The Art of Astrological Elements

What is Your Artful Astrological Element?

The very basics of astrology teach us about the four elements, and appearing in order, they are: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. With each element, there are a number of tendencies that are good to keep in mind when looking at family, friendships and love relationships. You will find there are things that will turn you on and things that will turn you off. When forming new relationships or trying to figure out the old ones, these little tidbits of artful information can help to understand the nature of the person.

Fire: Artful Element is Passion

Aries: The Aries is the motivator and the driving force of the fire signs. They love to be the boss and spend lots of time in their heads thinking and writing. Many very brilliant people are born in this sign. They can be a tad self-centered, and love to talk. They have a passion for family and love, and yet, in friendships they can be demanding.

Leo: Lovely Leos, they are stubborn and beautiful with a playful nature. They are very hard workers, and believe it or not, they can be shy. Loving a Leo is a warm experience until they get too comfortable. A good poke will wake up the sleeping lion.

Sagittarius: The unfiltered Sagittarius is a joy to have around. They are talented, funny and free-flowing in nature. Whatever the Sagittarius is thinking comes out of their mouths. Their mantra is: “Keep it moving forward.”

Earth: Artful Element is Confidence

Taurus: Woolly bully, the Taurus is a tender bull with a hippie vibration. Grounded and sturdy, they appreciate others’ efforts and are not afraid to work hard. Creative energy and an eye for beauty along with being able to hold down the fort makes the Taurus a good person to have in your life.

Virgo: If you were picked by a Virgo, know that you must be pretty wonderful. The Virgo has a great eye for knowing what they want. They are smart and critical in a way that can be very endearing.

Capricorn: Climb to the top of the mountain, swim the longest stream, the mighty survivor Capricorn is a moneymaker, a great friend and a wonderful lover. Not wearing their heart on their sleeve will take some getting used to. They will give you directions in any area of life; all you have to do is ask.

Air: Artful Element is Drama

Gemini: Bring it on! Gemini has all the smarts one could ever ask for, lots of ideas and a way of putting things that will make you laugh. Double trouble no doubt or twice as much fun, the Gemini will keep you busy.

Libra: Ah, the Libra the mother, the yogi, the yin yang of the zodiac—keeping it balanced is the karma of the Libra. With a great sense of beauty for art and design and the love of children, you will find the Libra to be an excellent partner, parent and friend.

Aquarius: Curtain going up on the Aquarius is an everyday event. From morning to night, there is no boring time in the life you will have with an Aquarius as your partner. Talented and edgy, very temperamental and intelligent, you will have your hands full keeping up with them.

Water: Artful Element is Fluidity

Cancer: Which way did the Cancer go? Never in a straight line, that is for sure. The Cancer likes to take a trip around the block before going home. A tad moody, a lot romantic and can cook up a storm, just be ready to clean up the mess they make. They are great lovers, mothers and friends.

Scorpio: They are deep, dark and mysterious. Once they open up, there is a lot to talk about. But patience is a must when a Scorpio is in your life. They are easygoing and don’t mind privacy or alone time. This gives you the opportunity to be independent. Jealous and possessive are two traits that make it hard to embrace the Scorpio.

Pisces: Going around in circles is not as bad as it sounds. The Pisces is a lovely person with deep spiritual insight and the ability to keep the circle from breaking. Perhaps a little redundant, but, hey, hearing how much you are loved is not a bad thing.

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5 thoughts on “The Art of Astrological Elements

  1. Rickey, Midpines,Ca.

    why don’t you two stop complaining about your husband and get a life, you could be boring too. Did you everthink about that,what do you do that so exciting in your life, huh! Why don’t you do something for your self to make your life more rewarding. Stop living your life for your husband, live your own life. You be surprise how rewarding it is, to take charge of you destiny. You be a happer camper, good lucky.

  2. max

    I would soon have a very loving relationship with your partner than have a war zone upon where that you have the frying pan syndrome effect, or even an ashtry problem thrown at your head or something boring is better than quarrels upon where that use are at each others throat all of the time.

  3. -quinn ext.5484

    dear jane, im sorry to hear your husband is boring.
    the Libras ruling planet is venus – the planet of love.
    it would be good if you had your charts done to see why you feel he is boring. there are so many other things that figure into a persons personality that the chart can show you.
    a reading with one of the astrologers might shed some lite on this for you too. sometimes boring is calm and balanced, no drama… this can be a good thing.
    i hope you find enjoyment in your marriage.


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