Goddess Brigid

Looking for a fiery female to pattern your life after? Forget Bridget Jones – channel the goddess she was named after instead. Revered as both a pagan goddess and a Catholic saint, Brigid helped everyone from the craftsman looking to improve their skills to lepers hoping to be healed. Channel your inner Brigid and make your life happier and healthier through inspiration, elevation, healing and beauty.

The lore
As the Goddess of the Sacred Flame, Brigid has long been associated with fire. According to mythology, she was born at the exact moment of day break, with rays of fire shooting from her head like the sun rising over the horizon. But don’t take her title too literally – Brigid also represents a more symbolic kind of torch: the fire of inspiration. Use Brigid’s flame to light a fire under the dreams you’ve abandoned. Whether it’s lost love, creative aspiration or professional ambition, you can rekindle the burning passion of your past. And when you hit obstacles, don’t give up. With each new day break comes more of Brigid’s energy to push you forward.

In addition to high-rising flames, Brigid evokes all things lofty – from the physical elevation of tall mountains to the mental elevation of wisdom. She was known for her fierce intellect and extraordinary skills, both of which she was always open to sharing.

If you want to reach the elevation of Brigid, you have to begin with yourself. With every word you say and action you take, ask yourself, Will this raise me up? Will it make me wiser, stronger, smarter? Each moment will become a conscious decision to elevate yourself, and you’ll eventually find you’re living your whole life on a higher level than you ever thought possible.

Brigid’s flame also brings with it a legacy of vitality and energy. Her mythology includes many stories of healing – both physical and emotional. Brigid used her energy to help everyone from lepers to warring families find health and happiness. But you don’t have to have healing powers to follow Brigid’s example. The first step is to pay attention to the emotional pain in those around you. Once you’ve started listening, you’ll realize people tell you in a thousand tiny ways that they’re hurting – and what exactly you can do to help them feel better. Once you’ve learned to tap into your ability to heal, you may be surprised by the transformative power you have over your own life.

Brigid was said to bring beauty everywhere she went. According to mythology, with each step she took, flowers and shamrocks sprung from the ground. Even if you can’t make roses grow out of your flip flops, you can bring beauty to your world with every step. Smile when you enter a room. Say hello to strangers. Share kind words, even in frustrating moments. Compliment achievements and forgive mistakes. The world will soon be more beautiful for you – and everyone around you.

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