Sweet Revenge

Being dumped is one of the worst feelings on earth. The worst part is knowing that while your ex is off living a fabulous life, you can’t stop thinking about them. Here are our top three ways for getting your ex out of your head and getting sweet revenge.

Let go
Letting go of love is the hardest part of being dumped. While your ex has been letting go of you in preparation for the breakup, you’re still as attached as ever. So when they suddenly pull the rug out of from under you, you’re not necessarily ready to let go of your life together. In the beginning, it’s natural to cling to whatever souvenirs you have left of your relationship. You may find yourself eating at their favorite restaurant, sleeping in their old t-shirt or re-watching the movie you saw on your first date together. You do these things because you want to feel close to the person you miss so much.

But whether you want to or not, eventually you have to put distance where there was once closeness. Bit by bit, you must begin to let go of the tiny pieces of your relationship. As you let go of your life with your ex, embrace the new life in front of you: the amazing life that is yours and yours alone.

Love again
Your first impulse after a breakup may be to move on into the arms of someone else. Not only will it ease your loneliness, you’re sure it will make you feel wanted again after the sting of rejection. And most of all, the idea of you and another love will infuriate your ex with jealousy.

But as exciting as vengeance between the sheets may seem, having a one-night stand might not end up hurting anyone but you. The morning after, you could end up feeling even more lonely and insecure than before the tryst.

While rebounding with a perfect stranger sounds like a delicious way to get even, real revenge is moving on in a meaningful way. Open your heart to all kinds of people – not just potential lovers. Be kind to friends and family, reach out to neighbors in need, and learn to love yourself in a more profound way. Once you’ve brought more universal love into your life, you can move on and begin to look for the right partner to share romantic love.

Live well
Some people say that the best revenge is living well. They’re right. The only way to get your ex out of your life is to fill your life with so many other wonderful things that there’s no room for them anymore!

Being dumped often leaves you feeling helpless and out of control. But you can take back the power over your own destiny by channeling your pain and anger into positive energy. Use this time as an opportunity to grow, to change and to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Spend time with friends you’re usually too busy for. Study something you’ve always wanted to learn about. Take up a new hobby. Get into shape. Go on vacation.

Not only will your new life distract you from the pain of your breakup, it will leave you happier and healthier than you were with your ex. And really, what’s sweeter revenge than that?

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