Soul Retreat

Your Soul Needs to Get Away for a While!

Many of us frequently need to “get away from it all” as a result of our daily, weekly and monthly routines. If you have been feeling run down lately, burnt out from endless work hours and if you have been burning the candle at both ends, you really need to take a break. Think of it as a time out for yourself and a smart way to keep your spiritual, mental and physical health at an optimal level.

Think you can’t physically escape your situation? Believe it or not, you can. You may have to stay in your home town and it won’t totally feel like a vacation in Maui, but these tips can help you rejuvenate your soul and offer you a much-needed spiritual escape.

Take 10 to 20 Minutes a Day

It may not seem like much, but if you set aside 10 to 20 minutes for yourself, every single day, you will feel mentally healthier. Give yourself a special place to be with your thoughts or choose a place to empty your mind and commit to being there every day. Make sure it is quiet and free of distractions such as any background noise (TVs, ringing phones, etc.). If you can find somewhere nearby that is outdoors, you will really be giving your soul time to repair and relax.

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Be One With Nature

When you are feeling highly stressed, find your way outdoors. Even if you work in an office in the heart of downtown, find a way to nature. It could be the mini-garden in the courtyard just outside your office building or a park with benches to sit on. Being outdoors can allow you to reconnect with your soul and who you really are. Sunshine also helps our mood and being away from your desk, colleagues and boss will do wonders.

Exercise for the Soul

Exercise may seem like it is all about physical fitness and health, but it also improves our mental health. Next time you feel like you need an escape, go for a walk with a friend, a jog by the river, join an aerobics class or just stroll peacefully along the beach. Your soul will love you for it.

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Turn to Religion

If you are religious, sometimes turning to your church, temple or other place of worship can be really helpful when it comes to giving your soul a time out. You can focus on your spiritual self instead of all the worries you get caught up in on daily basis. Sometimes people turn to religion even when they are not religious and find relief. Do what feels right for your soul.

Cleanse Your Soul

Take some time to get rid of all the negativity that may be keeping your soul from reaching higher levels of spiritual understanding. Write down all of your negative thoughts and feelings and do not edit any of your words. Then burn them (safely), rip them up or flush them down the toilet. You have no use for negativity in your life and your soul can only be enlightened and cleansed when surrounded by love and positivity.

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3 thoughts on “Soul Retreat

  1. Marc from the UK

    I like to think I practice these, however I am human and I do have days where I feel give me a break and a glass of vino work as well !! lol

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    These are great tips !!!!

    Thank You, Natasha.

    As a longtime career psychic, I’ve practiced these tips daily for years.

    They really do work and lead to less stress, better sleep, and, basically, are good aids in assisting the mind, body, & spirit to work together in HARMONY.


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