Debunking 2012: Getting Over the End of the World

Will December 2012 Be the End of the World, or the End of Another Tax Period?

With everyone getting more and more tightly wound up about 2012, I figured it was time to check in with the astrologer who was among the first to accurately predict that Y2K would be a non-event.

Famous for acerbically differing from mainstream thought on many issues (and being right), galactic astrologer Philip Sedgwick, creator/publisher of the e-newsletter The Galactic Times, uses far more than the traditional planets and points of Western astrology in his readings and predictions, including stars, galactic effects such as black holes, and dwarf planets. He also has led the way in defining the mythology and astrological function of the many dwarf planets which have come to the fore recently, such as Eris, Sedna and Makemake.

A recent edition of The Galactic Times and some e-mail exchanges provided me with plenty of food for thought about what might occur in 2012.

Sedgwick says that “the probability of a collective consciousness shift between now and December 2012 is thin at best. From where I sit, evidence is scarce, primarily because the collective appears to be stuck in a state of being unable to perceive its way out of a wet paper bag.

“People follow the news like sheep,” he states, “nodding and accepting unfounded facts. When it comes to the Mayan Calendar, instead of researching the topic, they jam every false pole shift/axial tilt/Planet X/comet horror factor out there on top of it.

“More than that,” he adds, “the fear-mongering around 2012 is extremely destructive, especially since it pinches off the realization that when we wake up on December 23, 2012, those who are expecting the end of the world, or passively awaiting mass ascension, will be stuck without a plan or template for evolutionary consciousness.”

Okay then, I ask, what about the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in June? Or the fact that it’s a 5 year numerologically, and the Year of the Dragon? All that adds up to some pretty powerful change energy, doesn’t it?

“The Galactic Alignment of 1999 did not produce the predicted shifts in collective consciousness,” Sedgwick disagrees. “So, given that little also happened evolutionarily, even during the awe-inspiring 2010 Cardinal Cross, and given that consciousness seems to be lagging behind the evolution curve for 2012, I’d be really surprised if any real shifts occurring in the coming year. Though it’s possible that we’ll want to reassess this in June 2012, with the Venus transit of the Sun, and, to a lesser extent, the Uranus-Pluto square.”

So, don’t you see any astrological support for us humans to evolve, or improve, or at least grow a bit, in the foreseeable future?

“I believe we need to set our sights a bit further ahead,” Sedgwick says, “for the beginning of the thousand years of peace, return of the benevolent aliens, second coming or the pay-per-view arm-wrestling match between Buddha and Shiva. (I’d pay to see that!)”

He predicts that a “sequence of traditionally unused transits between now and 2020 can do the trick, by building stepping stones and palatable shifts such that the patterns of 2020 click in and work.”

What Might Happen?

“Well, Pluto being with Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn should give the Plutocracy [banks, corporations and governments] a serious scolding and time out. Maybe the appeal of markets and real estate will tank and be replaced by interest in economic investments that actually ensure the world will survive and its people flourish.

“The resetting of real relationships based upon communication and in person engagement will likely override the disengaging activities of social networking. It won’t go away, but with the squares to the Capricorn trio, maybe there will be a valid purpose for it all.

“If we’re lucky, maybe a massive reforestation of the Earth and honoring of all species will occur. The realization of the balance of nature, humans to animals, humans to planet, humans to Earth might catch on. Genetic engineering and tampering with food can approach sanity… there is an open square to Cancer in these patterns, thus the obvious space for nurturing considerations.”

And… “If we’re really lucky, maybe back-injury-aggravating speed bumps will become illegal.”

Sedgwick appeals to us: “How about we commence an active decompression of the fear and angst wrapped around 2012? Let’s set our sights a bit further down the road to relieve some pressure, tune into consciousness inspirations springing from the influences above – and fix this mess!”

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10 thoughts on “Debunking 2012: Getting Over the End of the World

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  2. elizabeth

    i best agree with RICH. its good if we all go. but i think 2012 and the next years will be mighty challenging for all of us as rich explained. let’s hope we will survive. we did once we write in this page again after 2012. see you then. good luck to all of us.

  3. Fiona x5178

    Hey Reed, I too have had clients ask if everything was going to be gone in 2012. People are nervous. I’ve had the feeling for some time now that all those codexes and books of the Mayans that the early explorers destroyed may have been able to fill in the blanks on what’s coming. Unfortunately because of the loss, we will have to fill in the blanks for ourselves. Don’t know about anyone else, but after the date of doom passes, I plan to still be around. I remember when people thought the date changing from 1999 to 2000 was going to be the end of the world, but it wasn’t. It was just another day on the calender. Nothing happened. Our galaxy has been around for millions of years operating as usual. None of us are going to dematerialize anytime soon.

  4. Donald Walls

    Finally some one with a good outlook, how many times do people have to hear about the end before they atleast research or do anything other than believe every thing they hear. Or do I dare say? (have a little faith in god)
    or is that allowed anymore. Thats what people should be afraid of is when no one knows the word of god anymore ,
    Now then you better start to worry. Thanks for your perception of hope that the world has got a few more good years left in her and man kind along with it.

