Red Responds: Why Didn’t He Get the Part

J.S in San Diego writes:

I have a son who acts and recently he auditioned for a major part in a feature film. I was told by a wonderful psychic on this board that he would get the part. Unfortunately, they just booked another boy and he didn’t get it. So I was wondering if you could tell me why he didn’t and what sort of future projects you see for him. I always believe that when he doesn’t book a project it’s because the opportunity just wasn’t meant to be his at that time, but this one really felt like a great fit and the psychic was so confident that it almost felt like having an opportunity pulled right out from under him. I know it’s probably silly to feel that way, but it leaves me wondering if we could have done anything different to turn the role his way.

Dear J.S.,

Sometimes things have a way of working out, even when you think they won’t. Just because the role went to another actor does not mean it won’t find its way back to your son. After all, shooting isn’t going to begin for several more months, and a lot can happen during that time. While this is a great opportunity for the young man who did get cast, it seems as if he won’t be the one showing up in the film. I’m not sure if it’s other obligations or opportunities, but for some reason having to do with scheduling, the part will not be played by him.

Your son is quite talented, and he will have many roles and opportunities. Even though your outlook is usually quite positive, you can’t help but feel disappointed from time to time. Your son isn’t going to land every part, but he will do quite well. I’m really not seeing anything you or your son could have done differently, as those doing the casting were quite impressed. All you can do from this point forward is keep looking for opportunities and helping your son to do his best.

It will be a couple of more weeks before you get the call, but your son will have to re-audition for this part. While there is still some pretty stiff competition, it looks as if your son lands the role, or a part that is equally as big.

Psychic predictions aren’t always as exact as science, so we don’t always see or receive all of the details. I don’t know why that is, I just know that it is. So, I’d have to agree with the other reader that your son will have a pretty large role in a feature film, before June of this year. Now, there is the possibility that we all are looking at the wrong movie at the moment, but your son will be acting in a major movie, in a part that seems tailored to him.

Good luck!
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