Open the Gates to Joy and Power

The Law of Attraction is Always at Work

Acknowledging the good things that are happening in your life is a sure way to attract more of the same. Remember, the Law of Attraction is always at work. So the more we focus on the positive things that are happening in our lives, the more that those positive experiences come into our lives. Doing so automatically opens up positive energy channels and allows uplifting and joyous experiences to flow into our lives.

If you’re wondering how to do this, a good example is to become aware of “coincidences” that you have asked the Universe for that are showing up in your life. These coincidences can come in the form of desires, hopes, dreams, prayers you’ve said, or these types of patterns. When we acknowledge that the Universe is answering our hopes and dreams then we are, again, opening up channels for more of the same to appear. We are saying to the Universe that we appreciate that our inner power is connecting with Source Energy and that we are happy to be connected. And the underlying message is also that we believe that we’re worthy of being heard and worthy of receiving all the good things in life that we desire.

By focusing on the joyous things that come our way, big or small, we break into the path leading towards more and more of the same and allowing our desires to come to us at a more accelerated pace.


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