Red Responds: Her Soulmate is a Blues Musician

Dear Red,

I met a nice Blues musician on holiday in Louisiana this Spring, and although I live in Canada, I feel that we are soulmates. He and I had more in common in the one week we jammed together (he plays Dobro, I play mandolin) than I ever did with my late ex-spousal equivalent with whom I lived for fifteen years. Will this love last or will I be dumped by yet another cool intellectual?

Debbie in Portage la Prairie

Dear Debbie,

I really hate to be the one to dash
your hopes regarding this relationship, but not every love is blessed with
infinite time.

Being “dumped” is a very harsh and
cold way to view an ending to this relationship. Furthermore, anticipating the ending at
this moment does seem to be a bit premature. There is still more to

Some of the people that come into
our lives do feel like soulmates, even when they are not. A karmic connection can be difficult to
understand and navigate, but does not have to end badly if it has to

For the two of you, there is still
time and life left in the bond that you share. Also, there are still some awesome and
sensual moments in front of you with this man. My advice to you is to not worry about
how long things will last, but to enjoy the experience of knowing him and loving

Even though the two of you are very
compatible and there is a comfortable chemistry, it seems like each of you has a
separate path. If situations,
logistics, and personal callings were different, then the future most likely
would be limitless. Unfortunately,
I don’t see that as the case.

You may find this next statement to
be a somewhat surprising turn of events, but I don’t see you as the one being
dumped. In truth, when the time
comes, it seems as if things come about as a peaceful parting of ways, with no
malice or deep devastation for either one of you. It is simply time to change the dynamic
of the relationship. A level of
friendship is sure to remain.

There is no need for you to fear
loss and loneliness. There will be
someone new entering your realm before you part ways with Mr. Blues. It is with this new man that your future
lies. He may not be a musician, but
the two of you will certainly created the most beautiful music

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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