  5. Fiona x5178

    As someone who also studies Galactic Astrology, now’s the time to take the unfocused-on parts of astrology and blend them into the new astrological bag, for 2012 and beyond. Our insight, our ability as constantly evolving astrologers requires this of us now. It’s a different time, people’s needs are different–more urgent, complicated.
    It’s worth reminding ourselves that in ancient times all those old Egyptian and Chaldean Astrologers, the Persiam Magi, and astrologers of the royal courts in Babylonia and biblical times, they all used the fixed stars, dwarf planets, astroid belts, and different ways of predicting, with great success.
    It’s pointless to fill people’s thoughts with more fear–what’s needed is knowledge so that people can help themselves. No astrological transit has just one meaning, and to a great extent, the measure of the transit has much to do with the consciousness of the person eperiencing it. A number of astrologers have stated it’s as though people are having brain freeze; that there’s an inability to connect to higher insight–that indwelling wisdom seems to have become unaccessable.
    It’s more likely that the transits are asking us, requiring us to think in a different way than we are used to thinking, and it gives us pause, time to reboot our brain hardware and then resume with a new filter. It’s an individual endeavor.
    Every ancient text ever written says that change and the cycles of change are really nothing to fear; that change is the forward progress of evolution and necessary for our growth as people and as a species moving forward. Going into the unknown isn’t necessarily bad. I’m old enough to remember when my great-grandmother was afraid of that new-fangled terrible machine–television! She wouldn’t go anywhere near it, horrified that if she did, somehow she would be struck down by the powers it possessed–or something. She called it unnatural, and seemed totally prepared to fling her walker into its screen.
    Just as the days of Leave It To Beaver and great-grandma are no more, the astrological transits and seasons of change have again thrust us, perhaps unwillingly, into a new time requiring deeper insight and flexibility, so that we can grow with the times and become more ourselves.
    Instead of being terrorized by what might happen, look at the transits we have now and those of 2012 and beyond, including the seven year transit of Uranus in Aries, which gives us all the opportunity to experience something new and wonderful–a baby step into he unknown.

  6. Rich

    I don’t use astrology, or any psychic powers that I’m aware of, but I have had a set of predictions, for about two years, that are fairly close to those of Mr. Sedgewick. I think that the plutocracy will be more than just chastised. I think that it will get its collective ass kicked once & for all, by the end of 2012. It is my opinion (& one shared by a number of “contrarian” economists) that the developing international debt crisis is the “other shoe” dropping for the “too big to fail” mega banks. They will fail this time & no government, or alliance of governments, will be able to afford to bail them out. This collapse will be the beginning of the end of top down hierarchical capitalism as we’ve know it for almost two centuries. I think that the model that will replace this form is already in place, but few experts are paying much attention to it. There are already many economic cooperatives being formed by people with complimentary skills & life philosophies. There are a lot more employee owned manufacturing companies than people are generally aware of, & there are more local sustainable agriculture, artisan, & other cooperatives being formed every month. I think that as the current house of cards corporate structure rapidly disintegrates, there will be a lot of chaos & wide spread suffering, but that people will begin to rapidly cope by organizing themselves into cooperatives. And internet social networking will probably be the primary way that people with complimentary skills & beliefs, find each other & decide where they will live & set themselves up in business. As might be expected, young people will probably lead the way in this, & their initial cooperatives may also, for practical economic reasons, also involve a lot of communal living arrangements. Lord knows, there are plenty of vacant foreclosed houses out there waiting for them.

  7. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I’ve already had a couple of callers ask me if 2012 will be the end of the world. I agree with Sedgwick, it will not. For the Mayans, as a culture, their “world” ended a long time ago – not that there aren’t still Mayan people on the planet, it’s just that their empire collapsed and they went out of the calendar making business.
    Our world will not come to an end in 2012. Even after the USA empire collapses, the world will still not come to an end.

    According to the Maya, the Gods created 3 worlds before this one. They were failures and were never populated. The last failure, the third world, ended after 5,125 years.

    The fourth world was a success so the Gods populated it.

    Some people in modern times have misinterpreted the Maya and claimed that this fourth world would also end after 5,125 years, like the third world before it. The Maya said nothing of the sort. They said that the passing of 5,125 years would be the end of an era and would be special because it further proved the success of the fourth world in that it will have outlived the third one.

    December 21, 2012 will be Friday – nothing more, nothing less.

    Reed 5105

  8. A.Merchant

    Never forever World End in 2012 or 3012, Human will born and die when his time over But the world remain as it is.,Astrolger forcast which is 5 to 10 percent correct the only decision make is God when and how the world will be End so it is useless to about world., just think about yourself why I born and what is the purpose of coming in world.
    The one who die it means the world end for him., so it is much better to Pray for betterness reduce Sins and corruption I hope every things will be allright.


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