Show Instead of Tell

You want to tell your partner “I love you,” but you don’t want to say it in so many words. In fact you don’t want to use any words at all. Perhaps you aren’t ready to say the “L” word even though you feel the sentiment. Maybe you are simply waiting them to utter those three words first.

Or conceivably, the phrase has lost its potency since you say it way too much. Either way, there are numerous ways to tell someone how you feel without the use of spoken words. After all, actions really do speak louder, right?

The power of touch is invaluable. We all love to be hugged and caressed. So take your lover by the hand when you cross the street or kiss the nape of their neck just because. Give them a hand, foot or whole body massage. Or try hugging just a little longer, a little harder, or with just a little more energy than usual. Also come up behind them and give them a squeeze – it’s fun!

Little things
Doing small things can say a lot! For instance, draw a big heart on a steamed up mirror in the bathroom, suggests Karen Sherman, a New York-based psychologist and the author of Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, Make It Last. Take a warm towel from the dryer just as your lover steps out of the shower. For a date night, find out when their favorite band is coming to town and get tickets. Doing a chore for the other person (the dishes or pick up their dry cleaning) is one of the easiest ways to show love.

Note your love
A little note, phrase or poem expressing your love can show your partner how much you care about them. Write love messages and leave them throughout the house or on their computer. Send a naughty text message to spruce up your partner’s day. Or hide little notes in their car, pockets, or under their pillow. Buy a card or send a letter to them via snail mail. Finally consider writing out 10 reasons why you think they are special on different pieces of paper and spread them all over the house!

Express your love by cooking a surprise dinner and setting the atmosphere with music, candlelight, and flowers. Or help your beloved cook – preparing a meal together can be very sexy. Or, plan a night in a new restaurant in your neighborhood. If you can, make a mini-break out of it and treat yourselves to a weekend getaway in the wine country. Enjoy room service, good dining, indoor swimming, and lots of lovemaking. And by the way, unplug that television, video or phone, ’cause the only thing you should be turning on is each other!

Remember to cherish one another because life is short. Relationships are a work in progress, so be patient and don’t take each other for granted. Always give it your all and good things will follow.

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