Mercury Turns Retrograde

It’s that time again — from April 17 through May 11, 2010, retrograde Mercury will create chaos in communications. To avoid having to backtrack over your plans and projects, be extra mindful when expressing your ideas, signing agreements, making travel arrangements and saving computer files. What’s more, Mercury is in Taurus, so all of the above especially pertains to your finances. On the positive side, it’s an excellent time to analyze what attitudes/habits are holding you back from being prosperous, and how to use your moneymaking skills to the fullest.

For more specifics, read your Sun and ascendant signs below.

Aries: Making financial decisions or arrangements can get squirrely during retrograde Mercury, so be sure you understand the details and read the fine print to avoid a misunderstanding. Conversely, going inward can inspire a moneymaking idea. Prioritizing what’s important in your life by getting in touch with your values will clarify your direction.

Taurus: Getting your ideas across to others may be difficult during retrograde Mercury in your sign. Still, taking some time for introspection will energize and clarify your self-expression after Mercury turns direct. It’s also time to analyze how you use words to convey your thoughts and feelings. Journaling can evoke some unexpected insights.

Gemini: Retrograde Mercury encourages a review of your past. Seeing how the past influences the present will reveal what attitudes and emotions are holding you back from moving forward. Meditation and dream analysis will bring insights about your direction and heighten your intuition. Talking to a trusted friend or therapist can bring clarity, too.

Cancer: Mixed messages can derail group discussions during retrograde Mercury. On the other hand, reminiscing about former goals can inspire your present plans. Do you have a long-forgotten dream that’s waiting to be revitalized? You may also want to contact a friend from the past to express a feeling that was left unsaid.

Leo: Backtracking over a career project because of a miscommunication is likely during retrograde Mercury. Also, be mindful while talking with your boss (or anyone in authority). On the plus side, analyzing your career goals, attitudes about goal-setting, and talents you want to share with the world will accelerate your path.

Virgo: Reviewing the fine print in legal documents is a must during retrograde Mercury. In your spiritual life, analyzing your beliefs can strengthen your faith. It’s also time to review your aspirations in all areas of your life — romance, finances, health, career and the like. Participating in spiritual/philosophical discussions will illuminate your direction, too.

Libra: You’ll need to double-check documents and other communications pertaining to banking and investing during retrograde Mercury. On the positive side, analyzing and discussing the past can help heal emotional wounds that block intimacy. Is there something you need to express that will help you heal? Discussing your sexual needs with your partner will fire up intimacy as well!

Scorpio: Miscommunication with your significant other or business partner are likely during retrograde Mercury, so be extra sensitive during discussions, both in speaking and listening. Conversely, it’s an excellent time to discuss relationship and commitment issues. Delving into the past can bring insights about how to resolve problems that hinder your relationship.

Sagittarius: Be on the lookout for communications snafus with coworkers, employees, and health professionals during retrograde Mercury. On the other hand, reviewing and revamping your daily routine will free up your time for more pleasurable pursuits. Your work habits may need revamping as well. And scrutinizing your diet and exercise habits will help you create a healthier lifestyle.

Capricorn: If a former lover suddenly pops into your head (or into your life), it’s retrograde Mercury at work. Is there unfinished business you need to discuss? It’s also time to review how you communicate your thoughts and feelings to your lover and/or children. Additionally, an old idea for a creative project may be reawakened.

Aquarius: Miscommunication can abound with family members during retrograde Mercury. Mix-ups involving home-improvement projects can throw you off track as well. On the other hand, analyzing how you communicate with your family can improve your connections. Plus, talking about your childhood will bring insights about your current challenges, habits and unexplored talents.

Pisces: Retrograde Mercury is not the time to get lost in a Neptunian fog. That’s because mixed messages are likely in everyday conversations, so it’s imperative that you speak clearly and listen carefully. Making travel arrangements can be tricky, too. On the plus side, analyzing and revamping your communication skills will enhance your way with words.

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