Good Intentions Gone Bad

Wanting it to Come Out Right Isn’t Always Enough

Sometimes good intentions have the exact opposite outcome, which makes no sense to us. After all, we really intended to do it this time. Hence, we go on a diet and end up gaining weight. And isn’t it the strangest thing that each time we are finally ready for therapy or that personal trainer we suddenly find ourselves unable to find one, or being able to afford one. This is definitely one of the best ways to show the power of one’s subconscious mind, and true intentions at its finest. This is why confidence shows, why positive people get what they want and why those who know what they want are able to manifest it.

There is a huge difference with really wanting to do something and setting your mind to it, versus saying that you “should” be doing something, because it might or even will be getting you to where you want to be. The words “should” register in the depth of your mind as “won’t,” and pretty much have the same effect. This is why those who should quit smoking don’t, the ones who should be losing weight keep gaining or staying where they are at, and those who really should be getting in therapy to have the life they so desire remain single.

Wanting something and truly being willing to do whatever it takes to get it, are two completely different things. Any massive change in one’s habits requires the necessary mindset and no matter how great we might be in fooling others, our mind isn’t so easily fooled and knows exactly what our true intentions are. And, to top it off, most people will also, sooner or later, see who someone truly is, because in order to convince someone of being anything, one has to consistently be whatever one claims to be. So if you are highly insecure, no matter how secure you may try to appear on the outside, you’ll always end up revealing your insecure nature by how you end up acting most of the time; especially when you are under pressure.

So how does one turn intentions into actions? I guess, by asking yourself how bad you really want it. Some sit on their couch and wait for their life and happiness to unfold; while not moving a finger and not changing a thing. Well, good luck with that! Everything worth having and being requires three things; discipline, determination and persistence, or in other words, willpower.

I generally make lists. I write out the pros and cons of the thing I want and what my intent is for getting it. I then carry said list with me and read it at least once a day. I guess, one could say that not only am I putting my true intentions out there, but I keep reinforcing them until they are stuck and have successfully overwritten whatever faulty or stagnant belief I had before. I recognize that it takes time and I leave room to forgive myself if I don’t get it right immediately. But with persistence, determination and discipline I’ll end up getting it right sooner rather than later.

Don’t waste time on complaining about how hard things are, but take it one day at a time. Focusing on the entire road ahead makes things daunting and often we’ll end up setting ourselves up for failure. But if you take it one day at a time/use baby steps, you will end up succeeding. It’s that persistence thing, you know?

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12 thoughts on “Good Intentions Gone Bad

  1. sajvpete

    “and those who really should be getting in therapy to have the life they so desire remain single.”
    -Why is it that the life I am supposed to want requires another person?
    People who need therapy to have the life they so desire, but maybe that life does not require that they be “paired off”, What about them?
    -Why is it that people often tell me that to be truly happy and reach my pinicle- I am supposed to be part of a pair/couple.
    I will never understand why people keep telling me I am supposed to pair off. I have never wanted to be part of a pair and I am happier (more content) sitting at home knitting & playing Sudoku puzzles than dating (ugh!!! “repulsed shiver”)
    Dating is about meeting people & the more people I meet the less I like people.

  2. Geraldine

    I am hoping to be able to rent this nice condo. The asking price is
    $ 1200.00 a month, I do have a nice salary, but it still is a little to much for my budget, what should I do?

  3. Debi

    Did a crystal healing on an ‘angry’ friend. He had asked for them for months. The more healing treatments we did, the angrier he got. the meaner and nastier he turned. He then accused me of taking advantage of him. In turn there was just no love in his heart. The more he felt, the more he didn’t want to. It grew worse and worse until we can not speak to one another. My worst case today. I have been a healer for about 18 years. Maybe he will shift when he is ready, maybe not for many lifetimes. A good thing that turned the other way. I had to let this one go…

  4. rosie

    I think your advise about taking one day at a time is great. But i think the part about making lists of future goals and carrying them around with you may be somehow contradictory.That’s one of the tricky things about mental health, as a client you’re most probably already confused and then you get offered confusing advise…well then what?

  5. Rose Cocca

    i am still in love with my partner..and that comes straigh from the heart…we both did stupid things but i still want you..i trust you and have so much fAITH IN YOU i will never let you go..and that comes straight from the heart…

  6. Charmaine McDonald

    We all have things to do and accomplish, places to go to and achieve our Goals. All these things that most of us want to accomplish requires lots of money, and not all of us are blessed with this good fortune of having lots of money. I am happy in my life, but I would also like to accomplish many things whilst I am still alive on the planet, and that requires money. Everything requires money. But for myself, money does not buy me happiness and peace of mind. Would sure like to win some money God Willing. Blessed be for these wonderful articles.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I once, back in 1980, quit smoking( cold turkey) AND went on a diet, both on the same day……

    I lost 40 lbs….kept it off …..and quit smoking entirely for 6 years.

    ( picked up the smoking one day a smoky corporate board room 6 years later, ( like a dummy), smoked for a few more years and quit ( cold turkey ) again.

    I never used any diet aids or smoking aids.

    I think determination is somewhat like leadership skills sometimes….it’s something you are born with ( ? )

    you just make up your mind to do something and just DO IT, without over analyzing it (?)

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    My own take is that I came into this incarnation with 5 very strong MALE energy Guides………honestly, that is what I attribute my way above average determination and drive to.

    For me now,…being a high achiever can be a curse though too……as I grow older now…..I’m learning to not leap into projects that will take up my time and consume me until I reach ” the goal “.
    So, at this stage in my life, I’m learning to pick my goals out, based upon how much of my time they will consume. We never stop learning and growing. One life lesson follows another.

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great Article, Carmen…

    I must be truly blessed with the gift of determination……or I’m just weird….

    …because THE one thing I’ve heard from people,my entire life since even childhood, and especially from employers, is that I’m known for my drive, achieving my goals and getting it done…whatever it may be.

    In fact, I remember when I was 9 years old, my GreatAunt telling me that I had more drive and will power than anybody she had ever met, young or old.

    I never wasted time looking back, even as a child, looking at my failures…..I just kept plowing forward, with even more determination.

    In fact my favorite saying used to be ” Keep on truckin”.


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