Living the Spiritual

There is spirituality in everything. I take every opportunity to “watch” myself in relation to others as well as how and why I make everyday decisions. The role of spirituality in my daily tasks is a constant knowing that I am not alone, even when no one is around. It’s the sensation of being guided, even though I am free to make my own decisions.

Something as simple as thumping on a watermelon at the grocery store allows me to use my intuition to pick a ripe and sweet fruit. (Which I just did about a week ago… and boy, was that thing good!) ! Next time you cook, instead of measuring ingredients and spices for your recipe, allow your intuition to tell you how much or little to use and, see how it tastes. These everyday tasks are excellent opportunities to practice spirituality.

Being spiritual isn’t always about sitting alone with your eyes closed meditating. Exercising, walking, watching a movie or having an in-depth conversation can all be avenues for spiritual growth. I love to practice seeing beyond the surface in everything I do. I’m not talking about overanalyzing; I’m talking about allowing your five basic senses to take in all of the information around you, as well as allowing yourself to connect with Source in every moment. Observing what you are doing as well as participating in it opens that door to your higher self and guidance.

I can think of nothing more spiritual than love. Every minute you are blessed to spend with a loved one is a spiritual experience. Allowing the feelings of love to fill the room and lift each person is something taken for granted far too often. Even when you are upset, and perhaps having a more heated conversation than usual, there is the opportunity to understand what issues are presenting themselves for release. The release of past energies which no longer serve is a major step in spiritual growth.

Knowing that you are a spiritual being who is having a physical experience in your everyday activities opens the mind to accept spirituality in everything you do.

5 thoughts on “Living the Spiritual

  1. George Brian Sullivan

    Living the spiritual is a moment like this when I am typing a comment such as this, when the sound of my fingers tapping on the keys becomes very real, when the phone rings and a friend is calling who has just enjoyed attending a Qi Gong event at Purgatory Chasm, and when another friend calls who needs to borrow ten dollars for her telephone, while still I am living the spiritual in the moment in rhythm with the tapping of these keys, intersecting with the ringing of my telephone and the harmonic background simmer of steam from the double boiler cooking my oatmeal towards which I must now breakfastwards spiritually go.

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  4. velvetoversteel

    I learned a lot and totally agree! We use our brain for thinking and our heart, intuition and spiritual being for truely knowing! We just need to listen and follow! 🙂
    Great post!!

  5. Jacqueline

    Hello Cheyenne,

    I totally agree with you about using all of our 5 senses, through-out time we have neglected using all of our senses, by doing this it will allow one to become balanced with everything around us, as we are in balance it brings health, happiness as well as many other things.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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