Red Responds: Get Angry to Find Happiness

It’s Okay to Get Mad and Get What You Want

Anna from Arlington asks:

Hi Red, I would love it if you could take some time and write how to stay positive after years of waiting for the change to come while being penny-less, jobless and on the brink of another eviction. I am writing to you because I feel less and less hope and my negativity is growing, instead of shrinking (well, anger and fury and jealousy and exhaustion). All that is a result of waiting and waiting and waiting for things to turn around. I keep reading a lot of clever and wise advice on how to attract abundance, love, peace and how to add to my skills and experience. More often, I just get furious after reading another confession of a person who managed to overcome the darkness. I get furious, because I thought I was working hard on that. Despite my hopes being so high, and despite reassurances of really great psychics that it was just around the corner… I still am waiting for all this change to come. In the meantime, I am penny-less, jobless and again on the brink of another eviction. Your suggestions and advice would be highly appreciated. 

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Anna,

The world—energetically speaking—is in a really funky place right now, and it’s affecting all of us. Some of us are just getting kicked in harder in the teeth than others. Many people, including you, seem to be getting kicked repeatedly. I am seeing so many “so close” moments around you over the past eight months that it’s not even funny. It’s as if many opportunities for change—people, jobs, things—that looked like they were yours, should have been yours (from a psychic perspective), just fell into the void at the last second. I’ve gotta say, Anna, it’s pretty messed up. To make matters worse, it doesn’t look like you are the cause of this or are screwing up… anymore. You used to, and there was some karmic debt there, but you have changed and the debt has been paid. While there are still moments when you will feel and experience the residual energy from your past, the residuals really don’t look like they have any true power to hold you back or keep you down, because everything I’ve got is screaming that you are on the brink of serious and positive changes.

All that you have learned and implemented is working for you. Like I said, you’ve changed. You also look like you have a much clearer understanding of the Universal Law, and the impact of application and manifestation, including the Laws of Attraction. But here’s something that the books, the videos and the gurus won’t tell you: It’s okay to get pissed. It’s just not okay to stay that way. Everyone teaches and preaches the light-and-fluffy, and that’s good! But so very few want to put their necks out there when it comes to the darker side of the negative. Most everything you come across will tell you to “let go” of the negative stuff, which you absolutely should do, and is an essential ingredient in creating change and implementing attraction and manifestation, but no one really wants to give guidance as to how. So, you’ve really taken anti-negativity lessons to heart, but you’ve been suppressing the negative, which is much different from releasing that energy. So I say: Get pissed. Embrace that all anger, pain, confusion, jealousy, pity—all of it—and USE IT. You can harness all of that bad juju and focus it into a constructive, flaming arrow of positive changes. There’s power in negativity; a lot of power, actually. But you, me, all of us—we have a choice on what we do with that power. We can transmute it into a good and useful tool for our well-being and the well-being of others, or we can let it remain negative; bleeding out of us subconsciously, and impacting our lives and the lives of others.

We are all in a great period of change. No one and nothing on this planet is immune. All that energetic funkiness going on is gaining strength every day from those who feed it—continually bleeding out that negative vibe instead of using that energy to make changes, to be better, to better the world in which we live.

It’s tough to stay positive during hard times, and you’re going to have your ups and downs throughout the process. Understand that that’s okay. You’re allowed. But when you are at your worst, understand that that is an opportunity to see, taste, feel and know your own negativity—and take that energy and use it’s strength to create some good. Send out some angry resumes, knowing that that job should be yours, and knowing that even though you sent it with a release of your negativity, that energy will transmute into something positive and constructive before it reaches anyone else’s hands or eyes. By your will and conscious effort, all that will be left of your ickiness is the power of positive manifestation. Clean out your closets with pity and rage, focusing that energy into items you can donate or give away—with the knowledge and intention that what you are releasing will transmute into blessings to whomever receives the items. Clean up littered streets and parks with aggression, focusing your negativity into the trash, knowing that your negativity—just like the trash—will be changed through the process. Bottles, plastics and papers can be recycled into fresh and new items, just as your negativity can be released and recycled into something positive, beneficial and rewarding.

Staying positive isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a state of being. One that we all have to work at, because it’s all part of a natural cycle. In short, the less negativity you (suppress) hold onto, the more positive you actually become. And, as you know, you attract what you project.

Releasing negativity matters. How you release it matters more.

I hope this helps you.

Brightest Blessings,


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15 thoughts on “Red Responds: Get Angry to Find Happiness

  1. Wendy

    Anna’s letter sounds like I could have written it–as do some of the responses, though I can add a bit to the story. On top of everything, 2-1/2 weeks ago I dislocated my shoulder and am on what I call a “forced leave of absence” from work until I can get an all-clear from the doctor, because the injury was not work-related. It was a direct result of a major construction project that the city is doing, but because it happened on private property (the sidewalk was missing so I chose to cut through the lawyers’ patio to reach the art studio, missed a step, and couldn’t see the ground when I caught myself) the city isn’t likely to help me out with lost wages or medical costs either. I discovered just how high my pain tolerance is (abnormally so but there is indeed a limit, since after 2 doses of morphine I still couldn’t take the pain) and until the muscle heals and the nerves regenerate my right arm is nearly useless.

    Over the last 3 days, I’ve been releasing much of the pain, frustration, helplessness, and anger that refused to come out during my 8-hour wait in the emergency room before they administered the first dose of painkiller. I’ve been very disturbed that the tears just start to flow for no real reason, or that the slightest thing will trigger a tantrum–especially if it happens in public. After reading this letter to Red and Red’s intelligent response, I have some insights as to exactly what’s happening, why it needs to happen, and will hopefully be better equipped to deal with the emerging negativity tomorrow. Thank you for helping me continue the good fight, rather than give up and become despondent. It’s nice to know that the light at the end of the tunnel is still there, even if it’s around a bend and not visible.

