Gain Radical Happiness Instantly!

Be Happy at Any Age… By Living in the Moment

Remember the good old days when we would proudly state how old we were? “I’m Sweet 16!” or “I’m finally going to be 21!!” Now, we may share our birth month and day, but rarely the year—unless prodded to do so. I, for one, was not excited to be creeping up on 30 and still not be married or have children. As an only child, my parents sure weren’t pleased either… But then, an idea hit me one day: When I dwell on the future and what I don’t have now (yet want so badly), am I not pressuring myself to age faster? Why am I not enjoying the things I have in this moment of time, like a great career and a new home, instead of always keeping my focus on the next thing I want to achieve? If I hold on to this mindset, then I will eventually find myself married with children and then not enjoying those experiences because I’ll be looking forward to retirement and my kids going off to college! That would not be a life of happiness; that would be a life of impatience.

This profound realization, to live in the moment so I can enjoy my current age, came as a result of reading a famous quote from Abraham Lincoln that I found randomly on the Internet: “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” After reading this aphorism several times and letting it resonate, I thought back about each year of my life and noticed that age 28 (my current age) has been the best year ever because I have been living my life to the absolute fullest.

Specifically, I started going to social gatherings whenever invited, I more aggressively worked toward meeting my personal and professional goals, and I am doing the things I have always wanted to do but never made time for, such as going to all the restaurants on my “Must-Eat-There” list. These fun, light activities brought me back to life, made the year memorable, and showed me that I can be happy at any age, but only if I make the things I enjoy happen! Happiness doesn’t just fall in one’s lap; happiness comes as a result of actively pursuing whatever makes you content. When you do this, you are not only more pleased on the inside, but also you exude joy on the outside, which makes you appear more youthful.

Living in the moment also comes with risk though. For example, I had reached a point in my career in which teaching no longer fulfilled me. Instead of renewing my contract, I nervously quit my secure job to find a career that better suited my personality. Fortunately, that same month, I received a job offer to be a librarian. If I had not quit teaching, I would not have come across this excellent opportunity. As a result, I learned that to attain happiness one must first LET GO of the things that make one unhappy! We need to make room for happiness to enter our lives. After all, as Psychic Rivers ext. 5273 says, “Happiness is not something you can expect other people to give you. Happiness comes from within yourself. Happiness is a choice.”

Since having my epiphany, I no longer dread the nearness of my 29th birthday. Instead, I celebrate the fact that I am approaching 30, and I keep getting more attractive, intelligent, and experienced every year! I am not ashamed to tell the world “I am 29 and rockin’ it!” Accordingly, you can have the same confidence at any age if you start living your best life, one day at a time, one moment at a time, and one seized opportunity at a time. Carpe Diem!

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19 thoughts on “Gain Radical Happiness Instantly!

  1. stef

    I too just learned to live in the “now”. This thought came into my mind while I was driving just the other day, “I am tired of being impatient. I cannot change circumstances over night. I am never going to be happy in life if I am always waiting for something”

  2. we the people

    always remember wisdom and strength . love and life and yet watch and learn and i mean watch and learn. my friends !!!! sigh the WE THE PEOPLE !!!!

  3. Natasha

    When i think about getting older, i always knew that those are the best years in my life. I can do alot to keep myself happy because my kids are growing up. Happiness is my promised myself that along time ago sometimes you have to give up everything and start over just don’t be stupid doing it.have your life in order, make plans of your goals,accomplish them and be certain that this is what you want before you get yourself involved.happiness is a hard job not to be played with. You have to find out what mad you happy and stick with it. It could be the clothes you wear,a new car, going back to school,or even your new mate. Always remember, the key to happiness, is becoming better than what you use to be by succeeding. To let go of the brake, driving to your destiny of accomplishment

  4. Cami

    Even when we move through life with a deliberate consciousness, there is still no such thing as “there.” Once I get there I’ll feel better…be happier…feel younger..etc. We can choose to be fully present in the moments of our lives, but be realistic and embrace that during the forward motion, we will not always feel blissful. Happiness is ephemeral. It’s fleeting even when we exercise the courage to take risks and make changes. The only thing we can really do is make a conscious decision that when we do feel happy, to be fully present and enjoy it. Life is a buffet; happy, sad, joy, angry etc. We are designed that way. Maybe it’s just my experience…

  5. Kayla Davis

    This is a wonderful insight. When we reach a ‘milestone’ and many changes occur at once. How about relating this great epiphany to turning 40,50,60,70 etc do you think it gets harder 2 keep this attitude if you are older & have mistakes on your mind from the past.

