Fall in Love With Fall

There’s no question that fall is a romantic time of year. Something about the crisp air just makes you want to cozy up to someone special. But even if you don’t have a partner, you can still fall for all the charms autumn has to offer.

Fall for food
Nothing brings people together like food, and fall offers some of the best eats all year. Host a chili cook-off, with each of your guests preparing a different kind. From vegetarian to turkey to chicken to old-fashioned beef, chili is as unique as the people who prepare it – so don’t be surprised if each bowl tastes differently delicious.

Fill the crisp, cool air of autumn with the smell of sweets baking in the oven. Open up the recipe book and try a new cookie recipe – or call your grandma and ask for her homemade apple pie recipe. Baking a special autumn treat will warm your belly – and your heart.

Fall for fitness
With all the eating you’ll be doing this fall, you’ll also want to do something to stay in shape. Hate the gym? Then fall’s the perfect time for you to try an outdoor workout. Take a daily jog through a tree-lined neighborhood and watch the leaves change before your eyes. Or get the gang together for a game of flag football in the crisp autumn air.

Fall for fashion
In some ways, fall is fashion at its best. No need to starve all summer to fit into that itsy bitsy bikini; no need to spend all winter hidden beneath bulky coats. And what’s sexier than fall’s ultimate outfit – jeans and a sweater?

The comfy, cozy fashions of fall also tend to be a bit nostalgic. There’s no better time to wear a sweatshirt from your college alma mater. You can even get away with a grown-up version of that hoodie you wore every day as a kid.

Fall for football
Even if you’re not that into football, it’s almost irresistible this time of year. And your options last all weekend: you can bask in the Friday night lights of high school ball, tailgate for your favorite college team on Saturday or hit a local sports bar for buffalo wings and NFL on Sunday. Or if you’re really nuts, you can do all three!

Fall for family and friends
Whether it’s trick-or-treating with your nieces or stuffing the Thanksgiving bird with your Dad, fall is all about family. Rather than letting family time stress you out, try to see it as an opportunity to make memories with people you love.

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