Get What You Want and Get It Now

Eight Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

If you could have anything you wanted in this world, what would you wish for? It doesn’t matter. If you understand how the universe works, you can have what you want. NOW is the keyword, and it’s all about the difference between vague hope and concentrating efforts into single action moments. If you take these 8 steps, you can manifest your dreams as you desire.

1. First, be careful what you wish for. This takes thought, energy and attitude. You will bring what you want to yourself. Wishing for that to-die-for guy across the way? Is he worth having? Lusting for a big, gorgeous house? What if it meant losing old friends? Actions have consequences. Think before you grab.

2. Make a plan. The difference between a wish and a plan is writing it down. What must you do to achieve your desire? Write it down in living color, everything spelled out. Head the page, “I will make this happen right now.”

3. Live in the moment. Embrace all tasks completely. Keep mind, spirit, and energy focused. You’ve heard this—a child is pinned under a car. Two bystanders see they must do something right now. As one, they move forward, grab the bumper, and lift that car right off the child. How? No one can tell you, but I swear it’s about focus and the will to succeed in the moment. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

“The trick is to stay focused on what you asked for in a light, easy, gentle way, encouraging your intuition to guide you to what you might need to do physically to help with your manifestation.” – Giselle ext. 5220

4. Let go of baggage. Forget could have, should have. Live right now. Keep your energy in the present and let go of things that don’t help: Bad relationships, toxic job situations, past criticism, yesterday’s failure. Learn from them, then let them float quietly away. You don’t need them.

5. Create new messages. Tiny inner voices tell us how we’re doing. If your messages are stuck, clean your mental house. Shut off tired refrains like you’ll never measure up, you aren’t good enough, or you’re unworthy. Create new messages: Expend enough effort, and you can be anything. You own the collective knowledge of the Universe and you’re willing to tap in, right now.

6. Recognize success. Know that what you receive may not be what you thought you wanted. What you really want or need will manifest, but it may not be what you think you’re ready for. Be aware—don’t overlook gifts that come to you.

7. Be gentle. This isn’t about control, it’s moving forward on a path to your dream, one now at a time. Concentrate your energies. Open yourself to rewards, and never worry about how or why. When you try to wrestle fate into submission, you’ll make sad mistakes.

8. Believe. Consider Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Warren Buffet, or Oprah Winfrey. Did they start out any differently from you? No, they had average beginnings, but each turned dreams to reality by using each moment to its highest purpose. You can model such behavior.

The past and the future are out of your reach, spend your effort in manifestations of this moment. What you do right now creates success. That understanding allows you to overcome obstacles and create whatever you desire. If you could have anything, what would you wish for?

“My advice is to set goals in steps.” – Blythe ext. 5339

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6 thoughts on “Get What You Want and Get It Now

  1. Valicious Moulton

    Dear Sir,
    It is a great pleasure for me to extand my best of greetings to you, many thanks.
    I am a liberian, is it possible for someone who is outside the U S A?

  2. aregbe

    i strongly agree with this pieces of paragraphy,but i wil like to conclude by say a person should picture the vision of his or her future because the picture the individual sees is what he or her will become.

  3. NK

    Taryn: Thank you for such a beautiful and motivational post. Point 6 Is new to me, and I sure will incorporate it into my success map. Thanks once again and bless!

  4. drsonshineDr. Son

    Unless you have a goal or desire then what will you end up with? Decide what you want and take it one step at a time. One day at a time until you are ready to go further with your goal. It is best to see what is closer to achieve inthe future than too far ahead. Be well.


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