Soul Check: 5 Signs You Need Some Soul Rejuvenation

Your Soul Needs a Tune-Up

Life is full of challenges, moments and situations that deplete us, physically, mentally and emotionally. But these same experiences also deplete our souls. It’s important to recognize the signs of a depleted soul, so we’ve outlined a few of them here for you. Are you in need of some soul rejuvenation?

You Feel Tired all the Time

Sometimes we get so spiritually tired that no mater how many hours of sleep we clock in, we always feel exhausted. If you find yourself constantly battling fatigue throughout your day, even when you’re getting a healthy amount of sleep, odds are you’re emotionally and spiritually depleted to the point that it’s affecting your physical state. It’s time for some soul revival!

Your Feel Hopeless

No one should be in a state of hopelessness for any length of time. When you become depressed about your life and can’t see a way out, you have lost any positive outlook! Life is full of wonderful surprises and even when things are at their worst, there are invariably better times somewhere up ahead. If you cannot break free from the negative thoughts that breed feelings of hopelessness, then you are in great need of some soul recharging!

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You Feel Anxious all the Time

Stress is an inescapable part of life, and certain lifestyles expose us to more stress than others. Regardless of the stress level, how we manage that stress makes all the difference. If you don’t learn how to manage life’s pressures well, you will develop anxiety, which can lead to high blood pressure, ulcers and even mental and emotional breakdowns. At this point you need to look into some soul rejuvenation before your anxiety becomes more destructive.

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You’re Feeling Numb

If you’ve been exposed to traumatic events recently that have left you with a general lack of emotional response, your soul’s well-being has been severely compromised. Life is meant to be felt and emotionally experienced. If you have built a wall inside of you between your emotions and the outside world, then it’s time to work on healing those wounds so you can be open again to feeling all that life has to offer.

You Don’t Get Excited About Life

While it’s important to be realistic about life and its highs and lows, if you find yourself feeling jaded and always expecting the worst outcome, then your soul is sorely in need of a pick-me-up! No matter how old you are or what you’ve been through, always allow yourself to be excited about life as it keeps your spirit happy and young. If you’ve forgotten how to do this, it’s soul rejuvenation time!

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6 thoughts on “Soul Check: 5 Signs You Need Some Soul Rejuvenation

  1. Anne

    I too, have and am still experiencing all these things, 50 lbs of weight loss, severe depression to the point feeling suicidal, a divorce, some deaths in the family and the loss of a much loved pet. Its been soo hard on me emotionally and spiritually. The only advice I can give, is find support wherever you can. Therapy, church, antidepressants if needed (as in my case). Lots of self pampering such as massages, etc. Im considering emotional touchpoint therapy too to help release negative energy. In other words, ladies, fight back!!!! You are worth it. Practice being grateful for whatever you can. Pray. Sing. Take long hot soaks. Whatever gets you through. Know you are loved. I’m not where I want to be yet, but Im working on it everyday. God bless.

  2. Stephanie W

    I have had so much happen in my life that I have lost 40 lbs in 2 months. My doctor ran a whole bunch of test but I am not ill. I lost the weight because of stress. I have tried to be cheerful and happy but it isn’t working I feel depressed and don’t care about anything. I find no joy in anything. How do you do a soul rejuvenation?
    What can I do to feel a happy emotion again? I don’t see any thing getting better anytime soon.

  3. Michelle

    I have been living in this state far to long! I feel as if there is some kind of blockage in my life. Whether it is my own doing or not im not sure. I just know that ive lost 22 pounds in 5 or 6 months and am to thin and not healthy at all. How do I pull myself out of this depression and state of mind?

  4. Robin Bednarczyk

    Good article but I KNOW all this, I just don’t know HOW to change it. I guess I would google “soul rejuvenation”, right? I desperately need whatever this is.

  5. Carolina

    This is exactly how I feel at this present moment. I just don’t know how. I don’t have powers to do that. I feel that I will be better in the spiritual world than on earth is boring everyday and pointless everyday.

  6. shekhar banerjee

    Thanks for the list of symptoms that tell us whether we need a soul rejuvenation or not. So I find most of the symptoms occurring in me. But I am still not earning and am somehow not sure of starting to earn very soon. so can you please help me rejuvenate my soul at the earliest. once I start earning, I promise to pay you the charges at the earliest. Have a nice day! Bye


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