Your Relationship Toolkit

Tool Belts and Sewing Kits

As I ventured into relationships, one thing I realized was that many people did not come fully equipped or assembled. I thought to myself, Do I need to be a relationship MacGyver?

In this day an age with so much diversity in life penetrating its way to the dating mating realm we find ourselves making and taking choices with people that do not have their acts together.

I asked one woman what kind of person would she like and her answer was “one that is breathing.” That is just so wrong, and requires in the end a tool belt full of duct tape and more. It is very important to list the qualities you desire in a person. This way the universe knows exactly who to send you. I have also found that a big screwdriver is one of the most important tools in my belt, this way I can give as good or bad as I get. Some people I meet have a screw or nuts and bolts that are not in the right place or just loose. Moreover, have you noticed people do not come with instruction booklets? I wish I could shop for a mate at IKEA.

After paying my dues to the love gods – divorced and widowed more times than I would have liked, I truly believed that the next and last person I was to be with had all his nuts, bolts and screws in the right places and were fastened tightly. Boy was that a dream or fantasy or what? I must admit I love my husband and if all goes well he should be my forever after guy, I had my share of death till us part men, the good news is that I have been able to put the tool belt away and replace it with my sewing kit.

Our tool belts consist of:

1. Unconditional love

2. Money

3. All the right answers

4. Magical problem solving skills

5. Wisdom

6. Humor

7. Acceptance

8. Understanding

9. A big box of tissues

10. Knowledge of sports or fashion

11. ESP

12. Domestic God/Goddess skills

13. A tape measure and duct tape

14. Patches for every need – jealousy patches – not calling patches – tardy patches – baby mama drama patches – smoking patches – bad breath patches – attitude adjustment patches – how to please your mate sexually patches

15. GPS

16. A screwdriver with many different heads

Once your mate is assembled it is time to hang up the tool belt, but alas, you have to replace it with a sewing kit. This is of course much easier to carry about and comes in very handy for a quick fix.

Our sewing kit consists of:

1. Patience

2. Good listening skills

3. Understanding your partner sexually

4. The ability to save money for a rainy day

5. In-law skills

6. Multi-tasking

7. Lots of love

8. Truth

In the end, relationships should be fun and give peace of mind to lives. From time to time, there is always going to be “something” that will upset the flow, being prepared and knowing that perfection is only a word that last for a moment in time makes living with your lover a great experience.

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