Numerology: Your Destiny Number

You Are My Destiny. You Can Count on Me.

The Destiny Number is the total sum of your date of birth. This is your life path. It never changes (kind of like your karmic number). It is also known as a Life Path Number.

In relationships, people who have the same Life Path Number have more of a connection in this lifetime. They also have a better understanding of their partner.

Being good in math gave me the foundation and interest needed to propel into the spiritual science of Numerology. Introduced to this practice in the late 70s, it was a relief to know that all the methods of readings I used connected to numbers gave me even more details into the past, present and future of my life as well as those of the people I read for.

To find your Destiny Number, follow these steps. We use the birth date of January 1, 1988 (1/1/1988) in this example.

1. Add all the numbers of your birth month, day and year: 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 28

2. Add the components of this two-digit number: 2 + 8 = 10 

3. The Destiny number is 1. [Zero has no value.]

Enough of the math lesson.

Here is a list of the meanings of each Life Path or Destiny Number:

Destiny Number 1: You are independent, a deep thinker, original and creative. The Pioneer. On the flip side: you are over-positive, dominant and egotistic.

Destiny Number 2: You are gentle, tactful, understanding and wise. Cooperation. On the flip side: you are bottled-up, over-emotional and in need of balance for happiness.

Destiny Number 3: You have a carefree nature, a talent in writing and speaking and are creative. Individual self-expression. On the flip side: you are dominant, boastful, critical and cynical.

Destiny Number 4: You have a solid foundation, are well-rounded, mindful of change, and move forward progressively. Practical organization. On the flip side: your life moves slowly and you cannot fall down on responsibilities.

Destiny Number 5: You are the lover of change and adventure, you’re never in a rut, but you must learn how to use freedom. Experience and change. On the flip side: you are self-indulgent and you need to be responsible with money.

Destiny Number 6: You are comforting, able to bring balance to hard situations and diplomatic. You have a great capacity for loving. Responsibility/service. On the flip side: a failure comes if responsibility is not accepted or if you are too dominant or forceful.

Destiny Number 7: You are the thinker and philosopher. You study life on all levels from the past, you seek truth and are introspective and mysterious. Mental analysis. On the flip side: you have a fear of being alone, but you must learn to operate from the inner self. Do not rush.

Destiny Number 8: You have infinite possibilities, a spiritual and financial awareness, are organized and have sound judgment with the ability to head up any organization. Money, commercial power. On the flip side:in order to go for greater success, do not push to hard.

Destiny Number 9: You are great at closing or finishing projects. You never leave things hanging undone and you have a broad scope within humanitarian activities. Universal love, service. On the flip side: your prejudices will stop happiness and you have to work hard for the money.

There is so much more to each Destiny Number and any one of our psychic numerologists would be able to enlighten you about your number or the number of a friend or loved one. Learning the Destiny Number of the people in your life gives you a better idea of the permanent vibration that comes with that person.

46 thoughts on “Numerology: Your Destiny Number

  1. Johnc575

    Hello! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and superb design and style. deecgdeddgeb

  2. kebabonye mavele boitshwarelo

    my date birth is, 24 september 1959 is it correct to say 2+4+9+1+9+5+9=39

    =3+9=12 1+2+3

    which means my path number is 3. Now tell me more about this number.


  3. SagittarianSweetie

    This isn’t true of me at all. My destiny number is 9 and I am a major procrastinator and I have difficulty finishing almost anything! No. Not at all.

  4. Marina

    my date of birth is 20/09/1939,by addition of individual numbers,it is 51
    Addition of 5+1=6.So my life line is 6.please send me the forecast of
    my Astrology.thanks

  5. Dee

    This is not rocket science.
    If you come out with two numbers add then together until you get ONE number,,
    Example: 32 is 3+2=5, 10 is 1+0=1, 26 is 2+6=8, 12 is 1+2=3.
    You simply add until you get ONE number.

  6. Tasha

    Mine is a 7, which couldn’t be more true for me!! As for people with double digits,you need to make it a single digit still, so add the two digits together until you have a single number. Simples!

