship.”

3. They take lots of pictures with you and share them with friends and loved ones.

4. They give you things you treasure.

5. They meet your major criteria for the ideal significant other.

6. They introduce you to their parents or the people who matter most in their life.

7. They want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays with you.

8. They stop playing games with you when you agree to become exclusive.

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9. They talk about your future together.

10. Nothing can stop them from being with you.

11. They only have eyes for you. In a room full of people, you are the only person they see in color.

12. They cook your favorite foods.

13. They dress up for you and keep themselves well-groomed.

14. They will watch your favorite show with you, even if they don’t like it.

15. They give you thoughtful gifts.

16. They write you poetry and love letters.

17. Just looking at you makes them smile.

18. They make you laugh.

19. They look deeply into your eyes.

20. They tell you they’re madly in love with you. You shouldn’t have to guess!

21. They write meaningful messages in the cards they give you.

22. They trust you enough to give you their bank account info and share credit cards.

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23. They ask you to move in with them.

24. They try not to wake you up when you’re sleeping.

25. They help you quit bad habits because your health means a lot to them.

26. They plan vacations with you.

27. They compliment you often.

28. They say “I love you” regularly.

29. They like it and put a ring on it.

30. They plan regular date nights.

31. They put up with your drama and listen to your problems.

32. They validate your feelings even when they don’t agree with you.

33. They never give up on you, no matter how hard life gets.

34. They give you massages.

35. They make sure you orgasm when they make love to you.

36. They would risk their life for you.

37. They want to protect you from harm.

38. They will defend you.

39. They remember the important stuff.

40. They keep their word.

41. They keep your secrets.

42. They miss you when you’re not around and let you know.

43. They will trim your hair, give you a manicure and clean your wounds.

44. They have the patience to teach you anything like chess, driving stick and cooking.

45. They are always there when you need them.

46. They help you with the chores.

47. They still like to find out new things about you.

48. Their eyes light up when they see you.

49. They let you know where they are at all times.

50. They forgive you after you make mistakes.

These are just some of the ways someone who is madly in love with you will act. Even doing a few items on this list are indications that you are special to this person. Enjoy their attention, and always remember to show them your love in return.

59 thoughts on “50 Ways to Know if They’re Madly in Love with You

  1. victoria

    my husband of 20 years passed away in may of this year we were separated at the time but we were still good friends,i’m involved in another relationship now and he can’t understand that i’m still morning the loss he thinks I should just forget my husband and move on but its hard for me .

  2. mcred

    Sadly there was the one you never forget that did do 37 out of 50 of these things. But being young it didn’t work out back then. We talk after 13 years of not speaking. Now it’s been 3 years of talking of and on. Maybe one day we will see each other again! Everyone should read the list to either be grateful for what you have or realize you are not where you need to be.

  3. Noor

    after reading these signs i came to know that i am mad about my husband. but he is may be not even interested in me

  4. Mark

    The girl I loved, passed away 2 years ago. She stayed with me even though my family made me move to california, & she was going to move her. She was smoking, & I tried to get her to stop, but she called me at 4:00 am, & I cried her chest was hurting. I told her to get to the hospital, but she didn’t. The police called me a week later from her town, asked me if they can break into her condo. I gave them the consent, & they called me back, she was dead from smoking. I miss her very much, & wish she was back.

  5. Babington F

    Intiutively,the list was extremely educative,non-obsolete and ofcourse spectacular.Big bravo to you for the guidance and indeed for individual mechanism for measuring his/her love for his/her hubby

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Upon reflection, I once was dating a guy who attempted to ” operate ” on my hand by pulling a steel splinter out of my finger with a pair of tweezers under a high intensity desk lamp.
    I guess that would come in under # 43 with the cleaning of the wound. LOL

    I say ” attempted ” because the splinter had broken off under the skin, as he dug deeper with the tweezers and hit blood, I noticed his face had turned a ghostly white because he admitted that he was afraid of the sight of blood….( big strapping guy that he was…..LOL ). I thought he was going to faint, so I finished up my little “operation ” myself. LOL LOL

    But his intentions and attempt were sweet.

    Nice list, Melody….sweet indicators of true affection and caring.

    and if anybody out there has a man that does ALL 50 of these things, I have but one question for you : Does he have a single , available brother or cousin ?????


  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    43. They will trim your hair, give you a manicure and clean your wounds.

    seriously ????
    Clean your wounds, maybe, if they have any medical training.

    But give you a manicure and trim your hair(?) ….only if they work in that related field.

    But,….this is a general list , if you have a partner that does 10, maybe 20, of these things you are doing well.

    I’m not keen with sharing bank account info or credit card info until you are married.

    The other things on the list are nice, loving, * indicators* of affection and caring.

    Have a nice holiday weekend everybody , enjoy and stay safe !!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Susan

    juat because someone loves you, doesn’t mean that you should be stupid enough to share your credit card and bank info. people say lots of things to get you to trust them, and if they are convincing enough, some unsuspecting person will fall for that act, and then be left with someone elses dept. i do not fel that this is good advice for anyone.

  9. Shanna mccauley

    Can you tell me why do Antonio Jones always do me the way he do me what did I ever do to him I don’t understand him . He have always done me wrong

  10. Pochy

    I am so lucky! My husband and I do all of those things and yes I am madly in love with him! Remember, if you love someone, be sure to tell them everyday. Material things don’t matter much, just love one another.

