Staying Grounded: How to Balance Your Root Chakra

Staying Grounded: How to Balance Your Root Chakra | California Psychics

What is the Root Chakra?

The contemporary concept of the chakra system traces its origins to the traditions of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. There are seven main chakras, and they are seen as the focal energy centers in the body. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit and means “wheel.” In a balanced system, energy cycles into and out of the body, traveling through the chakras.
The Root Chakra is the first main chakra in the system. It is your foundation, where energy enters and exits. It extends from the base of your spine through the tailbone. The Root Chakra correlates to the adrenal system, it is where your fight-or-flight response gets activated. This chakra is also a part of the earth’s energy cycle: all food starts in some connection with the earth, eventually, your body will consume and process food (physically through the Root Chakra), back to the earth to begin the cycle again. Just as you trust that there will be more nourishment to begin this cycle again, you need to release stress, tension, and that which you cannot hold, trusting that the Universe will provide, that things will work out, and the cycle will begin again. This means that the Root Chakra is deeply connected to our understanding of our bodily needs for food, sleep, a sense of safety, and movement.

Warning Signs That Your Root Chakra is Blocked

When your Root Chakra is out of balance or blocked you can feel unstable. You might question or undermine your worth, find it difficult to focus, or act from a reactive space rather than a centered space. This imbalance may be caused by overactivity or stagnation of energy. Signs that your Root Chakra is out of balance include hoarding resources or being afraid that you will not have enough, an inability to set boundaries, disordered eating, depression, anxiety about basic needs (food, shelter, security), feeling a lack of support from family, feeling disconnected from the body, or fear of change.

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Practices to Balance Your Root Chakra

Grounding is an important way to activate your Root Chakra and to bring the flow of energy closer to balance. Grounding is a practice of bringing the mind and body into alignment with the present moment, the here and now. It also involves tapping into the energy and pull of the earth and anchoring yourself down into that planetary pulse. Grounding serves as a reminder to utilize your outward energy channel, activating your outlet to release what you no longer need to hold or what you cannot hold. This helps to prevent overload and overwhelm.

Technically, anything that makes you feel grounded, or gives you the feeling that your mind and body are aligned with the here and now, is helping you to ground into and balance your Root Chakra. Some practices to try to bring your Root Chakra into balance are:

  • Putting your bare feet on the earth
  • Spending time under the moon
  • Tuning into your breath and the feeling of your feet on the floor
  • Spending time naked
  • Meditating with your focus on the base of your spine and pelvis in connection with the surface beneath you.

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Additionally, inhaling earthy scents such as cinnamon, ginger, lavender, cedar, sandalwood, or frankincense can help to balance your Root Chakra. Furthermore, because the Root Chakra is associated with red, wearing red clothing, and eating naturally red produce as well as produce that grows underground, like root vegetables, can help you restore balance to your Root Chakra.

Crystals That Balance the Root Chakra

The following stones are all crystals or stones associated with the Root Chakra:

  • Jasper
  • Clear Quartz
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Hematite
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Lava/Basalt
  • Bloodstone

Keeping any of these stones near your body, wearing them, holding them, looking at them, and otherwise engaging with them directly can help you bring balance to your Root Chakra. An especially potent way to absorb the energy of the crystal or stone into your Root Chakra is to meditate while holding the stone, or even better, while laying down with the stone atop your low pelvis, over your Root Chakra.

Mantras for Root Chakra Balance

The sound “oh,” held long and resonating deeply, creates a sense of release in the body and can help facilitate letting go of tension and stress and returning to a grounded sense of self. Additionally, naming the abundance in your life and the ways that your needs are already being met can help to balance the Root Chakra. Start by saying “I have…” and then list the stable resources you have access to and that which is plentiful in your life. List as many things as you can think of and try to get present with feelings of gratitude and stability. Focusing on what you do have helps you to live in a place of abundance rather than scarcity. This makes it easier to release and trust that you will again receive.

Exercises for Balancing the Root Chakra

Exercises that promote balance are good for grounding through the Root Chakra. These include Root Chakra-focused yoga, tai chi, qi gong, walking along a balance beam or a slackline, standing stretches, and any other physical activity that places your focus on balance.

Keeping Your Balance

Keeping your Root Chakra balanced will help you stay grounded in your everyday life. It is the foundation of your entire chakra system, so when it feels off-center, so does the rest of you. So when you feel off-center, add in one or two of these grounding meditations, or speak to one of our psychics to find out what would best benefit you.

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