Your LOVECAST™: Homey Trysts for Two

Lucky Jupiter begins its one-year transit through Aquarius on Monday, January 5, 2009, which can bring opportunities through friends and group projects throughout 2009. This week, Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer favors homey trysts for two. Then it’s party time on Sunday!

Week of January 5 – 11, 2009

Capricorn: You’re hot for a sexy tryst at the start of the week! Thoughtless words can unhinge romance on Wednesday. Work is unusually chaotic on Thursday. Saturday’s Full Moon energizes your relationship or may bring in a new partner. In the long-term, your financial sector gets a blessing from Jupiter in 2009, so look for moneymaking opportunities.

Aquarius: Romance is sweet and sexy at the beginning of the week. Your braininess brings kudos on Wednesday and controversy on Thursday. Love is uncontrollable during Saturday’s Full Moon. A twosome encounter energizes you on Sunday. In the long-term, Jupiter in your sign makes you a magnet for personal and professional opportunities, so think big throughout 2009!

Pisces: Heartfelt words make romance bloom at the beginning of the week. Argumentativeness can derail relationships at work and at home mid-week. Sexual chemistry sizzles during this weekend’s Full Moon! Throughout 2009, Jupiter heightens your ability to intuit where you need to go – and with whom. Meditation and dream analysis will bring exceptional insights.

Aries: Look for a moneymaking opportunity at the beginning of the week. Your sense of humor fires up romance mid-week. Saturday’s Full Moon energizes your creativity for throwing a party. Romance is over the top on Sunday! In the long-term, Jupiter widens your social circle and brings opportunities through community events and projects throughout 2009.

Taurus: Your sensuality is irresistible at the start of the week! A business opportunity may present itself, too. A spontaneous trip or expression of love revs up romance during Saturday’s Full Moon. Sunday is a great time for entertaining at your abode. Look for opportunities throughout the year to accelerate your career (and flirt with a colleague?), compliments of lucky Jupiter.

Gemini: Love blooms in a serene environment at the beginning of the week. Your charisma draws admirers mid-week. Saturday’s Full Moon prompts you to create a cozy retreat for two. Your way with words fires up passion on Sunday! Take advantage of Jupiter’s ability to expand your education and spiritual beliefs (and accelerate your love life) in 2009.

Cancer: Friends and group activities accelerate romance at the start of the week. Your loony sense of humor makes you the center of attention mid-week. The Full Moon in your sign this weekend makes you irresistible! And throughout the year, Jupiter encourages you to heal emotional wounds so you can enjoy increased intimacy with your sweetie – or attract a steamy relationship.

Leo: A career-related project may prompt a romantic interlude on Monday or Tuesday. Networking can bring opportunities mid-week. A peaceful locale heats up romance during Saturday’s Full Moon. Your powers of attraction skyrocket on Sunday! Throughout 2009, a close relationship gets a blessing from marriage-minded Jupiter. Business partnerships are also favored.

Virgo: Love blooms in an exotic atmosphere or during a class at the start of the week. Thursday is especially chaotic, so strive to stay centered. Socializing soars during Saturday’s Full Moon. Your lusty side emerges on Sunday! And throughout the year, Jupiter’s energy can bring professional kudos and perhaps a romantic interlude through work- and health-related activities.

Libra: Your sense of style draws admirers at the start of the week. Romance sizzles on Wednesday but is highly unpredictable on Thursday. Saturday’s Full Moon evokes your deepest feelings. Socializing accelerates on Sunday! In the long-term, Jupiter revs up romance and opens doors for your creative projects during 2009. Dealings with children are favored, too.

Scorpio: A twosome outing can turn lusty on Monday or Tuesday. Your brainpower makes you a magnet for admirers mid-week. Saturday’s Full Moon deepens love, while Sunday is all about sizzle! And Jupiter blesses family activities throughout the year, so access your creativity for entertaining. It can also be a good time to buy a home or embark on a remodeling project.

Sagittarius: A leisurely rendezvous fires you up on Monday or Tuesday. A date for two brings delight on Wednesday, but rash words or actions can unhinge love on Thursday. Emotions are over the top during Saturday’s Full Moon! Sunday is adventurous. Throughout the year, your Jupiter ruler makes you antsy for personal change. Also, networking and travel bring opportunities.

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