How to Attract Prosperity With Laughter

Good Money Through Good Humor

Have you ever heard of the saying “You can catch more flies with honey…?” Well, prosperity, good fortune and success are like a fly that has its own flight plan, and unless you attract it to your life, you can’t be sure it’s going to land. So let’s look at how we can use laughter as the “honey” to shift our energies to attract prosperity.

Laughter is being studied for the power that it has on the body, mind, and spirit all over the world! According to Texas A& M University, “Laughter fights negative thoughts and leads to increased hopefulness!” Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals shows how laughter can change the cellular structure of water, and human beings are mostly made up of water, so you can change yourself cell by cell with it!

By being more apt to be happy and relaxed, and having better body function, you increase your personal energy… think of it as a more powerful “honey.” The Law of Attraction is about your dominant thoughts affecting the energy around you, the people around you, and the flow of positive things to your life based on that. It mirrors and amplifies the level of your personal energy and acts as a magnet to draw in what it is you need to create that prosperity in your life.

Some of the benefits of laughter:

• Laughter stimulates the production of hormones, which release endorphins (happy juice)
• Provides oxygen to the brain!
• Exercises the face muscles (you’ll look younger)
• Exercises the stomach muscles (you’ll live longer… and better)
• Helps the immune system (you’ll get sick less)
• Increases blood flow
• Produces a sense of well being

So what you can do to take action, today, is to watch what you listen to (depressing music, or music that brings you joy?), what you watch (sad dramas, heavy action, or… comedy), and what kind of people you hang out with. I encourage my clients to actually cultivate “playfulness” and revisit their childhood innocence. Color, sing, hum, skip, play in the water, and above all… laugh at things! Laugh out loud as much as you can, it’s contagious, and you’ll find others laughing along with you. They even have CDs of laughter that you can buy, as well as finding local “laugh therapy”… or just go to a comedy club!

There’s an old saying—“garbage in, garbage out”—that makes you stop and think about what you’re “putting in,” what you surround yourself with, and that affects how we feel and how empowered we are to create change… So laugh, play, and be happy in order to be prosperous!

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7 thoughts on “How to Attract Prosperity With Laughter

  1. Kay

    Sometimes happy people are mistaken for shallow people with no plans in life! As if no direction to lead! Just appreciating what life unfolds.

  2. fariha

    well yea i think u r rite but what i have heard is that laughter takes you towards heart failure. is that true????????? my this comment is not getiing registered, mayb u ppl dun want me to say tht

  3. Eunice

    My male friends want me to go shopping with them all the time now! Why? Because I tell jokes and tease the cashier so they get a “discount”. Hey, it works! People want to have fun and laugh and they appreciate it when I can lighten their heavy day with laughter.

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    sitcoms – rock… after a long day of work, kicking back and laughing is all i need.
    thanks for the reminder that laughing does so much to make life better.
    laughing all the way to the bank, as they say….

  5. Mark Taylor UK

    Hello Yemaya, good article and thought provoking, I work in sales and as such I firmly believe people buy people! So If I am always positive and enthusiastic, and above all happy I will attract a happy client. Our products can be amazing but if we had two identicle shops one with an unhappy manager and another with a happy manager people will remember and deal with the one that made them feel happy! And then recommend the happy one. It is a no brainer, nobody wants to be around a unhappy person too long as they sap there energy and create a solemn atmosphere!


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