Embrace Your Power to Attract True Love

We all want to be loved and want to find that one love of our life. Try looking to yourself to make this happen.

Are You Ready for the Love of Your Life?

In this article, I will discuss three different aspects that you can use to enhance your own power and energy. Each will make you more open and ready for love, but if you can work on all three, you shall welcome love as if you embodied Aphrodite! That’s the key word here, “welcome”—so many of us forget our own spectacular specialness, and allow ourselves to be lumped in with the hordes to become invisible. No more! Do want more guidance on finding your true love? Start by calling one of our professional psychics today.

Maiden Aspect: Remember who you were as a young innocent? What were your dreams? Look at your life and remember what things brought you joy. Now look at your life today. Is there a way to bring back that zest for life, the innocent belief of how special and individual you are? It’s never too late to take classes, join a club or start a creative journey—these things will breathe life back into you. Find your joy again.

Finding our own sense of joy, and discovering who we really are (not what others have labeled us) create the basis of an inviting environment to attract love. We will attract what we ourselves project. So working on our self-esteem and repairing the damage that we allowed into our psyche (subconscious mind) helps us welcome love!

Mother Aspect: Nurturing and positive comfort help us to feel stronger. Do you provide these for yourself? In order to “renew” ourselves and to open up more power to attract, we must be nurturing to ourselves! Focus on how you treat yourself in body, mind and spirit. Do you think or say negative things about yourself? If so, please remember that the subconscious mind sees these thoughts and words as commands from us—we believe what we say about ourselves!

How do you care for your body? We all have room to grow here. The goal is not perfection, nor even any certain level of physical appearance—it is to feel good about how we nurture ourselves. Just by adding more fruit and water to your daily intake, you can honestly know you are caring for yourself! It feels good. And taking a few minutes for meditation, walking in nature, listening to uplifting music or just sitting down to play with some kids can help your spirit shine, which turns into a glow that acts as a welcome light for love!

Crone Aspect: Wisdom comes in so many different forms. Are you wise in your choices or do you use your wisdom to get out and find love? We can allow ourselves to glow more dimly year after year until our 100-watt bulb is barely putting out 40 watts. It is our own life experience that can remind us that life is change. As much as human beings fight change, it happens all the time, so why not go with the flow. Change what needs to be changed to create more opportunities to love! Get out of the house, the rut, the lack of meeting new people. Go online if you want. It can be as simple as doing one new thing a month!

Every bit of who you are is still inside you. I know women in their seventies, and in many shapes and sizes, that still shine and attract mates! It is not about what you look like—that is only the superficial attractions of the body. We are much more complicated beings, and there are many lonely beings out there looking for more than just a booty call. Focus on what makes you feel happy and shine your light, and it will attract someone who will care about that person… and that, my dears, is true love!

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5 thoughts on “Embrace Your Power to Attract True Love

  1. Jennylyny Maximusn

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  2. Muddy

    Wonderful! thanks for this article, made me think about it. “Change what needs to be changed to create more opportunities to love” i love this!

    God bless you..

  3. Marc from the UK

    Accepting others for who they are! I loved the bit about go with the flow, and we are what we tell ourselve’s, I am in sales and we have to project an air of happiness and joy, and the great thing is it sticks!! And I find myself in my own time smiling at people and they cannot help but smile even as strangers it breaks barriers!! They say that even blind people moods are affected by colours around them, dark colours make them sad and bright colours make them happy!! So just remember how we project ourselve’s to the sighted people. One question I ask myself is would I like me? Would I like the way I behave? Would I work with me? It really does make you reconsider how you project yourself and hopefuly learn to adapt ! Great article.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext 9500

    Nice article Yemaya !!!

    nice new twist to the Maiden, Mother, Crone Wiccan term too.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext 9500

  5. Jessica

    Yay, Yemaya!!! This is a totally wonderful article…the way you wove in the three archetypes; the sense of joy and groundedness…

    What you say I already try to live by–and to great effect–and still, reading your article filled me with a lovely, lovely feeling. Thank you.



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