A Few Great Psychics Waiting to Hear From You

Meet a Few of Our Incredible Psychics

Check out some of our amazing, talented psychics who are waiting to hear from you. Take this incredible opportunity to see what the future may hold for you!

Psychic Ivy ext. 5198 would like to hear you say your astrological sign out loud so that she can connect to your vocal vibrations. She does not read your astrological forecast, but instead gets information by tapping into your essence and what motivates you. An exceptionally gifted Empath, she describes herself as a “soul reader.” She utilizes her precisely honed empathic skills, along with information from the akashic records, to see past deception and surface-level distractions. Ivy looks straight into your core and trusts her intuition 100%. She says, “An Empath can’t be lied to.” She only reads on love and relationships because of her absolute devotion to the topic of interpersonal situations. She is a psychic and relationship coach who has been reading professionally for over 25 years. Her goal is to ease suffering and give out a lot of hugs! Ivy says, “I have chosen a life of service. I offer my gifts to all who would need them.” How can Psychic Ivy ext. 5198 serve you? Give her a call and find out!

Psychic Rogers ext. 5327 was raised by two psychic parents and has strong Clairaudient abilities. He can provide readings in Hindu, Urdu, and Bengali. He uses your date of birth, first name and favorite number to quickly connect to your energy. A sensitive Empath and Remote Viewer, Rogers uses voice vibration to pick up your auric hue, then uses the Tarot to confirm his insights. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali (his native tongue) contributes to his lovely accent. Rogers has 15 years of business and marketing experience, and holds an MBA and PhD. He skillfully provides career and financial insight. He’s also well versed in Indian Mythology which he quotes in readings. Rogers is confident that his readings will lead you to the right decisions for your prosperous future! What can Rogers ext. 5327 see for you? Give him a call and find out!

Psychic Indio ext. 5046 comes from a long line of psychics and spiritual healers. Specializing in love, relationships and career she is able to quickly see the core of any issue. Through her many years of experience as an energetic healer, Indio can help you remove blocks and open the doors to your own intuitive powers. She receives a wealth of information from her spirit guides, Tarot cards and Clairvoyant ability. Indio can give you general insights about your life, but if you give her a specific topic to explore she can provide highly detailed and accurate information. Indio’s guidance can help you attract true love and remove your fears, allowing you to lead a fulfilling life. What future can Indio ext. 5046 open up for you? Give her a call and find out!

Psychic Seren ext. 5445 focuses on feelings and never gives false hope. A relationship guru, she picks up on accurate details as you state your first name and birthday. Information comes in very quickly, so it behooves you to mention your specific area of focus. She has extensively studied the dynamics of power exchanges in relationships. As a result, she can counsel submissive and dominant people on how to deal with the emotional and psychological events they experience, as well as how to best approach each other should they need to acknowledge a transgression. Through her travels, she has been exposed to a wide variety of ideas, religions, cultures and lifestyles which enhances her ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Reading professionally for over 25 years, Seren excels at uncovering self-created obstacles. She says, “I want my callers to feel safe when they are speaking with me, whatever their area of concern. I hope they will leave our time together more informed and with a sense of well-being, even when I cannot tell them what they wish to hear.” Seren does not need tools, but can use Tarot, astrology, and numerology upon request. How can Seren ext. 5445 employ her skills to help you? Give her a call and find out!

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