  6. laura

    I’m in the same situation! There are so many things that make me happy that I’m not doing for some reason. Thanks for the insight!

  7. Chinenye

    Indeed, all you have written, Melody, rings true. This year (and I am 28 too) is d best year of my life. It seems to me that this article speaks for me, cos all that was written relates to me. Before now I had been in a confusing relationship & in a job which had become very boring & unsatifactory 4 me. I needed a change from my job, my relationship and my environment but I also didn’t want to be too fast with my decisions. The situation got so bad that it seemed as if I was being choked at every angle but I am sure God knew I really needed help cause He stepped in at the right time & engineered d circumstances(though it was a very trying time and experience) which turned my life around.To cut the story short, I broke off from my unhappy relationship, quit my secured job and fortunately 4 me, I got another job which offered me a transfer & the change of environment which I so badly needed. Now in a new environment, at a new & more fulfilling job and though not yet into another relationship, I feel so free & happy. I am doing all the things I have always wanted 2 do, attending social gatherings, meeting new people and having the greatest time of my life. Thanks Melody 4 sharing this article cause it will encourage especially young ladies who are so concerned about getting married b’cos they are advancing in age to start learning to stop worring, leave their lives better and to the fullest.

  8. Deborah Williams

    Wow! When I was 29 I still thought of myself as a “babe in the woods” and a very young person, I had not yet explored so much in life….
    Now, at 46 and “still not married with children” I consider myself fortunate for the experiences I’ve had that would not have been possible if I chose to go the “traditional route”. I’ve lived in 4 different parts of the country (even on a sailboat for 2 yrs), traveled extensively, do what I want and have no one nagging or questioning my whereabouts or decisions on how I spend my time and my money. Life is always good; it’s your attitude that counts! There are different blessings and sacrifices to every kind of lifestyle…

  9. Cloe

    Right on kid!! Love it! Great words of wisdom…As u well know, 28 is a life landmark…ur next one will be 56!! Ouchy right!? It gets better every day..Age is just a number..let’s be the best that we can be every second..let’s live life like we would if that was our last day in Earth and with our loved ones..

  10. Niveda

    good one and a inspiring piece for being happy, not expecting anything from others, i mean ur loved ones, to make you happy. One thing only io do not agree. Marriage need not take away your view of living and enjoying the moment and being unmarried need not mean that you will be able to enjoy the present. Happiness is just an attitude towards life.

  11. Deborah anne ward

    I alaways believe that u take the bad and you make it good. My love life is the hardest to deal with i need alot attention and alot of times its just not thier for me from my man. I wish he would notice that i need more attention in the love makin, out of the i get lots of hugs and kissats but i need one on one. Do you understand my feekings or am i just selfish?

  12. forouz

    Come on honey! 30s are the best! I am 37 and my life turn to its more beautiful side since I turned 30. My life started flowering: better financial condition, more experience in relationship, getting over of Acne :))))))))))) looking for sure mush more cute lol .This happened to all my friends, when i meet them, they all look better than their teenages.
    My mother has told me that 40s are even better. I am not married and have my full life in my hands to enjoy. So far there was months i was thinking of not marrying as a black spot in my happiness, but now i think WHO CARES? if a good guy come along, i will marry and if not, i will continue working, travelling around the world and meeting my dear friends, so my good news: it is going to be even better believe me!

  13. elly

    Hello! You made me realize I’m doing the same thing, and didn’t realize it. After 5+ years with a man who was ending up with all the benefits, while mine had practically disappeared, I got angry enough to end it on a dime! (Was he surprised! I’m sure he’s still watching his caller ID for my name), but I’m getting more and more stubborn, and expanding my life with every opportunity that comes my way. Tomorrow I’m jumping into a big volunteer job where I’ll be “giving back” some of the good things other people make possible in my life! THANK YOU – YOU JUST GAVE ME THE AH-HAH moment of insight and put words to it! HAPPINESS IS HERE AND NOW, BABY!


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