  7. quinn ext. 5484

    hi again,
    please read my other posts, i explained it all in there as well as in the article.

    you reduce all the numbers to ONE number. 10 = 1
    drop the zero –
    simple math. add all the numbers until you get one digit.

    if the number is not an expression of your path at this time either you outgrew it by choice are unaware of the vibrations you hold or will grow into it. it is not a personality thing, it is a mission or path in life that you are destin to take.

    the life path number gives you a foundation, like a path to walk to on to move through life with more understanding about your nature.
    there are pages about each life path number, this is a mini version of where you would start. there are no wrong numbers –
    your life path is not who you are but the ground you walk on.

    sure hope that helps.
    have a great weekend everyone.
    -quinn 🙂



  9. quinn ext. 5484

    hello again,

    please read my other post i explained about 11 which equals 2.
    dont stop adding until you get to one single number.

    i cannot email anyone personally. sorry about that. and thank you for your comments.

    have a great nite everyone.
    -quinn 🙂

  10. Adriana

    Many seem confused when they come up with 2 numbers. I came up with a 32 so I added 3 and 2 and came up with 5. So 5 would be my destiny number. Its confusing because the example is a 10.The writer should have said to add 1 and 0 which would have come up with 1. Hopes this helps others.

  11. Marina

    I am a believer of astrology but witg old age I cannot graps how to work my numbers
    my birth chat is 20th September,1939,grateful if you will send to my email address.time of birth 8.18am not sure though,thanks.

  12. Jewls

    my birth adds to a 2 +9 = 11
    Your are not show 11.
    Am I off the charts or what.
    please respond or redo charts.

    Freezing in Utah…

  13. quinn ext. 5484

    hello everyone,

    okay listen, if you have added up your numbers and are left with two numbers add them together.
    like if you come up with 12 add the 1+2 = 3
    for those of you who come to an 11 – that is a master number, it means enlightenment. if you can handle that number good for you. if you find it to heavy reduce it to a 2 by adding the 1 + 1 = 2.

    this is not kabalah –
    it is the PYTHAGORAS system of numerology.

    every one can get along – like in astrology, the most un-likely signs have some of the best relationships. we can learn from the differences in our natures. keep that in mind when looking at numbers and signs.

    hi bonita, thank you for your comments. big hug and happy new year to you my dear.

    dear roberto, if i could pick numbers lol i would not be working… your dreams and visions are the key to you winning 🙂

    and 22 is the number of mastery.

    happy numbers to all, im counting on you to have a great new year – call if you need to look deeper.
    -quinn 🙂

  14. mary

    My boyfriend and I are both 11’s. Since you do not show 11’s or 22’s on this site, would you consider us a 2? ( 1+1=2 )

  15. paul

    so how can you find out ,who you are compatible with,be numbers. mine i’m 5/21/1964 shes 9/8/1972, and we’ve been separated for 6 months,is therea chance by numbers

  16. Roberta Masloski

    i love to play the lottery and i did my life number and it is 9! I was born on Feb. 4, 1947. I would like to know if you can give me 2 more numbers with that because i play the ny lottery, the daily numbers. I had a dream of 1-8-9 and won $40.00 in a box. i would love to win big and wonder if you can help me?

  17. Bonita

    Hi Quinn, this is Bonita thanks for all the information on numerology you give to us all the time!! I have just one question if OK? I am a 2 and my fiancee is a 7 so far we are just great together don’t get me wrong we have are moments LOL, but wondering what you think? Any help would be appreciated big time. Thanks so much for all your help!! Bonita!

  18. mike s fogg

    my question is this, I’am trying to get involved with this girl in Evansville, Indiana, name Roxanne, is this gonna happen, I’am a truck Driver.
    mike s fogg

  19. Uwaifo G.

    My destiny and life path Number is very accurate with the read. Can I have more enlightenment and learn more about the Destiny number. And if you don’t a particulary trait, can it be change. Life I dont like the fact that I work real hard to make money (ends meet)

  20. surendran

    DOB 03 Oct 1962, at 13.30 hours
    location Palghat, India.
    I would like to about my career. when can i improve my earning power.
    kindly reply
    best regards

  21. priyanka kaflay


    when i added my birth date, month and year. it came up to be 11 now do i add 1 + 1 and make it 2 or am i making a mistake in here? plz advice.




  22. Dr. Ratnakar Pradhan

    My date of birth is 19/07/1949. by addition of individual numbers it is 39. Addition of 3+9=12. So my life line is 12. Kindly send me the forecast of my astrology

    Sincerely Yours

    Dr Ratnakar Pradhan


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