My Desktop Retreat

(a CP customer service rep!)

Some years ago I discovered that for my own spiritual survival it was important to not abandon Me just because I arrived at my workplace. I didn’t feel it necessary to park my inner spirit and solitude along with my car in the parking garage. Evolving over time, and being blessed with a very supportive work environment, I began to assemble some small items on the corner of my desk that served as minor distractions when I seemed to lose my balance and attach myself to the stresses of the people I was dealing with or tasks at hand.

I find these little tschotkes to be a reminder to continue to honor myself and maintain my Inner balance. They eventually evolved into my daily ritual and set the tone for my day to begin. Not a formal shrine, mind you, but bits and pieces including inspirational or whimsical postcards of favorite colors or vacations past or fantasized about. I even kept the broken plastic cover from a favorite chanting cassette….a gentle whisper of my inner bliss. I place a small figure or photo of a deity or two that will continuously watch over me and nudge me back to reality when I temporarily lose my balance.

My two other “deities”  that remind me not to take myself so seriously are my little “Hello Kitty” little plastic figures that (I swear!) have hypnotic powers if you stare at the space between their little pinpoint eyes. I also always like to keep on hand several tiny vials of aromatherapy oils. I find the Lavender will instill an immediate wave of serenity while the Orange will, at least momentarily, restore my vibrant enthusiasm. My little corner retreat would not be complete without my candle. Very soothing and balancing. As supportive as HR is in expressing my individuality, they do draw the line at the potential hazard of accidentally setting my whole office ablaze so I find one or more of the battery operated candles will impart the same mood making.

For those of you whose office restricts displaying any personal items, I would highly recommend creating your own portable shrine or dream board. Just simply take a square of cardboard or foam board that can either be small enough to be transported in your purse or laptop bag or easily stored in your desk.  Decorate it collage style with family photos, spiritual reminders, postcards, beads, bits of fabric and/or trim. Feel free to express your own inner giggle and if you are so inclined, go nuts with your Bedazzler.  You can just open your desk drawer and take in the sweet breath of tranquility or just a reminder that your real life still exists and awaits your arrival outside of your cubicle.

Choose to follow the path of you own bliss. Wherever you go, there you are! Live with mindfulness, grace and compassion.

9 thoughts on “My Desktop Retreat

  1. Psychic - Jesse - x9027

    My sweet angel Lynn!
    I LOVE this post! You have been through so many amazing adventures in your life and yet you always seem to find the time and space for spiritual evolution and balance. We are all so very fortunate to have you on the “front lines” at California Psychic and those of us who are honored enough to know you personally are truly blessed!
    In addition to the wonderful and very beneficial things you are doing right there at your little desk in customer service, please consider the great words of Eleanor Roosevelt (another amazing woman who had lived through her fair share of “adventures” ;-): When asked what she felt was her secret to long life, she sighed and replied: “Just breathe!”
    You are so beautiful, Lynn! Thank you for sharing part of your life’s journey with me, with us.
    Many blessings to you, my friend,
    Jesse 9027

  2. Brie

    I love this post! I too spend quite a bit of my life at my desk. I surround myself with picutres of my loved ones – both pets and humans. I also have a Mexican trinket of a bride and groom skeleton dancing that my husband gave me when we had only been together a few years. These things help me to remember who I am, why I am working so hard – and to go home once in a while!
    In addition to things I can see, I have also put tattoos on my body that symbolize the important things in my life: my culture, my family, my past experiences. Even though I can not see them, I can feel them and the fact that they are with me always help me throughout my day to be true to myself.

