Make The Best of 2009

Most of us daydream of heralding in every new year with bright and shining resolutions and daydreams that didn’t quite make it through the processes of the declining and previous year. Some of us will be successful in our life changes, others will simply live in the daydream and wait for the following year to try once again to enjoy success.

The secret of being successful in making your heart’s desires become reality is much more simple than you may think. The “secret” is no secret at all. It can be obtained by simply setting your sights in a realistic and reasonable timeframe. Next, you must believe in yourself and do not allow yourself to be deterred… no matter what! If 2009 would have only one word to describe its most necessary ingredient, it would be determination!

2009 will be quite unlike any year that most of us have ever experienced. It will see severe natural disasters and a genuine financial crisis that will begin in February and not lessen for months to follow. It will also see a true change in many people who have become so caught up in their own lives that they may have very well forgotten what it is like to really help others and genuinely listen. A wonderful essay, known as the “Desiderata” (Latin for “things desired”), was written by a brilliant man named Max Ehrman on the eve of the last Great Depression. One quote from it simply states: “Listen to the dull and ignorant for they, too, have their stories. Do not feign affection neither become cynical about love for it is as perennial as the grass.” Wise words, indeed.

Reconnect with others
Ask yourself, right now, when was the last time you listened to someone else’s story about their life? You may justify all the time you spend thinking and talking about your problems by believing that yours are greater than anyone else’s. At times in your life, this may be true. However, it is highly unlikely that it is a constant condition. It may only seem that way. The best way to make your problems feel smaller and more controllable is to step outside of them and really listen to someone else and see if you can provide comfort or a helpful suggestion. You’d be surprised how much of the advice you give to others that can be applied to your own situation.

What does all this have to do with 2009? That’s easy! Never before will people need the comfort and direction of others than in 2009. People will be almost forced to look past the boundaries and walls they have constructed in their lives and begin to embrace lost friends, distant neighbors, or family members who may have simply slipped out of sight for awhile. After all, more relationships have faltered and died from a lack of walking across the street than they have from moving across the world. It just takes the determination of turning off your television and actually reconnecting with people. You’d be surprised how much “spare time” you would have just by turning off that one appliance!

Once you have started reconnecting with others, it is a natural progression to look at meeting up and going for walks together. Improving your spirit while improving your body… now that’s a great idea! When was the last time you and an old friend went for a nice evening stroll after dinner, perhaps? That already sounds like a great way to spend an evening, doesn’t it? It’s certainly better than filling your mind with fears and disappointments caused by unrealistic expectations.

Dream realistically
A proven and trusted psychic advisor can help you sort out what is realistic in your life as opposed to what is simply a fantasy. You may not like the awakening, but coming to life and actually attaining your dreams is much better than sitting home alone and crying because what you want is a dream that just “looks good on paper.”

Many people call psychics because they fantasize (many times to the point of obsession) about being reconciled with a lover. Why? Mainly it’s because they are lonely. If the lover was so wonderful, why did the relationship end? Numerous clients every day call to say how they miss their beloved, how they want only that one person and will surely die without them only to turn around to describe how horrible that person was to them. The lesson? What “looks good on paper” very often isn’t so great when examined in real and unflinching terms. So be careful what you wish for in the year to come.

Now is the time to think about your life in real and compassionate terms. What is really best for you and what is best for those around you? What have you done to help the lives of others lately? Has money and the need to “acquire” transcended your humanity? Have you become so self-involved that your friends have grown weary of hearing only about your problems? What is really going on in your friend’s lives? Even when calling a psychic, have you ever considered what it is like for the psychic to have someone say virtually nothing and have to wade through all the psychic “noise” around that person only to struggle to make sure that the pertinent psychic images are seen correctly? Or do you quiet yourself and make sure you have a good telephone connection as well as an open psychic connection? Putting yourself in someone else’s place can do wonders for your success in almost anything – including a psychic reading.

Reach out
If we are going to make 2009 a success, you are going to need to unlock your heart and begin really caring about others as much as you do yourself. Make a resolution to help at a homeless or women’s shelter or youth organization at least once a month… and then stick to it. Talk to someone standing in line next to you at the grocery store instead of reading all the crazy nonsense on the tabloids. Reach out and make a real connection with the world around you. 2009 can either be the best year you have had in a very long time or it can be one of the worst. The choice is clearly up to you.

Remember, you are much stronger than you realize. With the help of good people around you, you will weather anything that these new challenges throw your way and you will be very pleased to know how many people you have helped, too. All it is going to require is real clarity of vision, a strong sense of humor and true determination.

And now to close with another quote from the Desiderata: “You are a child of the Universe. No less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt that the Universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore, be at peace…” So, find joy in your life and the wonders of the Universe will find you!

Have a safe, victorious and strong year to come.

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