Do You Know The Power of Your Thoughts?

Your mind and thoughts are powerful influences on your life, mood, and how you live your life. Having a positive thought process, upbeat peace of mind, and good attitude will carry you far in life. This power can become contagious and influence those around just like negative thoughts, behavior, and influences can make your life difficult. Lets take a look at what makes our thoughts so powerful. Get personalized advice from a psychic!

What Comprises Your Reality?

In researching for a seminar I’m giving this weekend on the power of positive thought, I came across a video of a woman moving a robotic arm with her mind. It really struck me; we so often take for granted how powerful our thoughts truly are. Every day our thoughts tell our bodies to move. How much more then can we use our thoughts to manipulate our lives? Ask yourself, what comprises your reality? How did your relationship, your job or your financial situation become the way it is now? It started with your own thoughts.

“The mind is everything, what you think you become.” – Buddha

Do you doubt this? Let’s consider a woman, we’ll call her Jane, who keeps getting into unhealthy relationships. Over and over she repeats the pattern of becoming involved with men who are not good to her. On the outside,  she appears to be a happy, well-adjusted person. But in sitting down to have a conversation with her, she’ll refer to herself as a “magnet” for the wrong kind of guy. This is a self-fulfilling statement. Looking deeper, however, it’s apparent more is going on.

There are three beliefs that Jane holds which supports this “magnet” thought about her life. Belief number one is that she cannot be alone and be happy. Belief number two is that she does not deserve unconditional love. And belief number three is that others needs are more important than her own. The creation of these beliefs happened in childhood. Jane grew up as a child of codependent parents. As a result of this, she was conditioned to believe in order to be happy she needed to be in a relationship. Additionally, because of the nature of codependent relationships—if you do this for me, I will love you—she didn’t experience unconditional love. The way her inner child interpreted this reality was to feel she did not deserve unconditional love. And lastly, the pattern of codependency is to make your needs subjugated to the relationship. Hence, a belief developed that her needs were less important. Even though this thought of being a magnet needed to be reprogrammed, the underlying beliefs which supported this thought must also be removed. They work congruently, changing the outward thought will not help if the subconscious still holds the limiting beliefs.

Now, think about what limiting beliefs you hold about yourself. Want to know what you can do to identify and release those beliefs? Read on!

One way to identify limiting beliefs that I share with my clients is to visit your “belief pool” through mediation. Ask what beliefs you hold that no longer serve you, imagine those being brought to you, and release them by exploding them or sending them upwards wrapped in light. Then you replace that with an affirmation and a new healthy belief. In doing this, you will slowly begin to reshape your thoughts and, ultimately, your reality. Before you know it, you’ll be bringing things you want into your life as easily as the paralyzed woman has the robotic arm bringing her coffee.

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7 thoughts on “Do You Know The Power of Your Thoughts?

  1. Hasan

    The qestion of enmtiletent is moot. For no one is entitled to anything. A child is not entitled to care, a man is not entitled to work. There are no enmtiletents enshrined in life -though there are in law- we work, if we are successful we gain notice in our chosen fields. Some of those fields engender greater notice than others. Should we have to answer people in order to have them appreciate our work more? No. Would it be wise to do so? Yes. The cult of celebrity however is a different point, and one that should be vigorously argued against. True talent, (and whilst I recognise Mr Yorke is talented, I dispute the fact that he’s a visionary, he is just a good -if socially weak- musician) should be appreciated but not worshipped. The deification of fellow man is a sure sign of the calcification of society.We are human however, with all the weaknesses that brings. We crave acceptance and response, we need to be affirmed. When someone talented or famous -the two are often poles apart- deigns to notice us we naturally hold them in greater regard. Does this improve their work? No. Does this improve our perception of their work? Yes.Care is required in all things as we journey through our days. Avoiding the crass need for celebrity should be a subject taught from birth. Alas as we so often see; it isn’t.When the opposite of common sense prevails it’s time to run.

  2. Marcela

    Being an “artist” doesn’t give anyone a liscene to be an ass to the people who put them in a position where they’re able to live off their art. I understand that artists have demanding schedules, and obligations outside of spending time with their fans, but honestly if someone is going to put their creative work out there for people to enjoy you need to get over your shyness and insecurities, and be appreciative of the people who pay money to enjoy what they’ve created.I don’t agree with celebrities demanding of someone’s time like Thom Yorke. That’s stupid. However if Thom Yorke treats his fans the same way he treats celebrities then he’s unworthy of the position people have put him in.During 2010 Brandon Sanderson released a 300 page YA novel and two epic fantasy novels that were both well over a thousand pages. I emailed him around Christmas time. I never really expected him to respond. About three months later I got a response back from him. The first paragraph Mr. Sanderson apologized for not getting back to me in a more timely manner. As busy as the guy is he could have gotten back to me a year later and I would have been fine with it. I’ve also tweeted him a few times, asking him questions about writing, and he’s always responded with a day or so. I hold Brandon Sanderson in the highest regard not just because he’s one of the top fantasy writers of the modern ear, but because he’s so appreciative of his fan base. Another fantasy writer who I really appreciate for the way he connects with his fans is Pat Rothfuss. Usually once a month he takes one day and has a machine gun Q and A session. He just had one this past Monday. He spent the whole day answering whatever questions people submitted to his blog. The blog ended up with 923 comments of Pat and his fans conversing. I don’t believe an artist should become a slave to people, but he does owe people his appreciation. Who wants to make noise no one can hear, or wants to write words no one will ever read?

  3. -quinn ext. 5484

    “The mind is everything, what you think you become.” – Buddha

    beautiful article. so many are going to get such inspiration from your seminar.
    buddha bless,

  4. Jolene M. Bries-Jensen

    FANTASTIC article. If I can do it anyone can. Reike is an awesome first step in re-visualizing what you know you CAN do. Also, calling a California Psychic. I did two years ago & I didn’t think I was capable of anything without my husband. My company is taking off in a few weeks & I was just offered a PR job from a record label. I did the work but California Psychic’s planted the seed that I, by myself, was going to accomplish great things. BTW, I’ve been a housewife for 20 years with no work experience. The record label saw the drive in my eyes & new I needed to work for them. IT CAN BE DONE.


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