The Best Book Genres for Each Zodiac Sign

The Best Book Genres for Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Signs of a Good Book

Do you love a good book? Then you’re in good company because just about everyone in the zodiac has a favorite book or ten. Each sign might favor one genre of books or several.

Astrology is known for its ability to pinpoint personality traits, and in this case, these traits can reveal the types of reading material each zodiac sign might be inclined to read. Your sun sign is the best place to start, and then check your moon and rising sign descriptions to see more of what your favorite kinds of books may well be. Here is a list of the best book genres for each zodiac sign.

Zodiac Page-turners

Aries – Action, and Adventure

The Ram adores imagining themselves as the action hero in every scenario, and they love to read stories that let their inner fantasies come alive. Exciting books about fighting zombies, swashbuckling pirates, winning warriors, and other larger-than-life heroic adventures are sure to get the fiery Martian’s adrenaline pumping.

Taurus – Mystery, Comedy, and Cookbooks

The Bull will stick with something until they figure it out, and the more puzzling it is, the better, which is why mystery books intrigue them. These Venusians also love comedy, including comics, especially of the absurd variety, and strive to be good cooks, so books about these topics are also in the pile, right next to their midnight snacks, on the nightstand next to their big, warm, comfy bed.

Gemini – Science and Short Stories

The Twins are smarties, and they love books on scientific topics many would never even crack open, let alone understand. But part of the Geminian genius is being able to study things others might find confusing and make sense of it. Mercurians are curious and adore quick reads, so they favor all kinds of topics in short stories as well.

Cancer – Family, Home Improvement, and Historical Memoir

Family is of key importance to the Crab, and keeping a nice home is part of that, so expect to see Moon Children always keeping a home improvement guide or two around, along with any number of family-oriented books on raising children or caring for adult family members. And they love to relax by reading about the past, so they seek out historical memoirs to relive what may feel like past lives to them.

Leo – Celebrity Autobiographies and Drama

Every Big Cat loves to see themselves as a glamorous star and relish reading juicy celebrity autobiographies. They might even have a rather grand library collection of them! Lions are also fond of good drama, and it shows in the best-selling books they select. The sun-born will pay for leatherbound books with gold edges because they must have the finest of everything.

Virgo – Non-Fiction and Psychology

The Virgin prefers that which is factual, which is why they favor non-fiction books because they want to learn from what they read. They also have the strength and humility to read psychology/self-help books if they feel the need. The Mercury-ruled see the sense in knowing how to help themselves and others as well.

Libra – Romance and Poetry

Loving Librans have a soft spot for the lovelorn, and they adore romance stories that end up with happily ever after scenarios. They love to fall in sweet, passionate, romantic love while they read. They aren’t usually too enamored with the dirty stuff because they fall much harder for the storybook kind of love. Poetry can also set their Venusian hearts aflutter.

Scorpio – True Crime, Thrillers, and Horror

If it has blood, Scorpions are interested. They love the murdery kind of true crime because to them, gruesome horror is good. But it’s better if the macabre is based on facts; they like it real. The intrigue of finding out what really went down in a thriller entices these natural detectives. Plutonians are incredibly intuitive and tend to know the outcome long before they finish reading the book but getting there is so much fun.

Sagittarius – Philosophy and Humor

The Archer may be fun-loving, but they also enjoy feeding their inner wisdom, and delight in reading about philosophy. The ever-cheerful Jupiterian might make wisecracks about it, but they have a yen for higher learning. They are also delighted by humor-based books, and they don’t mind the saucier kind of funny.

Capricorn – Finance, Money, Investments, and Satire

If it has to do with money and managing it, the Sea-Goat will read it. Any wealth-based book that will help them do better in their investments, stocks, and financial growth will be on their bookshelf. Saturnians also have an innate understanding of satire and appreciate the sardonic humor in it, for they tend to look at life with a wry eye.

Aquarius – Science Fiction and Paranormal

The Water Bearer is among the most curious of cats and will venture into just about any book if it will help them learn what they must know about every topic imaginable. And the farther afield of what is considered “normal” is most preferred. Fascinating science fiction helps fill that bill. Uranians tend to be visionary and quite psychic and are also very interested in reading all kinds of books about the paranormal.

Pisces – High Fantasy, Spirituality, and Mysticism

The Fish delights in the magical energy of high fantasy including wizards, witches, and dragons, and visualize themselves performing as many of the characters in each story they read. Neptunians are naturally intuitive, so books about spirituality and mysticism are also alluring to them, for they continually seek further development of their psychic gifts to help them become one with the Divine.

The Best Book Genres for Each Zodiac Sign Infographic

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