Save Your Marriage: Bring Back the Spark!

Reignite a Long-Term Relationship

One of Psychic Josie ext. 5520 specialties is assisting with marital issues. We discussed what to do when your marriage or long-term relationship has lost some of its spark. To fan the flames of romance again, and avoid problems before they creep up, try out Josie’s advice!

Josie’s specializes in “intuitive coaching.” She gives her clients the tools they need to approach life with a clear direction. In our recent chat, she said, “Giving callers the tools helps them become able to deal with any crisis situation.” She receives much information through her clear inner knowing: “A lot of times, people give me a name, and I will see someone from my personal life. When I pick up that energy, then I know what direction to go.”

Understand the Cycles

Josie says that there are cycles to everything in life, especially in a marriage: “In the first third of a cycle, it’s all new, and all wonderful. Then in the middle third, which runs anywhere from 7-9 years, you hit stagnation and restlessness. The last cycle is flushing out old stuff you need to get rid of.” And then the cycle begins again.

According to Josie, the key is to recognize the middle period. “You have to realize—I’m in a stagnation period. Then ask yourself, what can I add? Or what can I get rid of that’s not working? When you realize the cycles, you realize you can be in control.” What do you need to realize about your relationship? Psychic Josie ext. 5520 can reveal what you need to know.

Defeat the Stagnation

Josie has some amazing tips to break through the stagnation and imbue your relationship with revitalized energy.

Appeal to Their Senses: “When someone says, I still love them but we’re not connecting, I tell them to go backwards (this is the rare time I tell callers to look backwards in their life!). Play the song you fell in love to. Fix the first date meal. Wear the same color you wore then. Or wear the same cologne or perfume. Men especially are so in tune with their senses.”

“Do this even without telling him what you’re doing, and you will see an effect. Sense memory is stored deep in our cells, and has power. When you introduce those senses again, it will bring back the spark he felt then.” Get more fantastic personalized tips to bring the spark back to your relationship. Try a love reading with Psychic Josie ext. 5520 today!

Get a Sense of Direction: “This is great for when you feel things are stagnating, but you’re not sure what to change. To find out what you want, first, get clear with what you don’t want. I call it a symbolic release. Write down everything that isn’t working for you. Analyze your list, then do something physical with it, like tear it up. Really feel the emotions behind it as you do this. Our spirits are connected to our physical bodies. That’s why we do this exercise with physical materials. Your mind, emotions, and physical body will all respond.”

“Then start a journal, writing only what you want. Don’t write in terms of any negatives, for example, I don’t want… Instead, write I will have prosperity, wellness, etc. You will be so surprised to see that you can get what you want like a checklist.” Are you ready to manifest wonderful things in your love life? An intuitive coach like Psychic Josie ext. 5520 can set you on the path to manifest the kind of love you’re dreaming of!

Manifest What You Want: “So many people think manifesting is just about thinking about what you want. But it’s more than that.So here are the steps to manifest what you do want: Realize something you want to change or be different, recognize the cycle you’re in, do a symbolic clearing, use a manifesting journal, express gratitude for what you receive, and then move to the next thing.”

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8 thoughts on “Save Your Marriage: Bring Back the Spark!

  1. Juhlis

    I’ve been with him more than 3 yrs. Now he wants to break up and back to his ex. Also, now his gf control him. His gf put a gps on his phone so he can’t meet me.
    Is there anyway you can help?
    Pls advise.


  2. sammie

    Erica and Josie, I must say that I have been doing these things for months and I have had a break, although I have never been married I have been though a number of relationships where I mostly recall the good in all of them. This particular one however is truely different. Actually he introduced me to “The Secret”, “Celestine Prophecy”, “The tenth Insight”.
    There are times when I feel his higher self in my presence, yet he has said we are done. I have shut him out and find that his presents is stronger at those times. I know he needs time, a have also learned (as of today, after speaking to him) that he is angry with me. I have had a number of dreams that have been coming true (not related to him in particular), except for 1. Since the others have come true I know this one will. I will tell you all that I love him and will always.
    thank you all
    from the rantings of a love sick puppy.
    (and proud of it I might add)

  3. Wendy

    For many years I tried thinking about the good memories, but it only works for a while. My husband and I are separated at the moment, deep down in my heart I believe we’re not going to work out. I don’t like remembering things like first date, first kiss, etc… I even got rid of pictures and little things that reminded me of our marriage. Could it be that this time I really fell out of love?

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    terrific information.
    i really like, and also tell people to go back to where the relationship started – why they feel in love – the memories are there for a reason.
    we live life moving forward but we understand it by looking back.
    great article, thank you erika and josie for sharing.
    ~~~metta waves~~~

  5. Mark Taylor UK

    Hello Josie, interesting article, I believe your are right in manifestation, as a novice it works for me but I do need to learn to be more focussed and concentrate, your paragraph about appealing to the senses caught my eye! My wife and I decided to separate after 20 years, LONG STORY, guilt on both parts, however we agreed to have a last dinner together, I remembered our first meal she ever made us, Mousaka! we we had that, and the first bottle of white wine we drank! we had that. We had our meal, behaved in an adult way and enjoyed the moment, reviewed some happy memories, made love like the first time, cuddled like the first time, and then she left the next day, we appealed to those senses that had happiness in them! We said our good byes the next day and we are still friends albeit distant. My point is? You can focus on the positives which eases out the negatives. Great article and well observed.


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