Know Your Chakras: One

This is the first in a seven-part series on the chakras. I will be discussing the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of each chakra and how they interact with us and our environment, as well as how to work with and balance each chakra through diet, exercises and meditations in order to bring lasting health and happiness to our lives.

First Chakra: Muladhara (Root)

Element: Earth

Function and Purpose: Survival, self-preservation, grounding

Obstacle: Fear

Balanced Inner States: Security, stability, being comfortable in one’s body

Imbalanced Inner States: Moody and/or emotionally unstable, living in one’s head (thoughts and fantasies, being disconnected from the body)

Location: Coccyx, perineum

Color: Red

The root chakra, located at the coccyx and perineum, is our first and most important energy center – it is the foundation that all other chakras are built upon. Without this “root support,” we would never be able to open our upper chakras, thus reaching the pure state of spiritual consciousness.

This calls to mind an image of a great tree with its “roots” running deep into the rich, nourishing earth, reaching strong and high to caress the boundless heavens. Much like these trees, in order for us to reach the one true celestial source of pure connectedness with all that is, our roots must also run deep. Without deep roots, we are merely reeds floating atop the ocean, at the mercy of the tides, floating aimlessly through life, unable to choose our own direction and destinies.

When our first chakra is properly cared for and balanced, we are “grounded.” Grounding is the process of opening this chakra and resting comfortably in our bodies.

Have you had any interesting experiences with the root chakra?

(Stay tuned over the weekend for a guide to working with and balancing the first chakra!)

16 thoughts on “Know Your Chakras: One

  1. nidhi kapoor

    Really very helpful chakras are also not balanced and sometimes in the day I feel imbalanced.I do go for walks which helps but still we times its difficult especially if I have to go out , I get negative thoughts that will I be able to go out today.

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  9. alcyone7alcyone7

    Some people find that long walks have a grounding effect- puts one more fully into the body.

    Also adding more root vegetables (yep!) like potatoes, beets, carrots etc to one’s diet may aid groundedness.


  10. sedonaextension5272

    Wonderful article, Phoenix! Wonderful information and insights from everyone! And perfect timing for me!

    I’ve been working with the Root Chakra a lot lately. Like you Carmen, this chakra is one that requires my attention more than the others.

    The other day I bought a lovely red throw rug to put in front of my meditation and reading chair. My eyes, feet and body just drink in that color. I crave it. And this little red rug has brought a wonderful sense of balance, peace and energy to me.

    I’ve also been letting my awareness “dig down” into that chakra while taking long, deep breaths when I need more energy, strength or stability. It’s very grounding and brings me to a state of being truly present.

    Thanks for the ideas you’ve all shared here. Now I have some new tools to create more joy and balance in my life!

    I’m eager for the coming articles!


  11. alcyone7alcyone7

    Great article! I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

    Some stones and crystals for the root chakra include red jasper, red garnet, red spinel, (unheated) ruby in crystal or tumbled form, hematite coated (red) quartz, also BLACK TOURMALINE (essential!!!), smoky quartz, hematite, black obsidian, cuprite, bloodstone, and poppy jasper among others.

    Stones can be laid on the body (use your intuitive inner guidance) for 10-20 minutes at a time or for chronic problems can be worn for longer periods as pendants or preferably beads (8mm and 10mm round beads are the most useful therapeutically). Grounding-type stones can soothe any of the chakras as well as the root center.

    For the most efficient and effective action stones should touch the skin, though as long as they are inside one’s auric field they will work. Stones can also be carried in a pouch in one’s pocket.

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  13. Christine

    Great article!! Yoga is also helpful to balance the root chakra…mountain pose, warrior, chair pose all increase groundedness and stability. Using the 1st chakra bij mantra (Lum) while holding the pose helps the flow of prana in the first chakra and makes the yoga poses more powerful.

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, Phoenix,

    ……I also was taught many years ago to balance my root chakra by digging my bare feet in the earth…….sometimes I do this before I go into meditation.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  15. giovannax5214

    As always, awesome article! I also wanted to mention that Carmen shares with us some great exercises anyone can try =)

    Life force and vitality also coincide with this chakra’s significance, and when it’s out of balance each following chakra is affected via energy flow. The majority of us walking around have imbalances in the root chakra primarily due to money and safety/security issues. As this occurs, not only is energy flow restricted, the chakra can actually change size, shape and color to the clairvoyant or energy sensitive person.

    Another helpful exercise is to see and/or feel this energy center as vibrant red and round, at just the perfect size for you. Whenever we are dealing with energy constrictions breathing in or charging the areas in need with warm energy colors like red and orange brings heat and increases the flow of energy. (I recommend this type of exercise to anyone suffering from worries revolving around money, security, or those feeling low on energy–it helps!:)

    Excess energy can also be channeled out (nervous, etc.) through sitting or kneeling on the floor, seeing, sensing or feeling the excess running out through the hands (whatever color you see, feel, or sense is okay) and sent into the earth (through the floor if indoors) to be absorbed and transmuted by the earth energy. The effects of this exercise can be felt immediately for most individuals.

    A good way to balance earth and divine energy is to imagine 85% source energy at your crown in a triangular purple or white stream and a 15% earth energy connection at your feet following a good grounding exercise (such as those shared with us by Carmen).

    Namaste and Blessings~
    Giovanna x5214

  16. Carmen Hexe

    I am an Earth sign (Virgo). Hence, one would think that my root chakra is the most balanced one. Alas, it is not. Every time I used to get my chakras balanced, it was either the root or heart chakra (on rare occassion the second chakra) that were out of whack. Having an imbalanced root chakra is truly NOT fun! Just as you said, you tend to be moody, emotionally unstable, and extremely caught up in your head, to the point that you cannot focus, concentrate or really function.

    I have now learned to balance this chakra much better. And here are the ways that I do it:
    1. Meditation and grounding exercises. I literally picture roots going from my first chakra into the ground, anchoring themselves deeply into the earth, creating a channel of warm, grounding earth energy that fills the entire body.

    2. Playing with “mud.” Any type of activity that involves the earth (gardening, walking barefoot on grass, digging your feet into sand on the beach, etc.) balances this chakra. I especially like gardening. Really digging my hands into the dirt, planting and weeding is truly therapeutical for me and makes me feel grounded. While I garden/take walks, etc. I imagine the roots from the first chakra digging into the dirt, creating a beautiful network of branches.

    This is why I sometimes dislike Los Angeles. I miss my beautiful forests and the smell of pine I had in Germany.


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