Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid

Be Your Own Leader and Make Your Own Flavor

When I say, “Stop drinking the Kool-Aid,” I don’t mean the colorful, fruity-flavored stuff you shared with your childhood friends. I mean the stuff you get into with your friends when you’re older. From adolescence to adulthood many of us find ourselves hanging out in groups or with a certain bunch of friends who are of like minds. They can be our peers or even people we look up to and wish to emulate.

The Group Mentality

Groups, big and small, can have unwritten codes of conduct, rules about how to act, who to like, how to dress, who to talk to, and so on. It’s the Kool-Aid that has you thinking like the group, rather than freely expressing your individuality. For instance, high school can be a time when you’re getting your first real taste of the Kool-Aid by belonging to a clique, such as the jocks, the geeks, the socialites, or the “Heathers,” the mean girls of cult classic fame who ruled their school through intimidation. You realize early on that groups can be far more influential than individuals. But the Kool-Aid can come from any group or ultra-influential person who shapes our actions at any time in our lives.

Having that group to rely on can be comforting at times and frustrating at others, just like any family. And not everyone thrives in a group environment. Certainly, if you are an individual-type person, you will have little patience for the group mentality, especially a clique like the “Heathers.” If you find yourself moving away from the Kool-Aid, if you’ve grown tired of the flavor of the month, maybe it’s time to make your own Kool-Aid.

You can’t fully know who you are and all you that you can be if you live your life through others. Being part of other people’s dramas leaves you little time to deal with self. You have to find your own path in life, something that is completely your own. Build your confidence and gain your independence. When it calls to you, begging to be explored, you will begin to experience some big changes. Sometimes it’s not so easy, but very few things in life that are worth it ever are.

“Make note of your intuitive responses and see how often they bear true. With time, you will come to understand that that still, inner voice can be trusted.” – Psychic Aurora ext. 5365

Be Your Own Leader

It takes a personal leap of faith to separate from the all-powerful Kool-Aid punchbowl. You may at times feel alone or even alienated during this transition, but don’t let feelings of doubt deter you. Remind yourself to consistently tap into that initial spark of inspiration. The motivation to be an individual gets continually stronger and the need to be identified as part of the group will wane. When you stop drinking the group Kool-Aid and learn how to make your own, you can be confident that your soul is expanding. Be guided by spirit. Don’t be afraid. Have confidence and be your own leader. Make your own Kool-Aid and savor the flavor.

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9 thoughts on “Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid

  1. Mark Taylor UK

    Oh Heck Gina, now you got me on the back heel !!! I did wonder if people read these for real and now I feel empowered to continue and be honest! Hello America, England is cold and snowy, but we have four seasons, a bit like life, but every year!!! Some one once said to me Winter is spring resting awaiting it’s time and nourishing it self, it has changed my perspective on life, we too have those moments, we don’t have delays we have opportunities to evaluate, rest, and plan and then flower. I do believe in the work you all do over there, keep up the effort, it is enjoyable to read and take comfort in knowing you are helping, guiding and healing. 🙂

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  3. Gina Rose ext.9500GIna Rose ext.9500

    Hi Mark Taylor in UK,

    Well said !!!!!

    I agree, it wasn’t always easy for me either…..but it was worth it because I did not run with any clique or follow group mentality , I now ” know who I am “.

    I read your postings by the way,…. look forward to them.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose

  4. Mark Taylor UK

    Interseting what Gina Rose stated, I have always felt the need to be an individual, I realsied at an early age I was to strong to be in a clique and not a natural leader, it is only by treading a lonely and often hard path that I found out who I realy am and expanded my spiritual self, I look back now and realsie the people I do identify with are those who are on that journey or those who say to me do you realise what you have achieved? was it the big house? the car? the status? No neither of those, I achieved a strong sense of right and wrong, the desire to help others and please, the belief in never give up and weaken by joining the clique, that alone achieved me a status or surving trauma’s pain and grief and dissapointments, I grew spiritually and earned my wings! I have the love of my friends and family and respect. Respect is earned not bought, So in years of looking for approval, I realsied I did not need the approval of the group mentality, I earned it the right way, by being myself!

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Also, successful people will tell you that on occassion, they might, at times, listen to their peers or others but ultimately will follow their own heart and intuition and usually will not be found following any group mentality. They are also not influenced by cliques.

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This is one of the best articles I’ve read to date……

    Maybe it’s because I was an only child, maybe it’s because I was raised and mentored by a famous psychic, maybe I’m just stubborn…..

    but….I’ve been successful, in this field AND in other career fields as well, BECAUSE I didn’t follow the ” group mentality “.


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