Rituals To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

An image of a person with dark skin and a green shirt sweeping the floor as part of a cleansing ritual.

Protection Rituals To Dispel Negative Energy

If you feel like you’re surrounded by negative energy or like you want to clear the air but aren’t sure how, it may be time to look into protection rituals. Far too often, people neglect the energies that surround them. Energy lingers like dust on a bookcase. These energies can originate from people, spirits, and even your own mindset! Negative energy can affect your thoughts, actions, and decisions, but incorporating simple protection rituals into your life can significantly improve your living space and prevent negative energy from accumulating.

Get ready to shift your energetic awareness with these simple protection rituals for dealing with negative energy, all of which require minimal resources and tools.

Smoke Cleansing

Perhaps the most well-known spiritual cleansing method and protection ritual is smoke cleansing, which is Native American in origin. With this technique, people generally light a small bundle of white sage, known as a “smudge stick.” However, white sage has been subject to overharvesting, so be sure to look into alternatives like lavender. Light it and briefly let it burn until the embers begin to glow. Extinguish the flame by waving or blowing out the stick. A steady stream of smoke will flow from it. Fan this out using a feather or your hand as you walk through your home or workplace. It is believed that the molecules of the smoke attach to the negative energy in the air and turn it into something more harmonious.

Aromatherapy Spray

Do you enjoy a hint of fragrance? Place a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle, top it off with water, and then — most importantly — transform it into sacred water by saying a blessing over it. As with many protection rituals, you can use an oil of your choice, though lavender in particular has well-known healing properties that can awaken the stagnant energy in any room. Walk through your home and spray the sacred water around as you silently focus on your intention of healing your home.

Floor Wash

Mopping the floor is a common task, so why not make it into a sacred chore? You can prepare your floor wash as you normally would, but the real power lies in the motion of your cleaning. Move your mop in circular, counterclockwise motions to banish negative energy. Alternatively, you may choose to move your mop clockwise to invoke positivity. After performing this simple exercise, you will never look at floor washing the same way. This same technique can be performed while sweeping. These protection rituals can help you cleanse your space literally and spiritually.


Crystals can be used to absorb, repel, or redirect unbalanced energies in your environment, which makes them great for protection rituals. Tiny quartz crystal points can be placed in each corner of a room or in the four outermost corners of a house to provide continued shelter. Additionally, you may opt to place a few larger quartz crystals near your doors for grounding and protection.


Musicians and singers in particular may enjoy cleaning with sound. Songs, tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, wind chimes, instruments, chants, and even the act of clapping will generate sound waves that can transform the energy of a room.

These vibrations soothe negative energies and can bring peace to your environment. Begin by creating sound at a slow, rhythmic pace while walking throughout your home or office, circling the perimeter of each room. Gradually increase your pace while feeling the positive vibrations. This can be an empowering exercise to share with small children who occasionally suffer from nightmares, as it instills a greater sense of control over potentially negative situations.

Additional Tips for Protection Rituals

  • Using these protection rituals in combination with each other can be more effective.
  • Perform a cleansing when moving from or leaving a home/workplace.
  • Begin early in the morning to receive the day’s most rejuvenating energy.
  • Unless you’re using the sound method, work in silence as you focus on your intentions.
  • Conduct the ritual when you’re alone. You don’t want random foot traffic from children or pets disrupting your workflow.
  • Rituals can be done on specific dates, such as the New Year, your birthday, or the anniversary of a home purchase/move-in.
  • When you’re done, light a small, white tealight candle in each room for a harmonious finishing touch.
  • Energy-clearing rituals can be used for both preventative purposes and for specific circumstances that simply won’t resolve themselves normally.

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