Psychic Charlie: What Your Aura Could Say About You

There’s More to it Than Just Color

If you know anything about auras, you probably know that they are kind of like a colored field of light that surrounds your body, that they come in different colors, and that each color means something. Well, that’s just an oversimplification of a way more complicated subject. Sure, auras come in many different colors, but the colors change constantly and come in many different shades which affect the aura’s meaning. The color of your aura is determined by several factors, including your mood and what’s going on in your life.

An aura’s color meaning is not straightforward because within each color, there are many different tones and shades. That’s why it takes a trained psychic like Psychic Charlie ext. 5277 to interpret the color of your aura. I sat down with Charlie in order to gain a better understanding of what I mistakenly thought was a very simple concept. Life isn’t as simple as you’d like it to be, but a reading with Psychic Charlie can give you simple solutions to some of your most complicated problems.

Charlie, what are auras?

“Auras are the energy that comes from the spirit of a person. They reflect their spirit, their mind and their past. They show what people are made of, who they are and what talents or gifts they possess. They come in different colors and each color tells me something different about a person. Through auras, I can ‘talk’ to a person’s past. I see in them what looks like little ‘holes’ and these ‘holes’ tell me a person’s story.”

What do auras look like?

“They look like a beautiful light that projects out from all around the body. They come in different colors with different shades of each color and the colors mean different things to different psychics, but they often come in shades of the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink, white and even gold. Usually a person’s favorite color matches the color of their aura.”

Charlie told me that at the time of our interview, the color of my aura was purple. Well, purple is one of my favorite colors.

Here is an example of what aura colors could mean. Again, you should consult Charlie if you want to know what color your aura is and what that color means for you, in his expert opinion.

Red: raw passion, anger, frustration or determination

Orange: sensuality, lacking reason, health and vitality or creativity

Yellow: mental alertness, optimism or analytical thought

Green: healing, peace, nurturing or jealousy

Blue: sadness, possibilities, freethinking or business emphasis

Purple: wisdom, authority, controlling or intuition

Brown: down-to-earth, practical or feeling worthless

Black: unresolved karma, dark intentions or needing compassion for self

Pink: tenderness, emphasis on physical appearance or self-love

White: denial, godly (divine) or lacking consciousness

Gold: integrity, respect or freedom

As you can see, even these common interpretations are contradictory. So it’s best to get a professional reading from Charlie.

Charlie, how can you read a person’s aura over the phone?

“It starts with the voice. When I hear their voice, I can see their aura. It happens so quick, it is almost instantaneous. Just hearing a caller’s voice also tells me what they look like: their face, the color of their hair and the color of their eyes. I see all this through my mind’s eye. I keep my eyes closed during a reading to keep my mind clear and to free myself from any distractions.” Are distractions keeping you from focusing on what matters most? Clear your mind of distractions with tips from Psychic Charlie!

What can an aura reading with you do for a caller?

“Knowing the color of your aura and what it means is so important. But it often isn’t the focus of my calls. Clients will ask about their aura in passing, but knowing about your aura often warrants a reading all its own. The aura is the map or the guide for what you are meant to do. It is a tool I love to use and am passionate about, because through it I get to tell people that they have a gift or a calling that they didn’t even know they had. For people who aren’t sure what their purpose in life is, an aura reading will tell them. It is a tool I use to help them succeed. When a person knows what their purpose in life is and they pursue it and enjoy pursuing it, they are the most happy. I am happy because I get to do this for a living. This is what I was meant to do. I call this my mission and it is a fulfilling mission. I want others to be as fulfilled as I am.”

Knowing about your aura is like having a key that unlocks the mystery of you. You might think you know yourself well, or what your aspirations are, but you can get confirmation or learn something new about yourself through an aura reading with Charlie. Imagine knowing your purpose in life. Imagine learning that you have a skill or talent you never knew you had before. Imagine feeling better about where you are in life. An aura reading with Charlie can do that for you. He’s only a phone call away and it’s a call worth making!

2 thoughts on “Psychic Charlie: What Your Aura Could Say About You

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    As a reader of auras myself, I can tell you, this is an EXCELLENT and very educationsl article on auras. The colors and explanations of each color is right on too.

    Many people don’t know that the aura is constantly changing color , I was glad that Charlie mentioned that in his article.

    Many also don’t know that old physical scars also show up in an aura too, for example, such as an old appendectomy scar.

    Nicely explained , Charlie !!!!!!!!
    Very well written, Dania !!!!


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