Unusual Places to Meet a New Partner

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Meet a New Partner

Meeting a new partner is difficult. If you’re not open to online dating, getting outside your comfort zone to meet people can be a real hurdle. The good news is that your greatest obstacle to meeting someone new is probably your own fear. It’s the fear of trusting your own creativity to discover new ways to meet a partner. Allow us to help get your creative juices flowing by suggesting a few unusual places you may not have thought of before.

Dog Yoga Class

Yoga classes are a great place to meet new people, but they aren’t all that unusual. Going to a dog park is also a great place, particularly because animals make great ice breakers, and they also have the unique ability to make almost anyone more approachable. Perhaps the best of both worlds is to combine the two into a class that guarantees you will at least have two things in common with just about anyone you meet.

Burning Man

Retreats are commonly used to get singles out of their usual circles to meet new people. The problem with circles is they are stagnant and inhibit your ability to challenge the norm and discover another side of yourself. The annual Burning Man event held in Reno, Nevada, is an exercise in creativity, self-restraint, humanity and charity. This is not your typical retreat, as the attendants are generally less guarded, which can be rather refreshing when you’re used to the bar scene where almost nobody is completely honest about who they are. Retreats are such great places to make connections because the bonds created from honesty are always stronger than those created out of deceit.

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Food Vendors

Coffee shops and restaurants are one way to meet new people. However, you are also sectioned off in your own booths, leaving you unable to navigate the scene. A street vendor breaks down these personal barriers that normally leave you quarantined behind the boundaries of a table. There is a reason why Wal-Mart is one of the most popular destinations on Craigslist to find your “Missing Connection,” and that is because you are constantly moving and running into new faces. A food vendor gives you that same freedom of movement, and considering that most people tend to be regulars, you will have multiple chances to get the courage to approach someone.

Your Own Home

When people think of meeting new people, it is not often that their own home comes to mind. However, if you think about it, what better place to find love than the place where you are most comfortable. The idea here is to invite your closest friends to your home, and open the invitation for them to bring their own close friends, and suddenly you have a room full of people who have already been pre-approved by all the people you trust the most.

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Beauty Salon/Spa

A beauty salon/spa is a place where both men and women can enjoy the same common interest of health and well-being. One of the biggest problems with meeting someone at a grocery store or coffee shop is that these people are usually in a hurry or have other things on their mind. When people are relaxed and happy, they are more open to the possibility of having a new experience. As a bonus, a recent study suggests that the more hair a guy has on his body, the more intelligent and highly educated he will be. This means that if you hang out next to the waxing station, you might actually have your best chance of finding Mr. Right. Okay, so I don’t really believe that, but that bit of trivia might make a great icebreaker while you’re there.

Ghost Investigations/Tours

Joining a painting or aerobic class is another highly recommended place for singles to meet new people. The problem with places like these is that you may be in a group, but you are also separated by your individual focus. A better group event is one that forces you to pair up with people and work together as a team. This is one of the best ways to get to know people as they are, and not how they want you to see them. Catching people off guard is one of the best ways to cut past the dating game and get right down to the substance of the soul.

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7 thoughts on “Unusual Places to Meet a New Partner

  1. Lisa

    Don’t be sad Harold…..being alone is better than being with someone and alone or miserable; as my friend’s father often said, better off properly shot than poorly wed.
    Be happy; happiness will draw a more positive person to you than sadness or pity…..


    I agree with the comments below. It does not necessary means you find someone, it
    does not work. If it did, it would not take half of my life time to fine a life partner.
    Which is really hard to find. They either are not established and in there 50’s (any age).
    or looking for a meal ticket. Everybody keeps telling me you’ll find that life partner, but
    I’ve been told this all of my life so it is hard to keep hoping. I tend not to believe
    it anymore.

  3. Dawn

    Well all these hangouts don’t work that well….I think what the Love Physic should do is allow us each to ask 1 free question we’d like answered by him.Not all things work for everyone….So is it a yes Love Physic????


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