Balance Your Fifth Chakra

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Whether we live in a high or low vibrational state, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and the words we choose to speak all directly affect the vibrational frequency and rhythm of our chakras. One of the best methods of transforming low vibrational states, as well as our fifth chakra (and all other chakras for that matter), is through the act of chanting mantras.

Mantras and Chanting

There a literally thousands of mantras and chants spanning from a multitude of religions, cultures and spiritual practices, and each mantra or chant used has its own function and purpose such as protection, inner strength, clarity of mind, or the manifestation of material possessions.

Mantras and chanting are a means for transforming our minds from the negative, repetitive thoughts and behaviors which perpetuate themselves. It is the means of consciously awakening ourselves from the depths of ignorance by focusing the mind with pinpoint clarity towards the transformation of the self, creating the sense of peace and centeredness we all strive for. With mantras and chants, however, we soon discover that there is nothing to strive for, as peace and centeredness have been within us all along, that we have only been looking for it in all the wrong places.

When reciting or chanting a mantra, it is not necessary to understand its meaning for it to have efficacy. The mantra’s sound and vibrational rhythm penetrates our subconscious minds, resonating and restructuring us down to the cellular level and ultimately aligns us, as well as our energy, with the universe. We become synchronized with the rhythm of true source.

However, If we merely chant a mantra with little to no real investment of our entire beings, the effect will be minimal or lackluster at best. But when we invest our total selves, the benefits will be enormous and the manifestations will greatly surprise us on every level.


In today’s world of self-help psychology, affirmations are used to manifest changes in our individual thought patterns. Affirmations can also be used as mantras for growth on all levels. It’s important to note that when reciting an affirmation you should use “I am” before each stated affirmation, which tells the unconscious mind that the change has already taken place, and sets the stage for a greater future.

Shad Helmstetter has written an excellent book, “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself,” in which he shows us that by changing the internal communication with ourselves through awareness and the use of affirmations, we can succeed in transforming all aspects of our lives, and overcome the hurdles that prevent us from doing so.


All forms of creative expression is ultimately communication. This type of expression shapes perceptions, cultures and societies. A perfect example on a mass level would be the media, television, and film which has shaped (and continues to shape) our perceptions, negatively or positively, which in turn affects the direction of our culture and society.

In terms of creative expression through art, it is said that art is closer to God than religion. This is because God, or Source, is the creator of all sentient and insentient beings and is contained within us and all things. We are a part of “it” and when we create art we are carrying out the function of the creator without the need of a middle-man (or woman). We are the micro creators within the macro, creating and shaping not only art, but our entire lives.

In short, when we purify ourselves, we increase our vibrational energy, creating a clear connection to true source. Through the use of mantras, chanting and affirmations, we deepen our connection to source and develop the ability to effectively communicate our thoughts, feelings and emotions either verbally or creatively through artistic expression. We become free to be ourselves; comfortable expressing ourselves clearly and fearlessly, moving our way ever upward towards spiritual enlightenment.

5 thoughts on “Balance Your Fifth Chakra

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  4. joypride

    This IS a great article! I have used affirmations in the past and recently started chanting mantras which has helped tremondously! I’ll have to pick up Shad Helmstetter’s book. You should check out Mantra Mom’s CD “I am: Discovering your inner beauty through divine Sanskrit mantras.” She combines affirmations with mantras.
    Thanks again for this article Phoenix.


  5. Jacqueline

    Hi Phoenix,
    Great article, I have done this for years and have seen how this works, the method of chanting can have a very powerful effect on you life, I used to go on long walks and chant the whole time during my walk, it was a very effective and pivotal time.

    It has taken many years for us to develop our learning and thinking habits, so we need to redevelop, deprogram our thoughts, this takes some time, but the chanting is definitely a great start, it works, it does bring the physical actions to take place.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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