  2. PETE




  3. Danny

    I feel for ya Anna. I saw so much reflected there in my own life. 2 Associated Degrees and a B.A. and still here I am working for peanuts. I’ve gone against some really bad things and think were is the good karma for doing the right thing. Still everyday I get up and keep pressing forward. It’s gotta give way to the positive soon. Hang in there. I know it’s cliche and I know I’ve said it to myself and alot of friends but it’s going to get better. If I didn’t believe that I would have just rolled up on the floor and giving up by now.

  4. debi

    To Red,
    Really thought your article on rage and getting mad and releasing it was
    most insightful. I agree it is important that we acknowledge our feelings,
    and examine them for inner growth to occur. That applies to all our emotions.

  5. Nisha

    Thank you for this question, Anna & your response, Red. I too, am at a place in my life where I feel “stuck” and have done my best to remain positive through the process. I, too, have been suppressing the negativity for the most parts but not realizing I am actually harnessing all that energy within me and one day, have /will just explode like a volcano. This article came at the perfect time & opened my eyes that you can make great strides and do greater good when you’re sincerely true to yourself. Thank you!

  6. Fiona x5178

    Wow, Anna. I’ve got to agree with Red about recycling your energy in positive directions. Beyond layers of fear, frustration, and feeling helpless to what must seem a whopper cosmic dump emptying on you–know this; everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Although right now you are overwhelmed, this will pass. Everything does. It’s hard to reach into what seems an endless night searching for light, but I feel–I know that’s what you are doing because you reached out to Red, searching for answers. No one walks the journey totally alone. Most psychics have great compassion; our path into the light is often born from trials and hardship. It can be out of experiencing what you are experiencing that great wisdom emerges. There is an addage, “Out of the mud comes the Lilly.” All this suffering is not for nothing. Please hear us–you are in the midst of learning, of becoming more, and later on, when this cycle has moved on, believe it or not, I feel you will recognize its purpose. You will view things through different eyes, so to speak, and as having answers and insight you would have not gained otherwise. There is a page in a book turning for you now. A new chapter has begun. Please do as Red suggested and clean out closets and cubbards–donate your unused worn our things, your time, your talents–we all have something to give. Pour it into the needs of your community. As we bless others, we also bless ourselves. Jumpstart a new energy. It wants to emerge. You are stronger than you think you are, and as you become more empowered and gain dominion over your challanges they will begin to diminish. You are a beautiful soul with a good heart.
    I can see the light from here.

  7. Kathy

    WOW, Red! Thank you for this article. I needed to hear it. I am always worried about burying my anger; I”m very good at suppressing my emotions. Reading this, I remember the first time I was taken to a Moon Meditation to release years to pent up anger, sadness, etc. Although change seemed small and slow at first, I have no doubt that my life… that *I* changed at that moment. My greatest example is that, while I’m still an introvert, I’m not shy anymore.

    For the past several months, I, too, have been continually told by the Cards and psychics that such-and-such good event is “just around the corner,” but nothing is happening, so this article really hit home. I know the past 2 (Full) Moon Meditations I’ve gone on, I couldn’t think of anything to release, not that I haven’t had frustrations and disappointments, but perhaps I’ve been releasing all along? I know what to do with all the negative energy: continue pursuing the goal! I’ll continue waiting for those good events, knowing I’m on the right path. Thanks, again.

  8. Sienna

    Thank you for this response, Red. It made sense of what to do with anger, how to acknowledge it and transform it through action. What a gift you have given us!

  9. Anita

    this is right on target! I am in the same boat. It’s so good to hear that anger is positive, but letting it go is necessary and freeing. Thank you Red.

  10. suzanne

    Wow Red, Thank- You for that incredible insight, I too, have had to deal with persistant roadblocks. I thought that my trauma brain was cursed for life. Even with all the cerebral work and self-worth work, I still found that life just wasn’t giving me what I was aiming for. I understand a bit more now. Letting go is one thing, learning how is is the key. I will do my best to incorporate this into my days. Maybe now I can see a clearer future for myself instead of feeling that ” it’s really not going to work cause I’m cursed anyways”.

  11. Anna, Arlington

    This is a message for Red:
    Hi Red,
    Thank you so VERY much for responding to my question!
    You just gave me a truly great piece of advice! You confirmed I am on the right path, but more importantly — you gave me an invaluable lesson how to deal with negativity (resentments hopefully too!).
    You were so right that I was suppressing my anger (I can see it clearly only now when you said that) and that I needed a practical guideline What-To-Do! And you gave me that! The trash idea is superb!

    I stay in touch with “my” psychics, all of them from California Psychics, like Nina, Miriam, Michelle, Maryanne, Christian, Alison (want also talk to YOU and will, as soon as I have enough funds!) and they have been keeping me during this hard time afloat. My change has been progressing much to their credit.
    Your response comes to me at the time when I am hopefully just about to complete my PhD and maybe this “screaming” good stuff around the corner is really entering my life.
    Your letter is saved in pdf as this is a great lesson which I truly appreciate because it furthers my big spiritual development (big for me!) I have been experiencing in the U.S.
    Hope to talk to you maybe soon,

    Many thanks, many blessings,

    Anna, Arlington, VA

  12. Debster

    Awesome response, Red. We are so hard-wired to, “get over it,” we lose focus on, “getting through it.” The first, getting over it, implies that we can somehow flip a switch that will turn off the impact of negative events. This only represses and does not heal. Getting through it, dealing with the negative is a growth process you detailed extremely well. Thank you. D

  13. Anais

    Y the world is going to end? Wait u have to let the kids grown and make them have kids have houses. The world dont need end


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