  3. Abigail Ext 9570

    How wonderful it is to see sense and feel the energy that emanates when we just listen and give the worries to the divine. I practice Feng Shui & Vatsu in my environment. This is actually what you are doing Lynn creating an energy flow in your space. Like Gina Rose I am very connected to nature. My patio is my sanctuary where I have made a fountain with Crystals & Stones surrounded by a large chimes, Humming bird feeder and many beautiful green plants. I have always had a connection to crystals which I wear and surround myself as I work in my office. It is good they block computer stress. I walk in between my readings. I call it Mother Nature’s meditation as I move my body I use all my senses with appreciation and gratitude for what I have in this life.
    Many Blessing Lynn,

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I keep AquaMarine & Moonstone, & Amber stones near me, but I also wear a AquaMarine& Moonstone necklace too that seems to calm me. But I find that I respond more to scent…..I burn incense and always light candles while working. I love the incense scents of OakMoss and sometimes, in the winter months, the scent of Amber and Dragons Blood mixed. I live in an old Victorian country farm house….I also have unusual lights/lamps scattered around my home……glowing stained glass lamps ( Victorian ) shaped like animals, etc.
    I agree with Miss Krystal about clutter….when I work, the house is clean and organized, and after my meditation is finished …the candles are lit, incense is burning, and all curtains are closed. I’m a night owl…I like to read at night….setting the mood TO work is important for me and actually helps to keep me grounded and focused.My energy flows much more evenly.
    Blessed Be )O( … Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Miss Krystal

    Hi Lynn. I decorate my desk with crystals (rose quartz, green agate, and blue zircon) pictures (of things that make me smile) and uplifting sayings (for peace) and quotes. Our environment is very important for our mood.
    Creating a lovely atmosphere no matter where you are stationed is good for the psyche. I also believe in organization. Keeping things in place on our desks and in our office will help us focus on what needs to get done faster.
    Clutter and junk not only through off the balance and energy, but it does also interfere with focusing and concentration. I never understood why some places of work were so strict to not let people put up pictures in their cubicles or offices. As long as the pictures were decent, I don’t really see what the big deal is.
    Miss Krystal

  6. Kathleen 9301

    Dear Lynn,
    Your lovely article detailing how to create sacred space at work is wonderful. I especially love the idea of making it small and portable, in the event one is not able to place personal items on one’s desk.
    Before I log on to accept client calls, I have several sacred and silly items I place before me, as a reminder of the joy and inner peace one can create regardless of the situation. One of my favorite silly items is the Sister Folk (tiny statues of nuns captured in whimsical circumstances). I also have a small bowl of healing stones, and a candle holder with a trio of dolphins caught in the act of leaping in joy, a reminder that this life is supposed to be joyfully.Most important to me, is a representation of a divine being (and this changes from time to time) to remind me of the sacred responsibility to read for clients from the point of divinity meeting divinity. Namaste.

  7. Kim Taylor

    Such a simple, beautiful idea! We create them for our homes, why not work? I am going to add to my plastic horses, Buddha and Daruma (sweet gift from a co-worker) to make the little corner of my desk more of an altar. Would love to hear what others are adding?

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Lynn…….Yes, you are, in your own way, meditating. I also do little things like that everyday….my biggest stress reliever though, is my garden. I was raised to stay connected with Mother earth….I find great solice and peace in connecting with nature. I also have many hummingbird feeders hanging, wild bird food set out, windchimes ( I collect wind chimes ). Just sitting on my porch and watching the birds, or listening to wind chimes up here in the mountains is very soothing to me.
    Not too many people know this….but my Great Aunt and GrandMother were Celtic Wiccan from IreLand. I really am 11th generation
    ( HEREDITARY ) Wiccan. ( Guess my secret is out now). Not too many ( hereditary wiccans) of us left anymore.
    But what you are doing is GREAT advice for ALL of us….what a nice stress reliever.
    If everybody would do little things like that…what a wonderful, peaceful place it would be for all of us down here, on the earthly plane.
    Blessed Be….Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Anasela @ 5154

    Dearest Lynn,
    You almost sound a little Wiccan in nature.
    As I read your article my Inner Spirit Screamed
    for joy! Not only are you Blessing and,nourishing
    yourself but notice how this little Spiritual awareness will effect every one around you.
    Be Blessed.


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