Psychic Libby: Healing From Abusive Relationships

Why Do I Stay in an Abusive Relationship?

Because you’re afraid to move forward due to the children and you’ve no place to go.

You still love your partner, and you stay because maybe he will change his behavior.

Even though I have had several abusive beatings, he say he loves me and promises never to do this again.

As a psychic reader for California Psychic’s, I have come across several situations like these with several women. As a reader to you, I can give you spiritual advice on how you can move forward. I can also give you insight on what you can do to help you understand why you keep taking your abuser back.

I know that there is always a pattern of abusive behavior in an intimate or romantic relationship where one person chooses to control the relationship through the use of force, intimidation or fear. The abusive behavior can be physical, verbal, emotional or sexual. Domestic violence can happen to adults, and it can also happen to teenagers.

My biggest concern with women is that they are so afraid to move forward. There is reason to be concerned. Sometimes you wonder if your partner is going to have another spell of domestic violence again, then you won’t know what to do and where to go because he has kept you away from connecting with family and friends. Now you have no escape, and financially he does not allow you to have your own money.

For the women who need to know what constitutes abuse, I have put a list together to help you figure out if you’re in this situation. If you are, I can help you understand how to spiritually help yourself move onto the right path.

Here are several warning signs:

• Extreme jealousy or insecurity

• Constant put-downs

• Possessiveness or treating you like property

• Telling you what to do

• Constantly checking in on you

• Explosive temper

• Making false accusations

• Isolating you from your family and friends

• Preventing you from doing things you want to do

Domestic violence isn’t just an argument every once in a while. Domestic violence is an ongoing pattern of abusive behavior. One person chooses to control the relationship through force, fear, pressure or intimidation. When you’re ready to heal and get help, I’m here for you.

11 thoughts on “Psychic Libby: Healing From Abusive Relationships

  1. Carmen

    I’m currently in a abusive relationship and have no one to turn to. My family is of no assistance and my parents don’t really care much, not that its anyone’s problem because i’m an adult and this is my problem that i got myself into. I have no where to go and unfortunately, I’m unemployed at the moment. I decided to go back to school in the meantime and take up a course in the medical field. I’m praying that I will succeed in graduating from it in December and that all that I’m striving for will pay off. It’s my only way out and unfortunately My daughter had to witness all the hurt, pain and sadness that I have endured. I pray for the day that I never have to hear again, a man say “I own you and I made you”!… 🙁

  2. marisa

    does anyone know where i can find the email address to the author of this blog? I need to conduct an interview/ very interested. Please

  3. marc from the uk

    I was abused as a child, mentally and physically ( Violence) One father and step father who where actually poles apart but had there own methods, mainly I believe feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. I went through hell, and saw and witnessed many things through the care system as a child that still haunt me until recently. HOWEVER, there is hope, you have to seperate yourself from them, I spent years beliving they where right, I was wrong, it is only now in my late forties I have faced my fears, recognised for what they are, and lifted myself up through the abuse. I have had the honour of bringing up two step children and one adopted, I made a decision as a child, that I would not be an alcoholic, I would not hit, abuse children, menally, physically, and I would always give them a living and safe enviroment, in doing so I sacrificed my lifestyle I aspired too, it is only now that I am beginning to be me, and relax knowing that my life was not a waste, although not as I planned I am realising I am a good person, and my wealth is knowing the values of love, trust, and spiritual currency far out weighs badness in life. I believe the path of life now is being aware of how to remain good, and true to yourself, and to learn to put to bed past experiences to hea. I hope this makes sense. NO, YOU SHOULD NEVER TOLERATE BAD BEHAVIOUR< EMPOWER YOURSELF< STEP ONE< GET OUT!

  4. arise

    Dump him *before* he hits you! Keep the above list of warning signs in mind, and break with a guy at the first sign of trouble. Before you get in too deep, be especially sensitive to the way they criticize, and try to make you doubt, your family and friends, and try to separate you from them. This is often the first sign of a potential abuser (male *or* female).

  5. Bradley

    There is no excuse to hit a woman! Its totally wrong to abuse anyone for any reason! My father and grandfather told me many times if you ever hit a woman you are no longer a man!

  6. Konchan

    I was married for 31 yrs with a man I hardly knew through arrange marriage. He was so possessive, angry and made many many threats to kill me, shamed me. I got me fired from my jobs of 14 years. It got so bad and out off control to the point I had no other choice. Yes, ladies it will get worse. Just get out and take care of yourself. We women needs to stand up for our own safety.

  7. Chrissi

    I only stayed because I was in the situation that I had nowhere else to go because he had threatened both friends and family, and also I had no telephone to call help had he returned after being removed, which he had said if I did he would return, and kill me, and then go after my family too- obviously I did not know how true these threats could be- so I let the fear rule me until I was lucky enough to meet a new man who was not afraid of him, and helped me leave, with me and my furfriends as well- and deal with the consequenses as well

  8. anonymous

    To all the abused women. GET OUT! My first relationship with a man I was physically abused to a point of one night attempting suicide because he was beating me so terribly that I decided I would not allow him the control of taking my life that I would take that control. I was 18. I dated several so so men after that and got pregnant at 24 and married a man. There was one instance of physical abuse with him but mostly emotional and metnal. I had twins stillborn and stayed because of my grief. We had 3 more children together. He had a huge pornography problem and cheated but I always stayed. When I found child porn that was the last straw. I kick him out. I always stayed because I knew that way I would have control of what went on with my boys. 2 years later I have found out that my oldest have been sexually abused by their father. The oldest had been going on for years and the 2nd was just being “primed” as they call it. No matter what, you will always be better off leaving. I have such regret that I intuitively knew something was off but I always thought it was just the cheating. I have 4 boys to raise into men, one of which will never get the pictures of what has been done to him out of his head, he also has Aspergers by the way. DO NOT STAY, no matter if you think you have control, you NEVER WILL! I always thought I had a close eye on my children but what has happened is incomprehendable to me. Apparently it only took the 1 hour a week that my ex took our oldest 2 to boy scouts.

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Libby.

    This article is long overdue and filled with great advice.

    I read for, off line, the top Psychiatrists M.D.’s in the USA and Canada and Law Enforcement agencies as well and have counseled victims of domestic violence or many years.
    And let me tell you this, both the Psychiatrists AND the law enforcement agencies will tell you that, and I quote….” They never hit just once “.
    They may even go a few years in between punches, slaps, and beatings, but, rest assured, they will abuse you again.

    There is NO JUSTIFICATION, reasons, excuses, etc, whatever…. for domestic violence,
    ( OR for tolerating domestic violence) …..NONE. period.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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