Your Venus Love Forecast for December 2012

Hot and Steamy Holidays!

Venus, the planet of love, will be making its way through sexy Scorpio during the first half of the month, steaming things up for our water-sign friends. But the planet of love moves into Sagittarius mid-month, making the holidays a hot-blooded time for all our fire-sign friends! What’s on your romantic horizon this holiday season? Maybe you can melt the snow with a new love, but you won’t know they’re out there until you chat with Psychic Summer ext. 9898.


You can count on Venus to bring some pleasant romantic surprises your way this holiday season. Your love life should really be super-charged around the 19th and the 20th when Venus, Uranus and the Moon will be forming a cosmic ménage-a-trois centered around your sign. So don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous and try something new.


If there have been any problems in your most important relationships, Venus should be ready to help you make a fresh start early in the month. If you’re still looking for love though, there could be some interesting new opportunities out there for you. And the holidays ought to be bringing you the chance to take a relationship to a whole new level.


Be careful about getting a little too friendly with any flirtatious co-workers who happen to be standing under the mistletoe this month. Your love life should really start heating up later in the month. Just don’t get carried away and let yourself go overboard or you could end up with a few New Year’s regrets.


There should be plenty of romantic opportunities available to you early in the month, particularly when the Moon meets up with Venus on the 11th. Don’t hesitate to make a few sacrifices for the people you care about later in the month. Just don’t let yourself be tempted by an overly friendly co-worker at any office parties this holiday season.


The holidays should prove to be a highly romantic time for you, and you shouldn’t hesitate to show your love and affection for the special people in your life right now. Venus will really be ready to boost your charms on New Year’s Eve, so don’t be afraid to get out there, take center stage and let everyone know who the king (or queen) of the jungle really is!


You should take the opportunity to let someone know how you really feel early in the month. Just don’t be so quick to believe everything anyone has to tell you towards the middle of the month. But you really ought to take the time to enjoy a romantic evening or two around the house while the yule logs are heating things up on the home front.


Don’t hesitate to be generous with the people who mean the most to you this holiday season. It’s the perfect time to go ahead and express your feelings for anyone who really matters to you. You should know just the right thing to say, so don’t be afraid to open your heart to someone special right now.


You ought to be pretty hard to resist early in the month, particularly when the Moon hooks up with Venus in your sign on the 11th. And you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little money on someone special this holiday season. The right gift could make a big impression right now, and someone might want to show you just how grateful they really are!


Don’t worry if your love life seems to be stuck in low gear early in the month. Things are bound to start picking up once Venus moves into your sign on the 15th. The holidays are sure to bring some real romantic surprises your way. And your charms should really be in full force on New Year’s Eve, so get ready to ring in the new year on a high note.


You ought to be able to enjoy an active social life early in the month. Just be aware that a flirtation with a friend could really start heating up around the 15th. Don’t worry if your love life slows to a crawl over the holidays though. You can rest assured that it’ll be coming back with a bang in the new year.


Be careful about developing a fleeting attraction to a boss or employer early in the month. But if you’ve been harboring some feelings for a friend, the 19th or the 20th should be the perfect time to open up and express yourself. If you’re available, it could be a great time to celebrate the new year with a new friend.


You really ought to take the chance to be a little daring in your love life early in the month. But you shouldn’t believe the sweet nothings that someone might be whispering in your ear during the middle of the month. And just be careful about letting yourself get a little too lost in love once the holiday magic starts to swirl. Is it true love or are you just lost in the romance of the season? Only Amelia ext. 9772 knows if you will be ringing in the new year for years to come with your current partner.

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