Your Weekend Forecast for October 25 – 27, 2013

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You got just one week left to get all the Halloween decorations and costumes together. The children are waiting not-so-patiently to attack the bags of candy shoved in the kitchen cabinets. Your ability to ignore the desire to indulge in all the sugary fancies is harder than you think with the Cancer Moon on Friday and the Leo Moon slipping into place on Saturday. The emotional energy bounces from “I want” to “I have to have.” It’s also a wonderful weekend to indulge in a some personal pampering.


Always thinking keeps the new ideas flowing. You fight the emotional moon’s energy with a stronghold on what you want to do this weekend. Saturday and Sunday are excellent days to shed light on others.


There is a soft pulsation as the watery moon allows you to flow more freely than you have in a long time. You are comfortable and start the next few days feeling quite good. Accomplishing your goals brings you satisfaction.


Getting everyone in your circle up and at ’em is the way of the world for you, my dear Gemini—especially this weekend. You are the one who is fanning the flames as you watch those you love discover new and exciting experiences. Turn down the fan when you want everyone to simmer.


With strength and determination, you proceed in getting your way, which proves to be the best for everyone. Keep your ideas simple. That way, your spending won’t get out of hand. The plans for upcoming events go smoothly.


Your crafty skills are put to the test. Getting your children ready for Halloween parties and keeping within the autumn theme produces some incredible products and baked goods. You love your home and family, and it surly shows.


Let go of your uptight attitude and go with the natural flow of nature—it is free of charge. A loan you made out of the goodness of you heart and that has been lingering unpaid with excuses finally comes back to you. Next time a contract in writing will serve you better.


The reflection of the water gives you lovely colors to work with. Your heart is full of joy but you have trouble expressing yourself and feel frustrated. Do not push. Do not pull. Relax, find your innate balance and be happy.


It is your time to shine, so come out of your dark place and look to the sun. You will not evaporate! The night time suits you but there is so much do in the next few days that you have to get busy. Enjoy the grounded vibrations and know there are no mistakes in your world this weekend.


With all the water and the fire from the Leo Moon, you find this to be a very steamy weekend. Passions run high and there is a lot of loving to be had. Keep your focus on what matters most, enjoy the warmth and be good to those your love as well as yourself.


Taking some new pictures has you all excited. There is a big change that is occurring in your life and the next few days off help you to put together what has to go out the door. Remember, you cannot keep everything. Letting go makes room for new things and helps you to organize.


A shopping trip is in order and you could not be happier about it. Friends take you to lunch and a movie after walking around the mall most of the day on Saturday. On Sunday you get to kick back and look at your splendid finds.


Loving all the water vibrations puts you at ease and in your element. The warm energy of the Leo Sun adds a playful touch, making this a productive weekend. Enjoying the company that has traveled to visit with you highlights your artistic side. Enjoy the cooking and picture taking— oh the memories.

11 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for October 25 – 27, 2013

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Stephen Edwards October 25, 2013 at 7:33 pm
    I wish somebody would answer my question that I sent in. I wanted to know if the lady I met just wants me to pay her bills or does she want me for who I am as a whole person?

    hi there Stephen,
    to ask that question you are feeling as if she might not be honest in her desire for a healthy relationship. that is a red flag indeed.
    keep moving forward there will be a woman who wants you for you.
    have a great week,

  2. Stephen Edwards

    I wish somebody would answer my question that I sent in. I wanted to know if the lady I met just wants me to pay her bills or does she want me for who I am as a whole person?

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Geeta October 25, 2013 at 8:47 am
    Thanks for these weekend forecasts. In the Pisces prediction, you talk of Leo sun, but I know that sun is in Scorpio now, so what do you mean by Leo Sun making this a productive weekend?

    hi getta, you are so right… my bad, it was it should read Leo moon…
    thanks for catching it.
    have a productive weekend.

  4. Bella

    Sorry ms Quinn “” love ya “” it’s raining in sunny California lol lol .. It’s beautiful where I am @ / live @ it’s just gorgeous .. Have a great weekend my weekend warrior lol .. Your so funny 2 .. Your right your job is never done lol I really do appreciate you FYI you can be so sweet & silly sometimes but I get it lol haha lol … I know this is why I said back on monday I was being good & NO MA’MA I was quiet as a mouse @ the Hosp even my nurses said I was quieter than usual yes / no answers asked me what I was really up 2 lol .. A shout out 2 my nurses oh 5 green rower I turned them on 2 y’all 2 … But / so NO MA’MA it’s NOT me ” it lies with not so bright folks who lose custody of their children IN COURT / jail & then turn around & ask me what happened ??? “” ‘ so this is why I was PUT / putting myself in a time out this weekend I’m just gonna rest up from my surgery chill out … L O L , all my warmest wishes 2/ 4 you / yours … Love ya Xoxoxo your dearest Bella 😉

  5. Geeta

    Thanks for these weekend forecasts. In the Pisces prediction, you talk of Leo sun, but I know that sun is in Scorpio now, so what do you mean by Leo Sun making this a productive weekend?

  6. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    happy Friday bloggers….
    looking forward to an excellent weekend, even if it rains 🙂
    I am working tonite and all weekend so I will be here to read and post to your comments. just keep in mind if you write over the weekend the comments don’t show up until Monday, so please check back to see what the flow of conversation is.

    much appreciation,

  7. Leonard Morgan

    Thank You for your email’s… Interesting & enjoyable… I am discouraged Because I Saved American Navy Men’s Lives in USAF 1953, and yet it caused a Disability to my Health condition ringing in the ears, Hearing, Tinnitus, Asthma, Balance, Walking and Standing not good… and Nita Lowey Recommended me for Medal of Honor 1998 for Saving Navy Men’s Lives too, But I am being deliberately Cheated from the Medal of Honor and Disability Compensation Funds Owed to me, Because Nita Lowey Recommendation was sent to the PENTAGON, USAF Office, where they Found I Was The One ON DUTY AND SAVED THOSE NAVY MEN’S LIVES WHEN THEIR SHIP SANK, HOWEVER, IT WAS APPARENTLY THE PENTAGON NAVY ADMIRAL THAT COVERED UP THAT NAVY SHIP SINKING INCIDENT, BECAUSE IT WAS DUE TO A MISTAKE MADE…FROM A RUSSIAN NAVY SHIP REGARING IT…BUT I AM ALSO CHEATED OUT OF APPROX. HALF MILLION DOLLARS USAF CONNECTED DISABILITY COMPENSATION. WHY?

  8. Bella

    Thank you ms Quinn , I don’t know how our Capricorn horoscopes applies 2 me on a personal note .. No new pictures of me I don’t take them lol lol … I’ve already cleaned out my new house , got rid of a lot of old stuff … & I let go of jc … FYI he’s moved on & we’ll before 2 as it never was 2 … Anyway I hope you have a great weekend I love this time of year it’s my favorite time of the year .. ((((Ms.quinn)))) xoxoxo life ya … 🙂 bella


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