  11. P.C.Rao

    Absolutely true. One has to undergo all the above situations with the classifications given by the author. My greetings to the Author and the California Psychics for bringing out this.

  12. rockchic66

    he tells me all the time hes madly inlove with me.

    but I knew long b4 he told me.

    I am truly …madly…deeply…..in love with him.

    hes everything on this list………and a helluva lot more!

    all u guys n gals that think “it” will never happen to u…….think again.

  13. connie

    I ment a man just as described all these things he does for me seeing this list reminds me just how much he must love me and just how absolutely in love we are and how lucky I am thank you dennis and thank you California physics

  14. rox

    I don’t believe in love anymore after finding out that my husband having an affair with an married women.. He blames me..So love for me is none…

  15. Wafa

    I met this person who was Madely in love with me, he has most of these symptoms but suddenly went and get married to another woman!!

  16. left behind

    I feel this way and did alot of these things with the one I love. And he didn’t see it. Didn’t see how I truly loved him. And still do.till this day. He’s my soulmate my love and my heart. To love someone like this and them no longer love you back, hurts especially when you would do anything for them.

  17. Julie Nelson

    common Girls. Love yourself! you do not need anyone else to love you but God and yourself! concentrate on that and the rest will come I promise and it wont be shit, cause God does not bring shit into our lives. he only brings love and peace! so work on that girls.. work on that!

  18. Charmane

    I just met a guy online and he must do a least 20 if those things on the list what makes me sad is I was married for 15 years and he didn’t do any one of thelist

  19. LM

    Nice that someone does love me, and does many of these things on the list here, but this man doing these things is totally wrong for me, keeps doing these things, and driving a wedge even further in a basic friendship that was not meant to go farther. I believe I was sent / attraction for this person only to assist him be bigger / better person but truthfully it is severely not in my best interest.

  20. Sibila

    This list is a symphony of love consisting of so many little things
    as mother Theresa said: “There are no great deeds, only small
    ones but done with great Love.”
    Now, instead of contemplating and praying for a person like this
    to come along and bring us this kind of love, why don’t we be
    that person first?!
    Go out and love! Give all you can to someone without holding
    anything back!
    Can you do that???
    It’s so easy to sit around and wait for that ‘special someone’
    to come along and pour all our love on them. But what do we
    give to the people around us? If we give to all love, care, thoughtfulness
    and the best of ourselves, can you imagine how much love would flow
    back to us?
    So first be what you want to attract and everything will come back to you.
    Everyone is special on this earth and needs love.

    Love to all 🙂

  21. debbie

    note to self… if ur man ask u for 4 after two months of dating, run and run fast… he makes 4 times as much as me and now i am in dept of thousands cause of him… 🙁 never again!

  22. debbie

    I know there is a man that can and is willing to do all things… However, the one I had only wanted money when he came over… that’s sad…

  23. Allan

    Unfortunately i had most of those points , but with the wrong, person(wife) we suffered a lot along our long life, you know why ? because we are completely opposite, i am a man Pisces and she is Gemini, she never change or correct her behavior or thinking

  24. Debbie Lee Smith

    Wow. Sounds Great. But is it real. So many. I get alot. But there’s still wonder. Can such a person be so perfec. How bout posting 50 ways the man knows when there I true LOVE.

  25. Valerie

    Well it looks like I have never had someone who is deeply in love with me. They only want me because of my financial status <-that's sad 🙁

  26. Michelle smith

    I don’t know why I finally found a man like this and messed it up with my big mouth never Again will I feel a love like that

  27. madlyinlove

    Wow, this list is on point….My love does most of these and I too return them…..When he does these things I certainly could feel the love….Thank you for sharing this list, a beautiful confirmation….

  28. plg

    My boyfriend did’t do those out of 50 things . So i’m d one who love him , but he’s just playing with me. I’m very stupid. N I deserve that, I’m better to staying alone.

  29. Ashley

    I met my soulmate. We went through hell and back, I skipped out on my grduation because of him, but redeemed my-self. We were brought back together, and yes!, he did put a ring on it. Then he died, now what? I can”t love like that again.how?

  30. j.

    I think it’s important to keep in mind that people are different. Some MAY do some of these things; yes, they can be indicators, but some men I know wouldn’t ever do some of them and that is NOT an indication that they don’t care. It’s just not them, it’s not the way they behave. Don’t insist. Let them do what comes to them naturally. If they are trying to please you, to make you happy, appreciate that.

  31. SadAtHeart

    This list makes me sad because I haven’t experienced more than 1 or 2 of these things y anyone, yet I have felt these things for partners.

  32. leticia

    I am extremely happy with my husband he does many of the things in the list to make my life complete I tfy to do the same for him overall I think we are very fortunate to have each otherwe complement each other he is a sagitarious I am a leo thank you for the list.

  33. foxxey

    This is the coolest list my sweeter does most of these and especially looking deep into my eyes and I didn’t know why until now

  34. Kimberly

    Just read this via a friend and I have and do many things on this list…but he doesn’t…I do over ten of them….he doesn’t even do five

  35. sogo olu k

    Thanks so much…you are really the best….a lot of word you said…is all what that perfectly happening….one day I will find chance to tell you you are really appreciated….

  36. UMEANO



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